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Winona State University is a relatively small campus in which it is very easy to meet new people and establish new friend groups. You don't have to be sporty or outgoing to enjoy the wide variety of activities that the campus puts on.
Winona State is an excellent school with good education and nursing programs. The Winona area is very beautiful. If you enjoy outdoor experiences, Winona is a great option for you.
Dealt with anxiety and depression during my second year. Administrators brushed me off and lectured me how to manage my time more effectively. Ended up in the ER and had to withdraw after professors refused to work with me so I could get back in the saddle after missing class. Amazing place otherwise, but the staff could not be more callous and condescending to those with disabilities. I regret applying to Winona State and I doubt I will return.
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Very liberal school. Housing and set up could have been better. The dorms could have been bigger and nicer so we didn't die of heat in the summer and freeze in the winter. I went there for 3 years and never had a counselor which was hard.
It's a perfect size school, not too big, not too small, so It feels like a big community. The class sizes are good. There are a lot of resources on campus that will help me succeed such as the library, writing center, and tutoring seccions. Moreover, when you need a break from school, there is a lot to do around town.
The staff is so well connected to the students and they care about our success. The environment at Winona State makes me feel at home when home is so far away.
Not very diverse, small campus (which is a positive or negative), lots of nursing students; very cute town & West campus is the best!
I am taking courses through Winona State off campus at an elementary school. I have had wonderful experiences with my professors and academics within my major. I do not have experience with any on-campus activity.
I really enjoy the atmosphere Winona State brings to a college students life. The school is situated in between the Minnesota and Wisconsin border along the Mississippi River with scenic bluffs and lakes all around. The nature and scenery is what originally drew me towards the school, and the summer and falls at Winona do not disappoint. The academics at Winona are also prestigious as well as comfortable with smaller class sizes than a large university. One thing I would change about Winona State would be the food options available. Students often dine off campus because of the lack of chains in the food court, which are instead utilized by off brand, cheaper options. It would bring in more money to the school by getting these popular chain restaurants.
Winona State University has a beautiful campus that is close together within Winona. The professors are quite enthusiastic about education there. The science and engineering department is especially excellent, as it provides the students with great learning opportunities.
The HERS (Health Education and Rehabilitative Services) department at Winona State is focused on learning and the students' success. Not only do the professors teach the material, but they relate it directly to our future occupations and are compassionate at what they do.
I am a current 1st year student here at Winona State University. First, let me say that the education I am receiving is better than I had expected. Love the professors and the opportunities the University provides me.

Yes, the dorm food is actually good. I know that sound nefarious but compare to Wisconsin and Illinois Universities, The food is good.

No for the bad. I was told by the university that joining the Lourdes Freshman Experience was going to be amazing. It is not. In fact the dorm is run with an iron fist and if you decide to live there you will be like most and leave the dorm by the second semester. I am still here but I will honestly say that it is quite lonely . most rooms have been vacated and with the security roaming the halls for even the smallest noise after 11pm, i am sure there are better experiences elsewhere in campus. Do not be sold this bill of good and therefor I cannot say my living experience has been positive. Stay away for Lourdes!
good college- VERY boring. I decided to transfer after two years... (preventative measure, so I didn't die of boredom)... that being said, professors are great as well as 35% of the students
I am currently a freshman and I absolutely love Winona! I don't really have any complaints at the moment. The size of the school for me was perfect, the location is beautiful! Some people are worried there isn't much to do with the next big town being about a half hour a way but honestly there's a ton! I think the tuition and fees are fair amounts as well compared to other colleges.
My experience at Winona State University was wonderful and it still continues to be. I like Winona for many reasons. Some reasons will be their campus safety, strong academic programs, care for students life like how International students are welcome at Winona University is so amazing and makes you feel at home. I love Winona State University.
I received my undergraduate degree at WSU. The school helped me transfer some difficult credits in order to get me my degree as fast as possible. Now I'm on my way to the rest of my career as a Physician Assistant.
I love the small town feel and how beautiful the campus is. I found life long friends, and I enjoy my classes. I have not experienced a bad professor yet! They are all super approachable and easy to get along with.
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It is a very good school. All the buildings are in close proximity to one another so you don't have to walk to far. All the professors that I had were all super helpful and very nice. They have really good tech people to help solve your problems and they are all really nice as well. The campus supports all types of benefits and all the sororities hold fundraisers and have fun things going on all the time. I would definitely recommend this university to anyone.
Like the size of school and campus. Everything is within a close enough area to get around easy. The university is an outstanding in learning facility and in sports. The training staff for athletes is very caring and helpful when you need them. Lots of people to help when you need it from enrolling to just average day to day questions. Most of the professors are understanding when you are missing a class on game day. Nice having a doctor and nurse right on the campus for when you are just not feeling well and need just a quick look at. Happy to be a student at Winona State University.
The professors seem to care about the students and their success. The area is great and provides a lot of outdoor activities.
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