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Winthrop has been amazing school so far specifically for my major. I just wish housing and dining options were better. However, the faculty is incredible and the campus is quaint and beautiful.
I love this school and can't wait to attend. I love the town of Rockhill as well. The academics and professors there are really nice and they care about the students. The safety is really good and also the food is good.
I've enjoyed my experience at Winthrop. I like how small the school is and how you really get to know your professors. I've gotten to know my professors on a personal level which is great.
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Attending Winthrop was one of the best decisions I ever made. Being an African-American student at a Predominately White Institution I found the diversity to be top notch. Being so close to Charlotte was also a huge benefit as it added an extra element to the experience providing access to professional sports and music as well.
The thing that I love most about Winthrop University is how all of the staff treats you like you are family. They go out of there way to make you feel at home.
When I moved into my dorm at Winthrop I was super nervous that I was not going to make friends and that I was going to be alone for a few weeks. Making friends was a lot easier than I had expected. I have so many friends and even though there is not much to do on campus during the weekends we always find something in the rock hill area. I also love the resident life and it is a great way to connect with people. The academics are also very good. I love the education program. The professors care about you, the class sizes are not too small and not too big, and they offer a lot of good classes.
I love going to Winthrop University. It's a great place to meet new people. There are definitely more girls than guys, but not a disruptive difference. It's just a great school with a beautiful campus.
My experience at Winthrop has allowed me to finally realize who I am as a person. I have found amazing friends who I can count on no matte what. Although I may have to work a little extra harder, I know I'm getting the best education I can at Winthrop.
i loved it when i visited and i cannot wait to start school there in august in 2018 after i graduate in June
The parking is horrible for students. The WiFi is the worst I’ve ever experienced. The education program is very extra. The dorms are way overpriced. The school doesn’t even have a football team and our tuition is competing with Clemson’s.
Winthrop University is an excellent four-year university for those dedicated to their degree study and not seeking a party scene.
Winthrop is a wonderful place to meet people from all cultures of life. Everyone on campus is friendly and non-judgemental. The professors are very helpful and are committed to help students succeed.
Love going to school here. Everything about it makes me want to keep coming back to learn more. I'll be sad to graduate someday but the memories I made will last me a lifetime.
Winthrop is a great university, but because it's a suitcase school I feel as though I am not getting the full college experience. I wish I had known this before attending and be prepared. But there are things on the weekends you just have to actively seek them out.
I am thinking about going here myself for college, and absolutely love it. Campus is beautiful, it is located right in the heart of North and South Carolina too.
At first, I didn’t want to go to Winthrop because of how close it was to home. But after touring the campus and taking to some of the students it didn’t feel like I was 30 minutes away from home. The university is very academic oriented and everyone is super friendly.
The environment of Winthrop is very welcoming. Winthrop is in a small town with not too much in it. The campus is beautifu,l but a bit outdated. Winthrop has great academic programs and opportunities for all majors. Although, the on-campus housing is very displeasing to the eye and needs some upgrades.
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I enjoy Winthrop overall. The only real thing that bothers me is the lack of parking for commuter students. It sucks running late for a class and then having to skip or be late because I'm unable to find a parking spot in time.
Winthrop is a very diverse institution. I enjoy being apart of organizations on campus which are at a variety for any type of student. The help that Winthrop offers to student is at a abundance. Parking could definitely be something to work on in the future.
Winthrop University is a great college to attend because it is very family oriented. All the professors actually care about you and they get to know you outside of the classroom as well. Everyone at Winthrop helps each other succeed and work together to do so.
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