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I like that it is a small school, so you will know everyone that you walk by, when going to class. I also like being in a sorority on campus and how the university looks at hazing throughout the process. I wish Wittenberg would help out the students more to be able to have more scholarship for kids to go to school Also the food could be a lot better.
I really loved how beautiful the campus was, and how welcoming the students are. The students at wittenberg are always open to making new friends and talking to new people, which is really nice as a new student. There are so many things to get involved in, and the classes are awesome.
Wittenberg University is a small private college that really emphasizes on the student teacher relationship in the class room and outside the class room when you have questions.
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Wittenberg is a miraculous place. The environment is very welcoming, and the people are great. It may be a small school, but that is part of the beauty of it. You can meet someone and see them around campus, whereas if it were a larger school you may see someone and then not see them for a long while. I enjoy the fun activities, sporting events, and all the dogs on campus! The 4paws program is a wonderful thing that Wittenberg does. The only thing that I would change about Wittenberg is to have a better selection of food in the Dining hall.
Wittenberg University is a great place to learn about yourself as a young adult and for you to grow, evolve and change free of judgement. Professors and staff are quite supportive and always have your best interest at heart. I do however wish the college was more stringent on student advising . Getting a good adviser is really a hit or miss which is unfortunate for those who have terrible academic advisers. It really is a college where you get what you put in. There is alot more academic flexibility which can either be your downfall or pot of gold. Their health majors need more structure and need to deviate a bit more from the liberal style majors.
Wittenberg is great as far as academics, professors, and the party scene. The food, dorms, and diversity should be kicked up a notch. Otherwise a great school.
I really love this University! I wouldn’t go anywhere else. This is a very fun campus that also is very educationally involved. A lot of students drop their first year, due to academics. But if you stay, you are given so many opportunities here. The job placement rate is extremely high! The athletics here don’t disappoint us either. I would recommend this campus to people who like to work hard but love to have fun.
Wittenberg University gives you the small-town atmosphere while at the same time providing you with a useful, well-rounded, liberal arts education. During my time at Wittenberg, I was part of numerous clubs and organizations that provided me with life-long connections and friendships. I truly feel as if I would not have had that experience anywhere else. I loved obtaining an undergraduate degree in political science from Wittenberg University.
Wittenberg University is a small university, but the people you meet are friends for a lifetime. the professors take their jobs serious and help tremendously. this community is like home.
Wittenberg University encourages its students to become leaders within their community. Over 4 years, Wittenberg has given me the confidence to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor all the while allowing me to conduct research with faculty members, hold leadership positions in clubs, participate in a varsity sport, be an active member of my sorority and to play in the school's chamber orchestra. The teachers here are incredible and are willing to help you in whatever way possible.
Wittenberg University is a very welcoming place. From small classes to friendly faculty, and overly involved students there is always something going on for you to discover.
It was truly a unique college experience and I couldn’t have asked for better. The price was extremely expensive but the professors were top class and the class size meant that you got plenty of one-on-one time with each instructor. The Greek life was a vital part of the campus and added to experience.
It's been fabulous! Everyone is extremely kind and friendly to one another. There's something called "the Witt bubble" because once you're here, your life kind of revolves around it!
My experience of Wittenberg University has been fantastic, It's a small liberal arts school and the environment and social climate around campus is refreshing in more ways than one. You can get to know almost everyone and no matter what they are always friendly.
Wittenberg University is a place where you can grow as a person. it is a small University where you can get big leadership opportunities and enhance your leading ability which will help you later on after you graduate. As an African American in middle of deep south Ohio, it was hard for me to adjust to the environment at first. during my first Semester, my daily routine was to wake up go to class, get some lunch, and study before I go back to bed. On my second semester I realized that there are a lot of people like me who came from the city that can relate to my story. and once I start to do some activities and start joining organization i start finding people who can relate with. wittenberg is a place where you can tailor your social life and that's and get your self out of your comfort zone to challenge your self mentally.
It's a pretty nice school overall. I was born and raised in the city so it was nice being close to home.
I am really loving my experience here at Wittenberg. It is a pretty diverse school, the staff and students have helped make the transition for me a little better.
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Wittenberg is a small liberal arts university. Here, there is a strong family feel; everyone knows everyone, or has at least heard of them. Everyone rallies together through good times or worse. The university as a whole is big on traditions, and Wittenberg has many unique ones. There is a place for everyone at Witt, and it is a place everyone calls home.
Wittenberg is a very small liberal arts school in a small town in Ohio. It's not the best town in terms of safety or things to do but Wittenberg does what it can to keep it's students safe. Professors are top notch and the parties are fun, as we are ranked in the top 10 party schools in OHIO
This institution allows for so much growth, knowledge, and development for everyone who is a part of the Wittenberg community. I am proud of the experiences I've had and that I have seen on this campus, and I am very impressed with the acceptance and family-like spirit that is almost tangible within the school.
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