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The small classroom size is great every professor knows who you are and will put time a side to help you with any questions you may have about anything.
I went to visit the campus and fell in love with the campus. This is my upcoming senior year and high school and have already made my decision of where I will be attending come the Fall of 2019.
It’s a good school academically, some things like the food could be definitely improved however and parking.
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An AMAZING place to earn a degree! Whether you want to be a vocal teacher or surgeon or major in criminal justice or be a concert pianist, this place is for you! Great staff, and excellent orientation! As a freshman, I felt welcomed the moment I stepped through those GATES on my way to be a Bulldog. I am eager to start learning here and know that anyone will enjoy this college!
Wingate is a school that really looks out for you. The small atmosphere creates a family feel, but the small surrounding town infringes on the overall quality of the college experience.
Wingate University is a super small and cozy campus with beautiful surrounding landscapes. I love how friendly and helpful all of the staff is. The café even has an app to help diabetics find the information needed. The dorms are close to classes and food, which is always good. I realize that it is a private university, but the overall cost should be more lenient and able to cooperate with for students with disabilities who cant pay for school after medical bills.
Very welcoming campus! Diverse student body with engaged faculty with very flexible schedules. Teachers actually care for students wellbeing and will go out of their way to help you succeed.
Wingate University has changed my outlook on life. There is a diverse group of individuals there that offer many unique outlooks on life. Both the students and professors are kind individuals who make a point to share an intimate connection with each other. The campus is clean and offers many kinds of extracurricular activity. Regardless of ones background or beliefs, Wingate University is a campus which has a home for everyone.
I love it at Wingate, I have just finished my first year and it is great, the campus is beautiful and the teachers are wonderful.
I loved Wingate from the moment I toured it because it felt like home. I still enjoy Wingate because I would not want to go anywhere else. It is my home and that is where I will stay until I graduate and find a new home.
Pros: small class sizes, updated campus, easy to get involved in organizations, friendly staff and students, people know your name (you aren't just a number)

Cons: campus "shuts down" on the weekends, food is subpar, lack of parking and housing (even though they require you to live on campus all 4 years), campus doesn't feel safe (car break ins, lock downs, hardly any lights in parking lots), campus safety isn't helpful/readily available, tuition is high
Wingate is a special place. The people here love going to school here and enjoy life as a college student. All of the sports teams are highly ranked and win the conference almost every year. I like how they are so competitive and how it is a big part of life as a college student.
I’d like better communication with administration, better resources, and more teachers to actually teach classes. Incoming freshmen can’t take classes for their majors because there aren’t enough teachers
Its a great University with many opportunities to join clubs , be a part of staff , Study aboard , make friends and even go to Christian group meetings. Help is right at your fingertips , you just need to ask .
wingate was an amazing experience. Everyone was nice and chill. once you were there, everyone would greet you with hellos and always had a smile on their faces.
I loved everything about Wingate. There isn't anything I would change. When I toured the school for the first time I automatically fell in love, it was everything I dreamed of and more. The tour guide Sarah was amazing and all the people we walked past said hi and were so welcoming. The dorms were so cute and just my style as far as set up and my admissions counselor Kayla answered a lot of my questions which just made me even more excited to start in the fall. I am also very glad that it is a christian private school!
I have experienced wingate by attending on their campus tours and other activities. I hope to attend in the fall of 2018 as a major in pre-med
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Wingate Universtiy is a great university. It is a small campus but very easy to get around. All of the professors are great they help you with everything you need. The staff is great and very friendly.
The school is accepting too many students without the means to house them. They stick 3/4 girls in a room that is meant to be a traditional 2 person dorm. They won't tell you they're doing this until a week before move in day so you have no other options. The academics are subpar. The food is absolutely awful. Theres no where to park and when you have to make a parking spot because otherwise you'll be walking a mile from your car to the dorm in the dark (theres not proper lighting or safety buttons on campus) you'll get a parking ticket and if those parking tickets go unpaid they won't send your transcripts to another school so you can get out of there. There's many other issues such as no hot water, disgusting dorms including mold and rotting ceilings (helms). If you want to experience all of these issues and pay upwards of 20,000 to do it then wingate is the place for you. If not go literally anywhere else.
It is a lovely school! The advisors are very helpful and kind. I got to sit in on a class to see what a college chemistry class is really like. The campus is so beautiful with several fountains and water displays. It has an old timey feeling because of the older building.
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