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I am a sophomore at Wisconsin Lutheran College and I am a nursing major. So far I love going to school here! The students and faculty are so nice and caring for every single student. At the end of my 4 years I will be leaving with a nursing degree that will set me up for a great career in the future. I also play softball at WLC and that gives me the perfect outlet to continue to play the sport I love at a colleigente level.
Of you have a mental disability such as ADHD or any others don't go there. Because they will screw you over big time. They will not cater to your disability at all.
I love that WLC feels like home. You have an amazing support system whether it comes to friends, professors, or coaches. The education program has pushed me to become the teacher I want to be.
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Classes are small, and professors are good, giving lots of personalized time. Nursing and education are the main focus of the school. Sports are very big. Fine arts are underfunded. Housing and food are decent.
When it came to picking a college, I probably did not struggle with the decision as much as other students. WLC is small, close-knit, and grounded in the same faith as me. This is important. Now entering my third full year, I can honestly say that I love it at WLC. Yes, WLC is rather expensive, but the support I have found there from professors and friends is outstanding. I even became a tour guide because I love WLC and I want others to find their calling there, too.
Great place if you're a die hard Christian, but otherwise you might like it. one on one with professors when you can actually get in contact with them is good.
I don't attend Wisconsin Lutheran college, but hopefully next year I do. When I shadowed the school and stayed overnight for a soccer event I did notice a lot of great things from this school. The academics are challenging that I feel once I go there will prepare me for my career goal. I also notice there is a mix of culture in the school which is good because I would love to meet new cultures but still has my culture around. When I stayed at the overnight event the students seemed very friendly and very outgoing. Wisconsin Lutheran is a great school because it is not far from my home, so if I ever feel homesick I can drive back home. Another good thing about it is the local area it has everything so I don't have to drive hours to find the nearest walmart.
Most of the professors here are very invested in their students and would like to see them succeed. The staff overall are very helpful. The dorms are much nicer than those of the UW schools. The school has a welcoming feel to it, and the academics are very good. The small class sizes means you get to know your professor and should you need help you will be able to reach them, unlike going to a larger school.
The profs really care about you. The education program is outstanding. Not only are there many ways to be involved, but the campus community is close knit and friendly.
I am currently a High School Senior who is very interested in attending WLC in the fall. My parents brought me to the campus for a tour and I was beyond amazed. The staff is approachable and did a great job at asking any and all of my questions about college. Housing, the food, and overall students attending were outwardly nice. It has a small town feel in a big city, which is exactly what I am looking for.
Wisconsin Lutheran College has an awesome, small school, friendly Christian atmosphere that I am well acquainted with. The campus impressed me, and it had many wonderful facilities. However, I would like to see more engineering majors in the curriculum.
I really enjoyed the small class sizes and the individual attention that professors gave to me. The campus is in a great location and has awesome dorms.
I love the small classes and feel like a person here. I would like to see the avoidance of older students go away in some of the students.
I may just be starting official college life next month, but I already feel as though I am part of something bigger. Last weekend, I attended the WOW session, which is designed to help freshman meet other freshman, and get a feel for the layout of the campus. The experience was amazing! I cannot wait until I begin my next journey with WLC next month.
I am a returnee to Wisconsin Lutheran College and it was the acedemics and atmosphere that drew me back. The professors are always willing to provide assistance and help to all students. The housing is pretty good too. The students are polite and fun to be around as well.
I don't want to type. k
Wisconsin Lutheran is a small, family-like campus that welcomes everyone with open arms. The professors truly care about every students and strives to push and help them.
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Great education..high quality professors...not very diverse...very expensive...great football program
I loved the small school experience at WLC. The professors know their students on a first-name basis, and they are extremely easy to connect with regarding any questions you may have. WLC has some of the nicest campus housing I've ever seen. Despite the high-price of a private school, WLC was surprisingly affordable due to the grants and scholarships that are available. I loved living in Milwaukee and all of the activities that the city has to offer.
Wisconsin Lutheran College is truly a home away from home. Faculty and students are very kind and helpful.