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Many different programs offered to cater to adults and single mothers. This in not a typical college, it is small class sizes for a more intimate educational experience. Beautiful campus, many recreational activities offered...
I like that the College is a smaller campus, which gives it more of a community-like feel. The professors and students are all really nice, and are more than happy to give a helping hand. Being an International Student, I found that everyone was really welcoming and supportive, which was really nice!
I like Wilson College because it gives me the opportunity to transfer my pharmacy bachelors degree to be RN
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Wilson College is a very good academic college. The professors all take a great interest in your success as a student, and their are many programs to help you through any and all classes. The college does not provide many campus activities over the weekends however the city of Chambersburg has many activites to do over the weekends.
Small friendly college with an active international student community. Students are supported academically to achieve their best results.
I enjoy Wilson College because it is a small school and I like the student to teacher ratio. I also like how helpful the teachers are with the students.
I love the VMT program. While it has its own issues and drama, the professors are amazing and the animals are great. It's very difficult, but hands-on. You better learn fast or switch majors! Cheaters beware: get caught, and you'll automatically fail that test until Joint Honor Council hears your plea.
Wilson College is a good college when it comes to the education you will receive, but as with everywhere there are pros and cons. Wilson's party life or activities is terrible. If you even think about having a party you run the risk of getting kicked out. You can have alcohol if you are of age of course, but if you get too loud because it is so small and stuck up, someone is going to complain. The campus is beautiful. The layout of the green and the buildings. Reminds me of Hogwarts in Harry Potter. Parking sucks because there is not enough parking spots in reference to how many people need to park. There is a creek which runs through campus that is very nice to sit by and work on homework or assignments.
Wilson College is a small college located in Chambersburg, Pa. All of the professors i've encountered really care about helping you succeed and will do what ever they can to help you. The staff here is also very accommodating and pleasant.
The dorm rooms here are very typical of a college dorm room. Small, but has everything you need. My only real complaint about this school is the food in the dinning hall. They're not open all day like some colleges and universities and the food is very mediocre.
Over all i really enjoy the school and would recommend it to students, especially students who are seeking to become a science based major.
Currently a sophomore so it's hard to really review my whole experience when I'm really just beginning but so far things are great. Many improvements have been made and are being planned.
Professors are pretty easy to get along with and the people are friendly and helpful. Campus is easy to navigate
So far I am enjoying my time at Wilson. The professor are very helpful and the small class sizes are amazing. Wilson also offers a variety of course and services to help you determine what the best major is for you. The writing lab is free to use and is a lifesaver for an written assignment in any class.
The classes at Wilson have been pretty good so far. The class sizes are manageable and the biggest class so far was General Biology I & II with about 40 students per lecture time. The professors are pretty easy to talk to and are willing to interact and help students.
Wilson is a Liberal Arts school which means when the students graduate they will have varied backgrounds in all sorts of areas such as social studies, womens studies, languages, natural sciences, history, and environmental studies (plus more). These graduates will look better on resumes and career interviews because of the varied education they received. There are a couple career fairs and networking available to find jobs.
We have campus security there 24/7 and blue call boxes placed throughout campus. It would be nice to have more lights between the athletic building and the main spot of campus. The school has a forest right behind it and it is creepy at night walking by with limited light, but its not bad because the science building is nearby.
I only stayed on campus one year, but the rooms and options were average. Our washers/dryers broke multiple times, however laundry was free when I stayed, just bring your own product. Most buildings had no air conditioning and the heat fluctuated a lot during the winter.
The school is growing and so is the athletics program. Due to the school being newly coed, they are offering more sports for male students to get them equal with the women's sports. A large group of students are involved in sports, and there is plenty of advertising for the games. However, this is a small campus with the farthest walk on the central part of campus being maybe 4 minutes. Where the athletic games are held are a good 6 to 15 minute walk from the farthest part where the dorms are, so many students do not want to go that far to watch the games, as they are used to the short walks to class.

The athletic staff are very encouraging and are always involved with their students.

This is a Division III school.
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This is a very small school so if you don't find friends right away, it will be harder to find them later on in the year. However, since it is a small school, it is easier to feel connected to everyone. If you want to stand out/be recognized it is best to be an officer on one of the many clubs available. The food is ok, depends on the day and the campus housing is alright. It is best to join clubs to feel involved with the campus community. If not, you become a floater who is only there for classes.
I am not on campus so i do not know how or what goes on there
Not really into what is going on at the school not there much
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