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I have been to 4 schools total and this was by far the worst school overall. The professors I must say are wonderful. However, financial aid was horrendous. EACH & EVERY semester I was in (including summers), I had a financial aid issue. They said everything on my end was perfect. So why do I have balances to be paid or cannot apply to future semesters? Why does it take 4.5 weeks to get issues resolved? Currently, my financial aid has not been resolved. I had called every day for the past 4 weeks and even when I was overseas and had to pay that extra bill just to reach this terrible service of a school. I still cannot apply for my next semester. When you call this school, you’ll stay on the line for the longest possible time. I am talking at least 35 minutes. For financial aid, I was on the line waiting for 1hr and 27minutes. I gave up and opted for a call-back which I did not receive until two days later. Hire people to do their job because clearly, they aren’t.
What I like the most about Wilmington University is that the staff is very kind, helpful and patient. The only thing that I would want to change about this school is that u would prefer that they had more online classes in order for me to pick up more hours at work.
I've had a great experience with Wilmington University. They really made me feel at home and the learning experience I had at Wilmington is great. The instructors strive to make sure you are learning and no question is a dumb question.
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Great for working students. I love the block classes and it's an easy communite from work to school.
Wilmington University is a great school; however, it is a private school so it is a little pricey. All of there classes can be taken online. The staff is very helpful and willing to help.
The professors seem to care a lot, although some of them are unorganized. The main campus itself is intimate. It also has a 99% acceptance rate, so if you don't get into UD, WilmU is an excellent alternative.
Great school! Instructors are very helpful and professional. You basically get out of it what you put into it. If you want to be successful in your career you have to put in the work, time and effort. The bookstore prices however are outrageous. I think that for struggling college students the prices for books and school supplies should be a little more reasonable.
The professors are very understandable. Wilmington University has mentoring for those who struggle in any subject as well.
The school worked very efficiently to ensure my transfer would go through as fast a possible. It took one day. The classes are broken down into three sectors. 15 weeks and 2 blocks of 8 weeks each. Everyone I have talked to has worked out well and I am enjoying my time at Wilmington U.
I am currently an senior at WilmU and I love it! I transferred over from a 2 year college and I couldn’t have picked any other school! The professors and classes are awesome.
I would like to see more diversity, scholarships, and better staff support. Furthermore I feel like Wilmington University holds back information when it comes to ways for paying for college and your student loan information.
I had a great experience for my university. I was able to navigate various areas of my degree with my the assistance of my adviser.
I am taking my classes online through Wilmington University. There is a awesome opportunity to take classes on there adjunct campus near me. I can go to classes in Glassboro or Vineland. I did a lot of research about getting my bachelors degree in Nursing and Wilmington University made the most sense when it came to cost and location and the online flexability.
My experience at WilmU has been pretty good so far. WilmU offers a lot of night classes that you can take if you are working a full time job, they also have online classes which are very convenient for a lot of people. What I would change about WilmU is meeting with advisors. I personally would like to sit and talk to an advisor instead of the advisor emailing you to tell you want to do.
Over all Wilmington University is a very good college. The professors are extremely helpful and really give you the time you need to complete assignments. Overall it is a good place to get into the mindset of getting stuff done!
So flexible with schedule and family. I am able to work full time, raise my daughter by myself and go to school.
Wilmington University is a phenomenal school to start to earn your degree to get to your career of your dreams. I was a on-campus student for a semester, but turn to online, so I can help out my family at home. During on-campus, the food was excellent and the staff were very nice. My teachers were very helpful when I was stuck on an assignment. I really don’t have anything to comment that needs to change because everything, for me, was an tremendous experience. Now, being online is a very convinent way to have me being at home for the family and I can take my time to complete my homework for the week, in which can help me still study for my degree.
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So far my experience has been excellent. I love the flexibility of their block scheduling which allows me to take multiple classes without separate from one another. The professors use their real-life work experiences when teaching the class instead of just teaching from a book.
I am currently a sophomore at Wilmington and I have to say that I really like it. The classes are small so you definitely get the one on one attention from the professors. I am also on the volleyball team and I have to say that they athletics here are very excited and its definitely worth coming out to games. The academics are not very difficult but I still feel like I'm getting something out of each class. There is not a cafeteria per say, but there is an Italian Kitchen and the food is very good. The overall area of New Castle is not the prettiest, however there are many things to do. I am proud to say that I go to Wilmington
Love the food and many professors! English classes are famously bad, though. Great tech college, all-in-all. Definitely good for the price! Just watch out for a few English profs.
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