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Well it was my first time going to school and I just want to say that they always take care of their students. I love there and I like the teachers they are very respectful and they care about you passing, so they make sure you know what your grades are and give you extra credit if you need it. But in all Honesty its up to us the student to take the credit and pass our self.
when you are struggling with your classes, they have a lot of tutors to get your help. i love it. my first year i have no glue what i am getting myself into, but as time went on i beginning to like college, i met a lot of friends and i didn't feel out of place knowing i am fifty five years old. I got to know where i can get my tutors and get help from library, writing center and a program name trio. When i got to know the program trio , i felt like family there. This is where i go to get most of my help from my tutors and also i can print all my papers for free and use of there computers as well.
They recently remade the campus, a larger library, great teachers and staff who are wanting to always help you out and want you to succeed. The students that come here are from the community and are down to earth and respectful. Although they need to upgrade their parking lots with more parking.
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I really felt like the teachers here were very dedicated to their students. They are always willing to help those who are struggling, and are actively searching for new ways to expand and better their programs.
They were very helpful and provided many resources when it came to academic help. As long as you have the time to invest.
I currently attend school on the transferable post 9/11 GI Bill, the VA office at this campus has always been an awful experience. With that being said, this is the most beautiful campus out of the three schools I've attended thus far. Most buildings are historic, the Library is updated and makes me want to study 24/7. The teachers love their students and work hard to make sure every single one of them have every opportunity to help them succeed in life. The campus diversity is beautiful. Everyone is filled with Aloha, and you become friends with people left and right. It is an amazing place to attend school, I am blessed to be at WCC.
Windward Community College is my favorite place to be. High school wasn't my favorite. I absolutely hated high school. Once I came to Windward, my love for learning was rekindled. The people are amazing, students AND staff. The campus is at a beautiful location and kept up well. There are so many resources, too, like free tutoring, free printing, a coffee shop with meals at your disposal, and so many other opportunities to better your education. You can't go wrong with Windward.
There are a lot of great teachers here and the campus is beautiful as well. My peers have a laid back attitude and it makes the stress from college melt away. It is only a two year college so do not expect to stay long.
I like how the teachers are nice and very understanding. The only thing I would change is the drop out dates
Very good campus with great staff! Help you with any questions you may have regarding Financial Aid, classes and transferring.
What I love about WCC is that it is located near the mountain so its a very beautiful scene. My summer school teacher is great and very helpful. I am taking a math summer class so I haven't had the whole experience of collage yet but I'm excited for this year, so this is the rating for the one class experience. Also what makes WCC one of the best community colleges is that they have a trio where you can receive free tutoring and many great opportunities. Thank you for reading this.
Windward Community College is a very helpful school whether you know what you want to major in or just want to complete your liberal arts and earn your Associates Degree. They truly provide you with all the resources and support you need to complete what ever you are pursing.
As a student who is starting out at Windward in the fall I have heard a lot of positive things about the school and I enjoy visiting it's campus often. It is such a beautiful place and my friends who are all currently in their 2nd+ year at this school all have great things to say about the education they receive there. Regrettably, I have not been able to experience this first hand but I am looking forward to it for this school year.
Windward Community College is a wonderful school for students uncomfortable transitioning to university-sized colleges. With the beautiful Ko'olau Mountains for a backdrop and the mall down the road, the atmosphere is calming and welcoming. The counselors thoroughly assist the students and their needs. Most teachers are passionate and genuinely care about their students' academics. They listen to feedback and communicate with their students. I had no troubles here and I wish I could continue my education here. The college is also updating their buildings and I wish I could have had classes in them before I graduated. Windward Community College is continuously improving and I could not be any happier with the experience I had here.
Windward Community College is truly a part of the community. The efforts at this college work toward building a stronger community on- and off-campus. This college also has a great team of student employees. Offering student-employee positions gives students a place to support themselves financially, and become a greater part of the community on campus. One thing I'd like to see change at Windward Community College is an increase of healthy food options that are affordable.
This is my first year at windward community college and I'm really satisfied with everything the college has to offer. They are one of the only schools in the area that has programs and tutors for people with disabilities. I'm greatful for that because my little brother has disabilities and knowing that schools are starting to care about helping further their education means a lot to me. All my teachers are very nice. They seem really passionate about what they do. The only thing I don't really like is that the buildings need to be cleaned and repainted on the outside. The structure is lovely it just needs a little touching up to do . Thank you
My experience at this school is very convenient. The classes are very flexible and so are the professors. Some professors will allow you to sit in on an earlier class if for some reason you aren't able to make it to your scheduled afternoon class; or if you aren't able to come to the morning class, you can sit in on the afternoon class.
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Taking online classes are a little more difficult, in my opinion. Classes online are more of a self learning course. The workload isn't unbearable, but it is a little more challenging when you have four other classes. I would still recommend taking classes online because there are many available resources to take advantage of to make yourself a better self learner..
My experience at Windward Community College has been great. The professors really make the course material interesting and easy to understand . Because a lot of students are going to school full time, the teachers are really understanding and can be lenient with the assignments.
A Veterinary Technician degree from Windward Community College would open the doors to many jobs in the animal health field. It would give me the opportunity to work with exotic animals and animals in shelters that need help and care. I really want to make a difference for animals and prove that they're lives matter. This degree would just be the beginning to my journey in animal health.
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