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Winston-Salem State University is an welcoming environment that make's future students feel like home. Students and staff at this University was very detailed, and helpful for any question's I had ask. I'm extremely excited to attend Winston-Salem State University Fall 2018!
WSSU is really an okay school. I really did not want to go here because I am from Winston salem and I wanted to be around a different scenery.
Winston is a great school to attend. Its getting very diverse and the instructors really do care about your education.
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The academics are great along with the diversity on campus. My experience at Winston-Salem State University thus far, has been phenonmenal. The one change that should be made is the respect given during the summer from certain offices.
Freshman planning is very strategically planned. Administration can be tough but overall planning freshman year is great.
The students and faculty are overall very nice. They have one of the top nursing and psychology programs. They are getting a Chic-Fil-A on campus.
Winston-Salem State University has taught me the importance of networking, time management, and organization. Many college students tend to allow opportunities to pass, due to failure to openly network with staff. At WSSU, professors have assisted me beyond the classroom to push me closer to my desired career path.
I love this and it is the BEST HBCU in the North Carolina. We stand as a RAMILY and the teachers really care about you.
Attending Winston-Salem State University has given me hope and drive as an upcoming black man preparing to enter the working world after graduation. In today's society I see more men of color on the negative end than the positive in the working world. At Winston-Salem State University I've found professors who look just like me that are doing positive things in the working world, encouraging me and supporting me to be likewise. While matriculating in this environment I really believe I can be positive be a positive product in such a challenging world.

Through networking and word of mouth I connected early with these professors starting out in my freshman year. I would like to see Winston-Salem State develop a clearer, straight line or a required process to connect with willing professors.
I like that WSSU is diverse and everyone is friendly. I also like the professors attitude and availability. However, I think that communication skills between the staff could be better. Overall, I would definitely recommend this school.
I live Winston and I am proud to be a ram. It is he best hbcu in Norh Carolina, well to me period and I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else.
I toured this campus in April 2017. As a black person, I felt that I was home when I walked the campus. It really felt as if I were home. I live in CT so to be down south and find a school that actually made me feel welcome was a great plus. The tour guides were great, they even gave out their snapchats if we had any questions.
Everyone is so nice and welcoming and it's a really good school to go to and they have great programs to join. I'm very happy on the choice i made
I have been a student at Winston-Salem State University for a year and overall i have to say that its a great school I love how we all seem to click like a big family.
The DPT program is good with caring professors. The administration of the university however is very poor. Financial aid is a problem every semester, emails and phone calls go unanswered.
Great school! Living on campus is a great experience! We have a variety of course! The food in the cafeteria could be better but we have other options like subway and popeyes.
At the time of my attending Winston-Salem State University, the Financial Aid Office was unorganized. There weren't many organizations that encouraged you to take full advantage of your college experience and get to know as many people as possible. If there was something that you wanted to know then getting that information entailed that you had to do a lot of "digging" and most of the time you ended up getting the run around more often than getting your answer. Looking back I would say your best bet to help you succeed is to have someone you trust in an advisory position that deals with most of the organizations available on campus to help you with the resources available, and to guide you and keep you informed of some of the things that are offered that a high school graduate coming into college, with no background help from parents or siblings, would know anything about.
Review Winston-Salem State University
My experiences at Winston Salem State University has been great thus far. During ramdition, the legacy leaders made it their priority to make sure that we were comfortable and familiar with the campus. The staff and upper class men approached us with a warm welcome and open arms. Overall, my experience here at WSSU has been nothing but great.
Winston-Salem State University is a great school. Being on campus everyone always makes you feel welcome. There are unlimited resources to make sure you are taken care of and to get what you need. The education that is provided goes to high standards to make sure you understand the material that is being taught. The nursing program is phenomenal, being ranked one of the best in North Carolina. The social atmosphere is great there is multiple clubs/organizations that you can join. Anywhere you go on campus there is always opportunities to always grow and better yourself. I would not change anything about this school because it is the perfect.
As a graduate student, I am not typically involved with campus events. My program provides a strong education to prepare me to enter the workforce. The administration offices are very disorganized and difficult to deal with. Tuition is affordable compared to other universities.