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The in-class experiences are great. The campus looks ran down and needs money to fix this issue. The employees working in the offices are very unprofessional and unorganized.
My overall experience at Winston-Salem Sate University has been very good. The only thing i would change would be the people in Financial Aid. They have very nasty attitudes.
I would like to see the safety on campus improve. I love the family atmosphere at WSSU. The tradition is so rich here, the past meets the presents and prepares for the future.
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I love Winston Salem State University. It is a great institution for learning. The campus is full of a lot of staff willing to help you grow and reach high levels of success. The professors are really encouraging and love the subjects they teach. The class are small and many teachers offer opportunities for one-on-one learning.
WSSU is a great HBCU. The only horrible thing about it - financial aid & office. Student life is amazing! It easy to find an awesome balance between work and play. SO proud to be a RAM!
If you wanna go to a school that's like a family then you should come here. Also, it's just a lot of fun during homecoming its just whole different vibe. Lastly the people here are very friendly and welcoming.
My experience at Winston-Salem State University is great so far. Academics are amazing. The general ed standards help students grow beyond their major. Campus life is also an amazing part of the school. We are definitely a huge family.
Winston-Salem State University is an amazing HBCU. The people are friendly and helpful. The campus is great and the classes are easy to find. One thing that need to change is the help you get from the staff. Coming in as a Transfer student it was hard to get my stuff together because I didn’t know what to do. I wouldn’t change school for anything
I am currently a freshman at Winston-Salem State University majoring in Nursing. Personally, I love the environment and how everyone is very helpful. Moving far from home was hard for me but attending this University has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. There are usually people around campus to assist you if there are any problems that you may have. This is most definitely a University that I would recommend to anyone who is seeking to be in a new environment surrounded by helpful people.
My experience at Winston-Salem State has been very good so far. Everyone treats each other like a family. The school is not too small where I know everyone but not too big that I have to constantly see different faces everyday. The school is big on nursing so many of the science classes like Biology or Anatomy are huge courses but as a RAMily at Winston-Salem, there is always someone there to help you of you feel like you're falling behind in the class. I'm glad I made the decision of choosing WSSU because i'm getting my best college experience and i'm not too far from home.
Winston-Salem State University is the best choice I've made. For those that are thinking about attending an HBCU, this wonderful institution is best HBCU in North Carolina.
Overall great experience, the only problem I had was when I was first trying to apply. Lack of communication made it difficult to apply, and use of third-party companies made paperwork confusing.
My experience at WSSU is actually very nice apart from stressing deadlines but that’s just me procrastinating. The teachers are very helpful and as long as you stay on top of your grind and ask for help when you need it you will be fine. WSSU has multiple locations on campus that are made to help you for example, the writing block is in place to help you type papers, study hall is in place to make sure that you have a nice quite calm place to focus to do your work, and the library with the widest variety of books. My social life has spouted too. The diversity on this campus is amazing everyone is so inclusive and welcoming we literally are a ram family.
What I like about WSSU is the school Pride, everybody here loves to be a Ram! Also, the school provides enough resources to help you with your academics. In addition, they also have a lot of sports teams and orginizations that you can join so you will never be bored at WSSU.
The illustrious Winston Salem State University is everything I could've asked for in a university. There is a real family feel throughout campus. Winston Salem State has something for everyone whether you're interested in sports, academics, music, poetry, student government, or just socializing. They have an excellent School of Health Science which includes an intense clinical laboratory science program that prepared me to succeed as a medical technologist upon graduating. Without Winston Salem State University, I would not be where I am today.
My Winston experience is everything. I walked through the doors a young African American male with no clue regarding my future. As I look back over my life Winston has taught me to embrace myself as well as focus on my career goals. I am never more focused and determined to step out those double doors in 2020 a proud African American man.
Winston-Salem State University has mostly caught my attention by making me feel welcomed. Everything here on campus is going great, just as how one day in the past i had dreamed of it.
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Winston Salem State University is a great HBCU and we are family we have a great campus and if any high school student want to come to the best HBCU in North Carolina. We have a great football team who won the CIAA championship and also 11 championship
My experience so far at Winston-Salem State University have been amazing. I love the culture that is surrounding me, and the teachers who work hard to push us through.
Winston-Salem State University is an welcoming environment that make's future students feel like home. Students and staff at this University was very detailed, and helpful for any question's I had ask. I'm extremely excited to attend Winston-Salem State University Fall 2018!