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I love going here. The staff is all very friendly and the instructors are happy to lend a hand when needed.
All of the campuses are beautiful, they have friendly staff, and the programs are fantastic. I'm currently taking a course to get my CNA license, and the instructor along with all of my classmates are friendly and hardworking.
Because there are only 2 instructors for my program with their own specialties, there are not any other time options to take the classes necessary for my program other than when it is given. I was able to have my work be flexible with my hours so that I could go to class, but that is not always the case with some students.
Review Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College
Class sizes are generally pretty small within each program. For generals the classes are a little bit bigger depending on the time of the class and what classes are needed for the program. Class style is very open. There are lecture times along with general work times where you can ask questions and get homework/projects done.
Within my program, the options for internships and job prospects are very easy to find or get ahold of firms. Within the school itself, there are not a lot of options through the school. Most of the job fairs held are for the construction and nursing programs more so than the architecture programs. The instructors have a lot of connections with the local firms and offices near the respective campuses.
My instructors are very helpful and knowledgeable about the my program and the current job field for my program. It can be a struggle at time because my class is an ITV class (part of the class is on another campus) to be able to communicate the same way you would in a regular classroom, but there are instructors on both campuses so that you can get the help if you need it.
Overall, the school is very inviting and they try to have the true college experience for students even though it is only a 2-year technical college. There are many ways to be involved with the campus along with the entire college.
The process is quite structured and it has helped me to know from the onset what all of the steps are to reach my goal. I am able to work my day job and still take classes in the afternoons or evenings.
Anytime that I have had a question, I have had a quick reply and I am viewed as a person, not just a number for a quota.
Is pretty easy is done on your own time
there are a lot of opportunities out there for you after you graduate that they will help you with
more then willing and happy to do what they can to help you succeed
all of there programs are set to get you out in the field and get jobs
facilities are top notch teachers go out of there way to help work load is managable
School is great teachers are friendly and more helping then ever
this is the most convenient school out there
i have not tried online classes
Review Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College
The people at WITC help you get jobs after school
i like the courses the instructors are very understanding, the class size is right.
i do not know much about that.
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