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I love how there’s really no judgment and everyone that I’ve met is willing to help and protect one another like family. If I had to change anything it’ll probably be some of the employees attitudes. I understand sometimes there could be bad days, stupid questions, or unnecessary rudeness from students which isn’t acceptable, but I feel as if employees knew what they signed up for when gaining their position. I’m a very nice person so catching the raft of anger an employee had with coworkers or my peers isn’t what I want. I was always taught that if you’re upset be upset with that person not everyone because the next person don’t know what you’re going through, or could be your blessing in disguise.
I liked that when you stepped on campus it was more of a family feel and the treated you like family. Also, the classes are not the large and the campus is not that big. I also love the fact that everyone is so nice and respectful. The dorms are so nice and spacious.
I love my HBCU. Professors work with students with any situation that comes up. It is a family environment and everyone just wants students to be successful.
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I would like to see Winston-Salem have more on campus activities. I tends to be a little boring on the campus if it's not homecoming or the end of the year.
This school is not what they make it seem and the students seem to think they have the best HBCU ever but during my time here I have hated it, all the parties are same except with a different theme, the teachers are decent but some are awful, the food is one of the worst things about the campus because they serve the same thing every day, the campus is honestly just pitiful and the surrounding area is dangerous too as there are police sirens running through the streets at least 10 times a day. The dorms are pretty bad too, glad I’m transferring to a PWI because an Hbcu is not for me.
What I liked about this school is the care of the professors and the love they have to teach the subject. All of the professors are committed to helping each student succeed. The faculty is loving and friendly, the students as well. What I would like to change is the housing facilities need to be updated as the food in the cafeteria, these two are very low in satisfaction and have received MANY complaints.
The illustrious Winston Salem State University is the best HBCU hands down. In the one year I have attended, I have learned so much and I have become a better person. From academics to sports we work hard in everything we do and strive to do better!
I am a sophomore student at North Edgecombe High School and I loved cheering with Winston-Salem State University in 2017. The students were ecstatic to be at the school and everyone seems to be one big family!
I am currently a sophomore at Winston Salem State University. I absolutely love it here! I love the environment, it is truly what is known to be a RAMily. (family) Whether it's professors, faculty, or students, everyone shows pure genuineness. The professors work extremely hard to make students take responsibility to prepare us for life after college. I think this university could improve on the relationships with alumni. I think it is important for current students to engage with alumni for different reasons such as mentorship, advice, possible scholarships, and networking opportunities.
Winston-Salem State University has a great nursing program and pushes its students to finish school and to even continue on.
Overall, the university itself as a whole is extremely disappointing and mostly all faculty and staff is not helpful in any way. I wish that the admissions office would also not loose important paperwork that will depend on your acceptance to the university or not such: transcripts, receipt for $50.00 application fee.
My experience at Winston-Salem State University has been great so far. I've met some very nice and friendly people while living on campus. WSSU is a very diverse and uplifting school. I would highly recommend people to attend this wonderful school.
Though I have not attended Winston Salem State University long, I have enjoyed my experience. My only complaint is the difficulty of getting information from the various departments and bureaucracy.
The nursing program at Winston-Salem State is wonderful. The program really prepares students for nursing careers and nursing students have clinicals every semester. I also think it’s great that Winston Salem State is doing foreign exchange programs. This is increasing the diversity at school.
The in-class experiences are great. The campus looks ran down and needs money to fix this issue. The employees working in the offices are very unprofessional and unorganized.
My overall experience at Winston-Salem Sate University has been very good. The only thing i would change would be the people in Financial Aid. They have very nasty attitudes.
I would like to see the safety on campus improve. I love the family atmosphere at WSSU. The tradition is so rich here, the past meets the presents and prepares for the future.
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I love Winston Salem State University. It is a great institution for learning. The campus is full of a lot of staff willing to help you grow and reach high levels of success. The professors are really encouraging and love the subjects they teach. The class are small and many teachers offer opportunities for one-on-one learning.
WSSU is a great HBCU. The only horrible thing about it - financial aid & office. Student life is amazing! It easy to find an awesome balance between work and play. SO proud to be a RAM!
If you wanna go to a school that's like a family then you should come here. Also, it's just a lot of fun during homecoming its just whole different vibe. Lastly the people here are very friendly and welcoming.