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The campus is very diverse and always something going on. Nice little town and has a lot going on too.
I love that they make sure the freshmen feel welcome. Winthrop always has something going on for the students to attend or do. The professors are amazing! They really want their students to succeed and do well. The campus is absolutely beautiful. I don't think I have had a bad experience with anything that I would want to change.
Winthrop is an amazing school! It is unfortunate that they are so expensive and continue to increase their tuition each year because the educational experience is memorable. I had to transfer out of the institution because despite my 3.9, the scholarship amounts were little to nothing from the institution, but I recommend anyone that can afford it to attend!
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Winthrop was my first choice and I could not be proud to call myself a Winthrop Eagle. Winthrop epitomizes the benefits of a liberal arts education - hundreds of student-led organizations and activities, encouragement to think and speak freely, a safe and welcoming environment to be yourself. I am two weeks into my first freshman semester and nothing has ever felt so right in my life.
I love everything about winthrop. The campus is beautiful, the teachers are great, generally small classes, student life is enjoyable, we are only 30 minutes away from a major city and the rock hill area is great for studenrs. The only issue is the cost of attendence is very high
This August I will be a junior and I must say I am very excited to continue my journey at Winthrop. There's lot's of clubs, good library hours for those all nighters you might find yourself pulling. The professors are amazing and understanding.
I love everything about Winthrop . When I went for orientation , I completely fell in love with the school even more . Everywhere I looked there were smiling faces and helping hands and I couldn't be any more lucky to have been accepted to this wonderful university . If it were up to me, I'd make the dorm rooms a little bigger but nothing drastic. This is the perfect size for newbies and I enjoy everything about this school from the close proximity of buildings to the food options. Winthrop is everything I need and want.
I really enjoy the experience that Winthrop gives to upcoming freshman students. Yes the school is expensive , but I love how they always reach out an arm to help push you to getting everything you need .
More renovations on old buildings. Some of the buildings could use some improvements concerning structure and old paint falling off. In addition, better time for contacting students regarding financial aid is critical and needs to be sooner than what most of their response times are.
I have loved my time with Winthrop. I've wanted to go here since I was in eighth grade and since I got here in Fall of 2015, it's been an absolute dream. Of course college comes with ups and downs but with the beautiful campus and friendly faces of Winthrop, it all becomes worth it.
The community, the staff, the professors, the students, all great! Winthrop is the school I love with all my heart.
I have loved my time at this university! The professors are very passionate and helpful and the students are really cool too. There's always something going on and the campus is GORGEOUS.
The student body is very diverse. Students and faculty members are always friendly and willing to help. Class sizes are not big so getting help is never an issue. Wide variety of cultural events offered throughout the school year. School spirit could be better but this is because a lot of students are commuters and non-traditional. Parking situation is decent but I've seen much worse. Overall a very enjoyable experience
Winthrop has a little bit of everything with academics, clubs, and including people. There are many opportunities to connect with others and network for your career. Teachers work hard with students to help them succeed and become prepared for their major and future careers.
The professors and staff at Winthrop show care about students and their interests beyond the classrooms. The environment promotes professional and life development and encourages students to pursue their true interests.
I really enjoy my experience at Winthrop University. Winthrop University makes you feel at home. The community is very nice and they make you feel like family. The faculty and staff are definitely there to help you. I have no cons for Winthrop because everything exceeded my expectations.
The trees and all of the greenery is amazing. My favorite part about my day is getting to walk across the beautiful campus. There are a few things that I think could be improved, the staff in the eateries could just have a generally more happy attitude. There were many times that I went in with a happy face and positivity, and was immediately brought down by the angry attitudes of those in Thompson and Diggs. The class sizes are really nice, small enough to give you an opportunity to work with the professor one-to-one, but big enough that you didn't feel like all the attention was on you.
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In my first year attending Winthrop, my experience was everything I wanted in a college. My favorite part of Winthrop is the small size, which allowed me to comfortably immerse myself in campus life without feeling like I was entering a new environment. The small size is also beneficial in academics. Coming from a small school I was concerned about not getting as much attention, but in class you develop relationships with your professors and never feel like just "a number." I would encourage anyone who wants to not only go to a college, but enter a family to go to Winthrop.
The academics are top notch, the campus is beautiful despite the silk worms we get here in the Spring. The food could be a lot better for how much were paying to attend school here. Besides the food, I really cant complain.
I absolutely love Winthrop! It is the perfect environment for a student to learn and to grow. With more than one hundred ways to get involved, Winthrop is the ideal university to go to. Charlotte, NC is also 30 minutes away from the campus, so most students get jobs straight out of internships there. The small class sizes make you feel right at home and your professors truly appreciate you. The only things that I would change are the meal plans, as the food available on campus isn't exactly superb. I also would suggest that Winthrop spend more of its money on improving our dorms, rather than in our basketball coach's salary. Overall, Winthrop is a wonderful school and has so much more to offer than a lot of others. I absolutely love it!
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