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It is a very good school. All the buildings are in close proximity to one another so you don't have to walk to far. All the professors that I had were all super helpful and very nice. They have really good tech people to help solve your problems and they are all really nice as well. The campus supports all types of benefits and all the sororities hold fundraisers and have fun things going on all the time. I would definitely recommend this university to anyone.
Like the size of school and campus. Everything is within a close enough area to get around easy. The university is an outstanding in learning facility and in sports. The training staff for athletes is very caring and helpful when you need them. Lots of people to help when you need it from enrolling to just average day to day questions. Most of the professors are understanding when you are missing a class on game day. Nice having a doctor and nurse right on the campus for when you are just not feeling well and need just a quick look at. Happy to be a student at Winona State University.
The professors seem to care about the students and their success. The area is great and provides a lot of outdoor activities.
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It is one of the most beautiful campuses that I have ever seen. Especially in the fall, it is so pretty. They are also so many places to do homework that cater to everyone, quiet and louder places. The professors are reasonable and really want you to succeed.
WSU was a great 4 years of my life. The bluffs are beautiful and the nearby Lake allows the community to kayak and more for a small yearly fee. The campus is really pretty and has been updated in a lot of ways--there is a caribou coffee and snack shop in the library (the library is beautiful, spacious, and bright btw!), they have added another newer coffee shop in Somsen Hall as well. Yes like all colleges there are a lot of old buildings, but they have charm and history. The Wellness Center is amazing--relatively updated and very modern looking. The food court has also been remodeled and looks great as well. Overall, I had a great time at the school--true, the city of Winona is a little bland, there is the typical movie theater and a couple restaurants that aren't chains, but its a small town. Typically, people can travel to La Crosse or Rochester for the nearest mall or other adventures. Honestly though, Winona State is beautiful and a pretty great school. Go Warriors!
As an international student,I remember being anxious about the thought of facing culture shock and not being able to fully immerse myself in the western culture.But WSU's friendly and welcoming environment made me feel welcomed and not far away from home.My WSU experience has been tremendous even if it has been less than two years.It’s given me the chance to connect and get to know a lot of people from different backgrounds that I can say will last a lifetime.It’s also challenged me in ways which allowed me to let go and grow and become a stronger individual.For that I'm really grateful and pleased of my decision.The things that I would want change is WSU should have more travel study opportunities and access to facilities and services which are more affordable which could later be one of the factors that hinder students from completing their education at WSU.
I am very pleased with my experience at Winona State University thus far. Being a medium sized school, I am very pleased to have had the opportunities to really get to know my professors on a first name basis. I feel that my education is really applicable to my future goals and that I will be very prepared for my future career.
The professors at this university are amazing. They are all very personable and helpful. Beautiful campus as well. People are very pleased with the nursing and education programs at this school. I think if you are considering this university, look at reviews on the other major programs if you are not nursing or education.
I love Winona State! It is the perfect size for me, an outgoing girl that doesn’t like to get lost in a huge crowd. I would like to see the professors getting more involved with on campus events.
Beautiful college located near the bluffs, filled with gracious people. I just wish the downtown was a little more developed!
I attended the Winona State University Rochester campus for the RN to BSN program. Academic program was excellent, close to home, affordable, great location, Instructors were great. I did not live on campus nor really eat on campus.
I love everything about Winona State University. The people here are superb and the professors are awesome. There are also so many things to do around Winona, things like hiking, kayaking, biking, etc. Not to mention how beautiful the city gets in the fall with all of the changing leaves. My only complaint is the parking at school, there is literally no place to park.
My daughter is interested in the teaching field. The new Education Village to open at Winona State University sometime in 2019 looks fabulous. The campus has so much to offer in general. We love that WSU is not too large, but large enough to have lots to do on campus & in the town of Winona itself. The forested bluffs are absolutely breathtaking in the fall. The female to male ratio at WSU is roughly about 61.4 to 38.6% which we also like. Everyone seems quite friendly on campus & in town, in general. The college's administration is willing to answer any & all questions that people might have about attending WSU. We loved the college, & we are definitely considering it as a top contender for her college education!
I loved the homey feel when I came to campus. The campus is great. I absolutely loved my dorm room - spacious, modern furnishings, secure building & fun activities. Lots of fun activities to do on campus.
I took a tour recently. It is a beautiful area and is a great school for academics, clubs, dorms, food, and workout facilities. I have toured a lot of schools recently and this by far has been my favorite! It has so many newer and up-to-date buildings/dorms on campus. I love it. I can't wait to be a student here!
Winona State University has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. While the city of Winona itself has breathtaking nature surroundings all four seasons, there is much more that makes it a wonderful place to go to school. The campus is a very comfortable size that makes it easy to get to classes in a very manageable amount of time and the amount of students on campus feels just right - not too small but not too big, just right where you see people enough to get to know them well while also always having the opportunity to meet new people. The education I have received has been phenomenal in the Education program provided, my teachers overall have been up-to-date and passionate, and my advisors have always gone above and beyond to help me succeed. Finally, the community around is amazing with endless opportunities to get involved on and off campus, to find people with common interests as well as clubs where people can try new things.
A beautiful campus and town with tons to do on and off campus! Small classes with professors willing to do one on one work. Overall great school!
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The campus is beautiful especially during the fall. For the most part everyone is very nice around here. There isn't much to do off campus and a lot of students go home on the weekend.
When visiting Winona State University, there was a large amount of information given to you. Overall the college is very clean and has a home feel to it. I hope in the future i'm able to attend at Winona State University.
It is a very beautiful campus, with friendly people attending. The courses are rigorous and interesting and I feel that I am preparing for real life beyond college.
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