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Wilmington is a very beautiful campus. It’s very small so you can get individual attention that you need. Something i would change is maybe lowering tuition a little and adding AC to some of the dorms because it gets really hot.
Best D3 parties, better than most big schools great part life. Teachers want you to succeed and you’re not just another number. Everyone is extremely nice.
I love Wilmington College. My siblings are both alumni to this college and that was my biggest influence to choose Wilmington as my home for the next four years. I love the small school feeling and how caring staff members truly are to students. As a student, I would like to see younger professors and more hands on learning.
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I really like that Wilmington College is very open and willing to help anyone. It is also a small college which I enjoy because I didn't want to go somewhere that was very large. The staff help you out a lot to get you where you need to be.
My personal experience with Wilmington College - Cincinnati has been nothing but enjoyable. As a returning adult learner, the professors really take time to help you understand the material at hand.
I like Wilmington because my program was hands-on in the very 1st year. I like the smaller campus and how friendly everyone is.
I really enjoy my time at Wilmington College. I am involved in volleyball, lacrosse, and Kappa Delta sorority. The friends I have made will last a life time. The professors truly want you to excel and will do anything in their power to ensure your success.
I am currently enrolled at Wilmington College and they have great hands-on learning! The teachers are the best on putting the student first and are open to help anyway they could.
Wilmington College was and still is my dream college. Our Education Program is known to be one of the best and I am so blessed to say that I get to be apart of it.
Wilmington College has been GREAT. I am a current freshman and had some trouble adjusting. The staff is so helpful and understanding.
I absolutely love Wilmington College! I am a freshman, early childhood education major. I feel comfortable and safe at Wilmington College. I am excited to continue my education here!
Wilmington College is a fantastic school with a very open atmosphere and living situations. Everyone is super friendly and willing to help you, no matter the problem. The campus is smaller, however, that gives everyone a better opportunity to get to know the campus and eachother better!
I like how our classes really make us think, and put in the extra work. However, there is not much of a food selection here. I wish we had more than two places to eat.
I love the professors and the opportunities they can bring. Their food is terrible and they are expensive. However, I feel they provide and excellent education.
Wilmington provides a learning environment that engages students and provides a broad education. Leaving students with a more rounded education to give them more opportunities in the work force.
My overall experience with Wilmington College has been wonderful! I have been learning new things and skills throughout all of my classes. The staff is helpful and kind towards their students. If you need help with something, they are willing to help you. Most tend to encourage you to come and see them for when you need help with your work. The classes are small, none are much larger than 30 students and the style of class varies. Some classes are more hands-on while others are mostly debate and note-taking classes.
I have truly enjoyed my first few months at Wilmington College. The upper classmen and professors all make you feel very welcome. The class sizes are perfect for individual one on one with the professors when needed. There are many different clubs that you can join on campus no matter what your interests are.
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Wilmington is a nice small campus with Great sports medicine major. The town is a nice small town and is fun to hang around.
I transferred to Wilmington my junior year of college and am currently in my second semester there. In the short amount of time that I have spent at Wilmington college as a commuter student this school and the faculty and students there have earned a special place in my heart. I have always wanted to attend Wilmington because it is very close to home for me, I never imagined that it would become a second home.
There are only 2 schools in Ohio that offer Agriculture. Here you get hands on experience and skills to do everyday tasks in your field of study.
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