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Withlacoochee Technical Institute - Adult Education Reviews

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The course is very Hands-On and visual and the professor goes over any information and does not move on unless everybody understands the information, he rather you ask questions then you stand there and nod your head like you know what he's talking about but still have no idea what's going on.
I do not know how to answer this.
An Automotive Collision and Repair the workload is easy, the curriculum is Hands-On and visual, the facility is clean, and it allows us to be able to go out in the world and get a job/internshipabd you can even do it when your in school.
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I considered my school unique because it provides students with opportunities and skills to take on challenging tasks such as welding, AC repair, collision repair, automotive service and other courses.
Staff provides plenty of opportunities for students to find employment
Great program with plenty of tasks to keep the students busy
Staff is very focused on advancing students
Teacher is hands on, gets you motivated.

very patient and makes you think to solve problems
Not much information is given to prospective students.
Computer System Technology – It can be a very good class if you don't know much about computers or wanting to learning how to build or maintain your computer. the only part that I don't like mu self is the fact that we use a program that is outdated and extreamly boring and dull
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