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When visiting Winona State University, there was a large amount of information given to you. Overall the college is very clean and has a home feel to it. I hope in the future i'm able to attend at Winona State University.
It is a very beautiful campus, with friendly people attending. The courses are rigorous and interesting and I feel that I am preparing for real life beyond college.
Winona State University is a gem in the southeast Minnesota. The quality of engaged professors, the calmness of the town, and the beauty of the place (the mighty Mississippi, the overlooking bluffs and the lakes) are simply breathtaking. College of Business where I primarily work is an absolutely amazing college, both academically as well as in terms of programs. College of Business is a distinct college for innovative engaged teaching and learning with an engagement brand, which is captured by its tagline of #CreateYourMore.
Review Winona State University
Winona is smaller campus,which is nice to have smaller class sizes and more one on one with profs. The campus is located on the Mississippi River surrounded by bluffs and hiking. It is beautiful. The science, nursing and engineering programs are highly recommended here.
A very nice university nestled in a quaint town. Diverse student population, excellent campus , excellent professors and lots of opportunities for all types of social experiences. Lots of groups and Greek life.
I am currently a sophomore at Winona State. My first year was amazing, thanks to the wonderful teachers, people, and atmosphere here at Winona. He teachers truly want you to succeed in class, and will help you figure out what works best for you if you are struggling. The social life at Winona is also amazing, everyone is very nice and you never feel left out!
Small, compact university campus. Nice facilities and good faculty. Lots of student organizations and clubs to join. New fitness facility built within the past 5 years.
Winona State University overall was a great college to attend. The professors were all great and very willing to help you excel in your classes. There were numerous times I utilized the professors office hours to ensure that I was doing what was expected of myself in the class. Also, the campus is set in a way to make sure that the majority of your classes are located in no more than 3 of the buildings so that you are close to all of your classes.
I liked the small campus at Winona, everyone is very friendly and there is a lot to do. It is also a very beautiful area. I hope definately recommend Winona state University to others.
The school is great academically, with many programs to choose from. There are many opportunities to get involved in things such as sports &/or clubs. Financial aid office could be more helpful
I fell in love with this school as soon as I started my tour. The campus is small which is what I was looking for and it felt like home. You really got to know the people in your classes and I have met some of my best friends here. The professors here really want you to succeed and are always willing to help.
Winona state is a wonderful university. The school's atmosphere is warm and welcoming. When I first began attending Winona state university, I must admit that I was scared, being in a new country with no support system, it was quite hard and difficult at first, but as time went on I was able to call this place my second home. The people that work here and the students that attend Winona state university is part of the reason why this campus is worth attending.
Winona State has a beautiful campus despite it's smaller size. Being surrounded by the bluffs, lakes and river makes it very outdoor friendly. Due to the small size, it is quite easy to get to know your professors on a personal level to ensure the best learning environment for each student. The HERS majors at WSU work extremely well at preparing you for a future after graduation. This is not a party-savy school and a lot of students leave on the weekends, but the ones that stay become very close. Also tuition is very low, and is locked, so rates will not increase for the next 3 years.
Winona State University offered me a great opportunity to learn and make life long friends. My best friends today, I met at Winona State University!
I loved Winona State! Best 4 years of my life. The professors are helpful and very smart. The programs are amazing and will make it easy for you to find a job.
Winona State University offers multiple opportunities. However, these opportunities are not always so easy to utilize. In order for these experiences to be fully efficient and used to their maximum, some things need to change. Many students can be nervous or afraid to try new things, experience different surroundings, and meet new people. Going to new club meetings or asking questions needs to be a normality if every student is going to succeed at Winona State. In order to make this happen, I think more resources need to be made available to students who want to do these things, but have barriers holding them back.
Great University, very helpful and friendly atmosphere.

The staff and professors are accommodating and caring, and this campus is very unique in that everything is very close and in walking distance. It's easy to live in this area and go to school here without a car, and the atmosphere of the town and campus is inviting.

I would also highly recommend this school if you are interested in a Green campus, Winona State works very hard to provide an environmentally friendly campus.
Review Winona State University
Academics are decent. I'm just here to get my bachelor's and get out. I have however, never been around such a boring group of young people. This is an actual university?! The entire campus looks and acts like they just stepped out of a JC Penney catalog. No diversity. Even the hipsters are boring and conventional. Students can be closed-minded. Don't come here if you are POC, queer or don't miss high school. There is nothing to do but "party," which here means drinking in muggy frat basements with dull 18-20 year olds who've never left their backyard and think that drinking and smoking without having to worry about getting caught by mum is the definition of "lit." The music scene here is trash. There's nothing but dad rock and folk, which gets tired after a while. There is no semblance of alternative culture whatsoever and artists will fall to drugs--which are offensively subpar here.
I believe that Winona State University has wonderful Campus Security! They are awesome at making everyone feel safe and protected. They are easily accessible too, which is a definite plus! I believe that, overall, Winona State University does a great job!
It is wonderful. Winona State University is extremely helpful and they sure do know there stuff! Overall, I am very pleased!
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