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Overall experience is good if you are a student looking to further your education while you are working. They offer flexible course options, online, fusion, 15 week & 7 week classes.
Wilmington University caters to international students as well as working students. I like the fact that I can schedule classes around my schedule.
Wilmu is a great school, depending on which teachers you get. 30-45% of the teachers really care about your education, and if you use your degree after graduation. Those handful of teachers make it worth while. The food is "meh" and overpriced. Not much to do on campus.
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Wilmington University is great for students who want to go back to school or continue their education, but feel as though they do not have the time. I cannot stress enough how flexible their scheduling for classes are. As an added plus, you can receive a bachelor degree in as little as one year with the "block" and "modular" class option. I personally chose the online route, and it was very helpful for me with keeping a full-time.
Professors take an interest in student success and help them succeed. Smaller class sizes make for more intimate learning.
I am very excited that I chose to be a part of Wilmington University's Higher Education Ed.D program! The school offers a great mix of professional development and intellectual nourishment.
My experience at Wilmington University has been amazing. I am an undergraduate in the College of Technology. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly, they genuinely care about their students' success. There are abundant resources from the computer labs, to the library, and online resources. The courses are affordable, tailored to fit in any schedule, and actually helpful! I have never taken a class at Wilmington that I haven't used in further studies or work. They also have a wonderful co-op program that helps you get hands-on experience while getting class credit AND getting paid.
class rooms are max 25 students they are very easy going and easy to learn
career office is the best they help with every need u have
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there are security blue lights everywhere and officers
no one is judge we dont have fraternitys or soroitys
its very competitve and small but many people come out and support the teams
i love how my school makes me feel welcomed and its easy to talk to all staff and students. I would choose my school all over again because it is affordable and felxible with work and curricular activities. It a unique school because it has a little bit of all age groups.
Very Safe college to attend.
I don't know if there is housing. I don't think so.
Don't know a lot about Greek life on campus.
From what I've seen, I think that they only have Soccer and maybe lacross or softball. Not sure.
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My experience with Wilmington University has been amazing. The staff are very helpful and knowledgeable. The professors are the best; experts in their fields, and very interesting characters. I was apprehensive about my classes until I started attending because I had just graduated from another school that was very student friendly and I was afraid that the classes would be very impersonal, but they aren't. I Love Wilmington University and would recommend this school to anyone.
I enjoy watching the sports events.
I love the option to take online classes that fit in my busy life.
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