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I loved my experience at Winter Park Tech, now Orange Technical College. My teacher, Mrs. Williams, was incredible. The staff there is extremely friendly and helpful. My teacher always answered my questions and never seemed frustrated with any of her students. I can't think of anything I'd change at this time.
At winter park tech i'm in the medical assistant program. what i do is take vital signs and draw blood. I had great teacher to teach me these things even though it was hard i still got it.
everyone is at a different place in the program
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They require us to be here Mon-Fri and the teacher only teaches one day a week. The rest of the days are spent doing whatever.
I come to school and watch tv. We have to be in class Mon-Fri and the teacher only teaches one day a week.
The teachers are under-qualified and they send us on externships that aren't even hiring.
The instructors have poor attitudes and are under-qualified.
The lack of communication between faculty and staff is horrible. When you need help no one ever knows the answers to your questions.
We have to do an externship but they place us in places that mostly aren't hiring.
In the middle of our MA course, they've changed it to where we have to come to school Mon- Fri. People have had to quit their jobs and even school because of this change.
I have been having alot of issues trying to graduate but with winter park tech i believe ill beable to acheive this dream and to get to my goal of being accepted into a culinary school
Financial aid is fine but im having a hard time getting software and a computer from the wia program.
i have only took a tour. But i chose this school because i am able to take my classes online and anytime of the day.
I have always had a b average most of the time in school. Yea sometimes i had a C or a D but i was always able to raise my grades before the semester was over.
English Classes – Excellent place to study highly trained staff and excellent teachers.
I am a CST student here. This course is at your own pace and the teachers are not very helpful. I like the fact that your able to breeze through the course work at a rapid pace. The administrative staff here is the worst I have ever encountered. You can not register for classes online so you have to see a counselor every semester and they only have at most 1 counselor on duty at a time.
Computer Use on Campus – Computers are available when you need them. Access to all needed sites is available through them as well. Printing can be done when needed so school is great for not needing any personal computer while at school.
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Mr. Diem is concerned we do good, is involved with us along the way. Each person is in a differnt point of their schooling yet he knows where you are, and works to help keep you on pace.
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