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Winthrop University has a beautiful campus and is very family oriented. The faculty help their students to be truly successful in the work force. Academic advisers are willing to do anything they can to help students prepare for life after college.
This is my first semester at winthrop. So far the staff and very friendly and willing to help out with new comers.
I love the friendliness of everyone on campus and in rock hill! The one thing that the campus could use are some more healthy food places in the area
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My overall experience at Winthrop has been great. Winthrop has it all. From sports, visual arts, performing arts, science, education, criminal justice, and social work. The campus is really taken care of with a lot of area to study outdoors while overlooking the University's charm. The campus has expanded offering more eateries and housing. Winthrop has a lake and a physical fitness building offering over a dozen of physical activities to stay active and healthy. The only one thing that i could see improvement in is the cost to attend Winthrop is very expensive. With York Technical being so close and a fraction of a price Winthrop should consider to lowering tuition to make Collage affordable for all working classes.
Great school! They are very welcoming and determined to help you achieve. It is very diverse I feel that all the students are nice and a great place to learn and grow as an individual. The professors are passi9ante about their jobs and what you to receive the best education possible. As a incoming sophomore I had a great first year and can’t wait to go back.
I joined a program known as Eagle STEM where 15 students took a Chemistry and Math class over the Summer for 6 weeks. While I was there, Winthrop faculty and students treated the group amazing! The campus was gorgeous and there were plenty of things to do while on campus. It's a wonderful university and a great place to call home!
They take safety very important and have call buttons all around campus. The campus is surrounded by fast food restaurants, stores, and beautiful scenery. They have a lot of food choices on campus as well, which are really yummy. I suggest checking out Miso if you ever go to visit.
So far my time at Winthrop has been nothing short of amazing. The atmosphere is great and the diversity is a plus. It did not take long for Winthrop to feel like home and I miss it every time I head back to my hometown for holidays.
known for being a "suitcase campus", meaning people often leave on the weekend. I don't understand why, there are plenty of things to do in Rock Hill and people to meet, plus Charlotte is close!
I’m transferring over this semester, very excited but I need scholarships. Diversity is not a problem and there is something for everyone on campus club wise. Also features a very nice gym and lounge area.
Winthrop University is very diverse, full of student activities and help. Students have everything they need. Winthrop University makes their students their priority!
Transfering to Winthrop University was a wonderful experience. The team leaders made me feel welcome and even texted me asking me how I was doing in school. Winthrop truly cares about their students and is always checking up on them. They truly want the best for everyone. They also have cultural events which are very fun and get students very active at the university. They care a lot about protecting the students. Overall, I have not been more excited about school until I began attending Winthrop University.
I transferred to Winthrop after my freshman year. I found Winthrop to be VERY different - I got more time and attention from advisors and faculty in the first few weeks than I did in three quarters at my other school - which cost nearly three times as much!!
I really like Winthrop. It is fairly close to home and the teachers are excellent. The main things that I think need to be worked on to improve the experience are that the older buildings on campus need updating, i.e. the outlets do not always work and the technology in general is worn out, and the other problem is a severe lack of parking. The school is located in the middle of Rock Hill so room is limited and the school has a parking lot that can only hold about 20-30% of its faculty, staff and students, much less if there is any kind of big event at the school that requires a lot visitor parking.
Winthrop provides a terrible environment for a basic conservative kid, their organization for meetings and festivities is put together as if by a first grader, and their campus is unsafe. When a student withdraws they become vindictive and dealing with their butt hurt business office is worse than a day with the IRS.
Winthrop University is an amazing school for academics. The only downside is that it is very expensive and does not have a big party scene for our students. The School is the perfect size for me and everything is in walking distance. We have a wide variety of food places on campus but they all close by 9pm.
Winthrop University is very diverse and small, which is great for social activity as well as finding connections with others. I am going into my third year there but my experience had been a bit different. I work two jobs so a social life is out of the question but, luckily, my class sizes are fairly small so I find connection within the classroom. The facilities often offer great devices but they food court could offer better guest service to the students and faculty members. Being apart of the Foods Department at Winthrop as well as at Carowinds, it is easy for me to assess the service we give our guest. Other events such as sports, rallies, cultural events and common time events are always great and really do a great job at getting students like myself out of their shells.
This is a great school. There are many activities to participate in and school spirit is very high. However, tuition is high but you are able to make payments.
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I loved the campus and how green it was. There are many activities to do on and off campus. The professors are great with helping students with work.
There are many great opportunities at Winthrop University. Some of these opportunities include the writing center, Greek Life, and counseling sessions that are included in tuition. Greek life is definitely one of the best opportunities, it allows women to support other women in an organization. This allowed me to make connections I would have never made without the help of sorority life.
I enjoy the interaction between the professors and students. I feel that the class sizes are small enough that it allows more one on one conversation between the professors and the students. The only thing about the school is the lack of parking spaces for commuter students like myself. Other than that, the school does a great job at making its students feel welcome.
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