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It was hard to get any answers about how to enroll. The administration office staff was not very helpful.
I am only a senior in high school and I knew I wanted to go to Winston Salem State since 6th grade it is my dream school.
Winston-Salem State is definitely a great school which is steadily on the rise to becoming one of the greater schools in North Carolina and an even greater HBCU nationally. The campus is becoming more diverse every year and overall it is a great family feel from academics to on campus activities. Class sizes are great and give great opportunities to create real relationships with professors to promote and create higher chances of success for you. There is always fun to be had around campus as well but nothing is better than not only getting an education but also having fun with it as well.
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Overall I love the school; I love how every year others, including myself, notice notice the growth that each school year brings. People have noticed my growth before I have. This school has some amazing teachers who really do go out of their way to try to help EVERYONE, despite the fact that the students can outnumber and overwhelm.
Well to be honest what I like about WSSU is that it is an Historically black college it is not that far and it has a beautiful enviroment and the staff are so friendly and they have a good sports team and last they have a wide variety of activities to do
I love the environment and positive energy WSSU gives off. It’s completely amazing and enjoyable! We’re always on top of our academics and campus events. We’re one big family.
I like Winston-Salem State University because it is a median size school and most of peers are willing to help. I would like to see more courses to choose from within my major.
My first year experience was the best. I can honestly say I cant wait to see what the next years will bring. Getting involved academically or just to have a good time was never a problem. The food choice is something I would change for the better as well as the campus housing.
I wouldn't change anything about my school. We have some of the best students and factuality that I have ever came met. Some might think we are a small campus, we are all just one little happy ramily.
Winston-Salem State University is a great school to attend. Being that it is an HBCU, it still has a good amount of diversity. Student life is brought together through various activities from Greek life to activities planning board. I would encourage rising college students to at least take a visit to WSSU to get a feel of the Ram life.
As a Alumni, I truly enjoyed my time spent at SU. From the "homey atmosphere" to the Professors who actually cared and had compassion in their crafts to want for us to succeed.
Winston Salem is an very good, and interesting college. It makes you feel very welcomed, and a home like feel.
I Love the school. I would like to see more scholarships/grants offered for seniors whom have ran out of FAFSA. There should be more help for students whom is almoat done with school.
The experience is unmatched. It feels like a huge family. Whether it’s falculty, staff, students or alumni, you will always feel at home. We succeed in every aspect and they make sure that you are ready postgraduate whether it’s the workforce or pursuing a degree in grad school.
I like that Winston-Salem State University makes me feel at home. The staff there are very friendly and most of them will honestly help you in any and every way to ensure that you're getting the best help you need. Campus grounds are always well kept and looking up to par except for the older buildings that need renovation or just old, unused buildings. Although it is an HBCU, our campus is very diverse with different races other than African American students. I do however feel that there could be more lighting around campus at night time. Walking anywhere by yourself at night isn't really safe even in a lit up area, but there still needs to be more safe lighting all around campus and not just in specific areas. The dorms all need some sort of renovation done, most importantly the freshman dorms. The dorm I stayed in was very old, closed-space, and just needs to be rebuild altogether.
Overall it was an average freshman year. There were ups and downs from living space and keeping up with classes. Also worrying about what you’re going to eat everyday because you get the same food in the cafe every week. Keeping up with work when your professors don’t tell you, you have assignments in Black board or canvas. Finding time to study and chill time. Overall once you get the hang of it, it’s not that bad you just have to stay focus
The best thing is the warm blanket atmosphere that I received from other students and some professors. The teachers I had were very helpful and want you to succeed.
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Winston-Salem State University is one of the best HBCU's. I love how everyone treats each other like family. We are honestly one big family.
So far in trying to get information on application is not progressing same information requested but not updated
My favorite part about my experience at Winston-Salem State University is the family like energy that the students, faculty, and staff have towards each other. You can tell that the professors and other staff genuinely care about your success and are interested in your future. All of the students try our best to act as one big family and take care of each other to further each others success. The school provides countless opportunities for us to step out of our comfort zone and grow as students and also as young adults. This made my transition from high school to college less stressful and gave me the confidence to pursue success
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