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This was my first year of college and although I was nervous when I started, it turned out to be a good experience. I have always been a "to myself" type of person, but I have meet a lot of wonderful people my first year. I have done a lot of volunteer work and even been to a few outings. I was always told college is not as easy as high school, and although this is true college is not as hard as people tried to make it out to be. I had learned to pace myself but overall I can honestly say that I'm looking forward to what next year has to offer me.
My experience at Winthrop University was honestly AMAZING for my freshman year. It has benefited me in so many ways other than academics. The faculty truly cares and are there to help you prosper. No matter your major, you will be well rounded in many other areas. It is a very warm and welcoming environment.
Winthrop University is a very personal school. By this, I mean that it is easy to get to know everybody and you don't have to walk 3 miles to class. Withrop has taught me to become a leader.
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Winthrop University is a wonderful place for college. I came from a state twelve hours away, not knowing a single person. When I came, everyone was extremely friendly and kind. Everyone there, students and staff, really just want you to succeed and have the most fun at college. The diversity is crazy, there were multiple times I would be the only person from America while with a group of people. You'll have no problem making friends and finding a support system. The faculty are very good about helping out, not just with academics, but with personal life as well. It is a great place for students transitioning into college.
Winthrop is a great place to come to. The professors take their time with you and it’s great one on one opportunity’s. Winthrop also has much to year around on campus and it’s plenty of things you are you friends can come up with to do on Winthrop’s campus green. Hands down a great college and i can’t wait to graduate !
Winthrop University is unlike any other school in the south. The undeniable diversity and the lively student life makes for good experiences and great memories. The quaint class sizes keep students from slipping through the cracks in their academics as well as the good-hearted professors. There is an abundance ofoptions for students to choose from inside the classroom and out. The time young adults spend at Winthrop University will be remembered as a time where they went from children to successfull graduates.
The campus was stunning and the perfect size. However the professors in the arts department were not so great (despite a few). Myself and other students were cussed out and publicly embarrassed in front of our peers over our projects and still have not recieved our grades a year later. It is a beautiful campus and I have not had any problems with professors outside of the arts department.
Winthrop is becoming more recognized now than in 2007 when I graduated. In 2007 there was no activity on campus on the weekends as everyone returned home. Some events were planned on weekends but rarely did they foster a sense of community at the school.
The education here at winthrop is pretty good however i do not like that the school over charges students for every little thing. For example, $100 parking pass, $40 parking tickets, printing, etc.
Throughout my freshman year I experienced a large shift in my life. Transitioning into college was very difficult but the campus layout and fellow students helped me through the process. The professors are very approachable and help a ton during their office hours. The diversity on campus is very noticeable as there are a variety of races as well as religious beliefs.
My freshman year has been so fun here at Winthrop University. Winthrop is know to be number one school in South Carolina for education majors, and because of this my education classes have been great. Winthrop does a wonderful job in making sure their newest freshman class feels included and aware of the new changes going on around them. Due to the fact that Winthrop is a smaller school, professors are so involved in your lives, and they truly care about your success, it is nice to see.
Everyone their was helpful and respectful. If one person didn't know the answer they made sure another didn't. That's the type of school one should be apart of,also they offered assistance and offer rides in the rain to make sure you had and excellent experience.
Overall, Winthrop University is a good college to put into consideration. The location is good because it is just thirty minutes away from Charlotte. The food on campus is always pretty good, but the café hours should be longer. The diversity is ok. It isn't as diverse and I would like it to be, but every makes you feel welcomed and no one is left out, not matter the race or gender. Greek life isn't too popular at Winthrop. The different organizations to have events, but there is never any random strolling throughout the day. As for parties, house parties are the best type of parties to go to. The environment is safe. There are smokers and drinkers, but no one will peer pressure you to try it. Winthrop is a good college to me and I do encourage others to apply!
I love Winthrop's campus. It is small enough that is navigable, but big enough that you see different people everyday. You get to meet a lot of different people, but at the same time get to become close with fellow classmates. I believe it is the perfect size!
I am a freshman at Winthrop University and during my time here this year, it has been amazing meeting different people every day and always finding something to do on and off campus. Being in small classes with an average of 20 students, it is easy to ask questions with your professor after class or during their office hours so it can develop a student-professor relationship. Overall, my time here at Winthrop has been more than I could ever imagine and I cannot wait to see what the next 3 years have in store for me.
My freshman year has been a great experience. The independence and support of staff and advisors have allowed me to grow as a person and student. Additionally, Winthrop is a small college and smaller classes which allows the professor to focus on the students and their needs
Winthrop is a very smaller institution but provides a good academic experience as well as the highest level of competition sports
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Gorgeous campus and committed professors. Food options are somewhat lacking, but they do the best they can. Small campus; expect to get where you're going in a short time. Tons of student orgs. Small classes, especially at the upper level.
Winthrop has an excellent education program. The counselors really reach out and keep you up-to date. The campus is very beautiful and not to complicated. I love the home feeling of the university.
I’m a current Freshman and I love this university! The professors are very nice and willing to work with you as long as you communicate with them. The classes are challenging but fun and the food is okay. I wish there were more options but they are good enough.
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