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Wiregrass Georgia Technical College Reviews

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I liked that Wiregrass has a friendly environment. The professors are very helpful along with the staff. They always have defferent things for the community to participate in. I would like see better staff in the financial aid department. Or atleast better trained personnel. They are not helpful at all and tell you they dont what to do if and when you call about tuition or financial aid. Overall I would recommend Wiregrass Georgia Tech a great college for anyone and everyone no matter the age.
Teachers are great, and know their topic. Counseling and financial aid aren't so hot. They are giving me a lot of headache.
Being a dual-enrollment, I was able to take classes on campus. This gave me the ability to understand what college is like and what I have to look forward to. Wiregrass is great school. Because their class sizes are small, the one on one time that the teachers gives is great. The school offers a wide variety of trades that you can take. One thing that I would change is that not only would there be early childhood education but secondary education as well.
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I like how small my classes are. It allows teachers to spend one on one time with you so you learn as much as you can. The teachers are very supportive and want to help you succeed in your program so you can graduate and begin working in your field.
My experience was amazing! They have nice professional staff and a very peaceful learning environment.
Wiregrass Technical College is a fine institute for higher education. They maintain up-to-date resources such as computers and an appealing infrastructure. Georgia's State-driven aid helps many students attend, graduate and move into a career many times debt-free.
I like how you can see your grades as soon as you turn something in or complete an assignment. I also like how the teachers help you understand anything you don't get.
It was and excellent experience I love the classes and the teachers don't leave you behind they make sure your well prepared
The teachers are great, they work with you on schedules and in class. The classes are always perfect for your major. There are study groups and not much of a party scene which is awesome for people who want to focus on their academics and get their degree. I am extremely proud to be a part of wiregrass.
At Wiregrass I have had nothing but a positive experience. The instructors are there to help if you need them, and are amazing with understanding that "life happens". The financial assistance you can receive is a lot better than what people think it is.
Wiregrass is a grest school. They offer classes on the campus and online. You can also take both. The staff is nice and friendly and the teachers do a great job with teaching the material. IN my city, this is how you get jobs by attending this school because employers pick you right up.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my first two weeks in this school. The staff are very kind and the classes are straight forward and easy to navigate. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone in the area of Valdosta, GA as it is a cheap but quality school.
I have heard the job placement is great after graduating
I have actually not gotten to this point yet, still have a lot of classes to take
I wished they would have the science classes at the other 2 locations so I would not have to drive 1 1/2 hours to take them.
I have only had one online course and it was not by choice, it was the only way it was available. I would not take another one if it is offered on site.
I am taking all the classes necessary for the program I am in and have been instructed on the correct classes to take so far.
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I have enjoyed my classes so far. I have only had 3 instructors and loved everyone of them. I have had the same instructor for the last 6 classes I have taken.
I have had a wonderful experience with the flexibility of my classes. I can now afford to work a part-time job and not miss anytime at school.
The experience is great. The class sizes are small, so it makes it easier for the professors to show 1-on-1 attention to students when it's needed.
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