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I love that Wilson Community College has given me the chance to meet new people, step out of my comfort zone and learn leadership skills. I would love to see them have more organizations and clubs that people can join.
The college is fine, the teachers are great, it's just on the edge of the bad side of town and it's somewhat on the poor side.
I am currently finishing my freshman year at Wilson Community College and I am impressed with how efficiently this college functions. I have attended another community college in the area and always felt that they were disorganized and not very efficient in their duties. Wilson CC is on top of the game, and I appreciate that!
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I had a very good experience at Wilson Community College. I lived in town so I did not have a long drive to campus. I loved the atmosphere of everyone wanting to learn more. One thing that I would change is to make online class scheduling easier and more efficient.
I've been at Wilson Community College for 2 and a half years pursing my Associate in Science degree. I've really enjoyed it for the most part, but of course there have been some bumps in the road. My biggest issue has been the scheduling of the different courses and their sections. For example, this semester they have three classes with the exact same meeting times and only one section offered of each. To top it off, these classes aren’t offered at all next semester. Though I have loved my time here, I probably would have chosen another community college, something bigger, where I know I'd get to take the classes I need when I need them. Despite these issues, I still want Wilson Community College to be the school I receive my degree from. The extremely helpful, caring instructors and personnel were what made my time here enjoyable and I will honestly miss it. This school has set me up for success in the future at a four-year university and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.
great they worked with me and helped me come up with different ways to choose a good career through out college. everybody is so nice and kind and will help you with what ever you need, related or non-related to college.
Going to Wilson Community College was an absolute amazing choice to start my college journey. I had been out of school for over 12 years when I decided to further my education, and the WCC staff and faculty were right there to help me get acclimated with the college atmosphere and workload. The professors are very helpful and are always available to assist in any issues. The financial aid department was a blessing because they knew exactly what I needed before I even knew. Overall, it is a great college to get started with furthering you education.

The cost to attend is very minimal for in-state students.
I like how all of the teachers will help you to understanding the material in their lesson plans plus their unique teaching methods.
I feel like the online courses are reasonable and acceptable. They are manageable and knowledgeable
They are very helpful and make sure each student is getting what they need. They have a great concern for the students education
The career center is very helpful
The instructors tell you exactly what is expected and what you will need in the curriculum and make it as easy as possible.
I have been to different schools so when I decided to go back I chose Wilson Community College. It provides great instructors, good learning, hassle free, helpful staff and etc
Setting classes were very easy and sometimes fast.
I have had nothing but great experience with taking online classes!
Setting classes are easy and sometimes fast. It is easy the be flexible when scheduling them.
I have not transferred any credits, but I plan to. With the transfer program you receive your associates degree while also being able to transfer the credits over to a 4 year college.
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I have not had any problem with anyone on or off campus. Everyone is mostly friendly and ready to help or chat.
There are many speakers that come to motivate and tell us about their experiences.
I see a lot of people making use of the schools college transfer and degree program. It is a go at your own pace sort of thing and it is easy to understand. You can also make use of the work study opportunities and the school will sometimes send job alerts through your student email!
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