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Wingate is a great school. They have a great football team and great academics. I applied to Wingate and got the Presidential Scholarship with the acceptance letter.
Im not going to give a stellar review as I havent attended yet but I was accepted within a week of my application
Wingate Univeristy has an extend variety of activities students can do during their time at Wingate. It can be by becoming part of sports such as volleyball, softball, baseball, cross country, track and field, football, soccer, swimming, golf and many other more that will make a great impact in students life. But not only that, it also forms part of one of the top 10 best private universities in North Carolina, having over 3000 students. Wingate University provides a lot of different scholarships students can take advantage from and that will benefit them in their future.
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The environment is nice. Everything seems peaceful but the cost to go there is expensive. Even with all the finacial aid they give you to go isn't enough.
From what I have experienced, This university is really good, I am excited to get the year started and everyone has been really nice.
The campus is beautiful, staff are personal and friendly, and there are tons of opportunities for all students on campus. It's perfect for anyone wanting a personal college experience and lifelong friends!
Wonderfull school with a friendly staff and great academic programs. This school is affordable for those in a tight spot. The school also has a wonderful academic reward system.
I like how nice the staff is and how they do anything to help your needs. I like the size of the school, not overwhelming at all
Wingate University is a great place to continue your education! I transferred there after obtaining my two year, Associate's degree, and it was one of the best educational decisions I have ever made. There are a ton of majors and minors to choose from and the professors are top notch. The administration at Wingate truly care about the students and do all they can to help. The student life at Wingate is incredible! There is always something going on! I really enjoy attending this school! I have one more year left and I will have my Bachelor's degree!
I love how small it is. However, it's very outdated and needs several updates; especially in the library, the computers and wifi is really slow. The football field isn't much of a college field at all. I wish it looked better because college football is awesome to see in person. There's few bleachers and it's just a grassy area instead of a stadium.
Small school, great professors, classes are small and close by. Beautiful campus with lots of extracurricular activities
My visit to Wingate was very informative and help. I liked the entire campus and had a great time there.
I had a pretty good experience at Wingate University. The thing I took away from attending this school more than anything else are the life-long friendships I made.
I have visited Wingate University twice and I love it. It's my favorite university out of all of the ones that I have been too. Wingate has a beautiful campus and the students and staff are wonderful. The students are full of schools spirit and the staff have been really easy to work with and have been nice. I recommend to everyone that they should go and at least visit Wingate University because they will love and and decide to go there. I have decided that I will attend Wingate University in the fall of 2017.
I definitely am getting an education at Wingate, not just a degree. The professors truly care about the students and want them to succeed.
Fantastic, student-led tour. Beautiful campus. Excellent opportunities to study abroad. Met with professors and coaches, who were generous with their time, and very interested. Highly recommend this school to anyone who wants a good education with a great student:teacher ratio. Academic and athletic scholarships are very generous.
Beautiful campus, gorgeous halls, wonderful living spaces, and an excellent staff. An all around fantastic University.
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I love Wingate because of the flexible professors especially if you participate in sports. Everyone takes care of one another and it's like a family.
Wingate University is a great Iniversity filled with multiple opportunities to get involved in extra curricular activities, I have always loved to dance and be active and I wingate I finally decided to take a risk and auditions for the dance team, and glory be to God in the highest, I made it.
Wingate is a small campus and makes you feel at home. Students are not just a number; professors take the time to get to know their students in and out of the classroom. There are many chances to get involved and get connected with faculty and staff, as well as the community. If there is one thing I would change, it would be the food options, although there will be more options in the next few years.
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