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Williston State College is a two year university that offers low tuition and many specific programs geared towards earning degrees in fields that are currently hiring en masse in the area.
I know they have a career center I haven't gone in but Im sure its just as good as any other junior college.
I haven't been there long enough to know to much about this but I do know because of the oilfield they do have a lot of internship programs
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Class sizes are very small so it gives the teacher and you a more productive relationship.
The business teachers are all friendly and know what they are talking about, workload is not to much to handle.
Everyone I have talked to his super nice and answers all questions to the best of their ability. Its really easy to get around and they have a lot of places that students can go to get help with classes.
Very small classes and great instructors for online courses.
Staff are not helpful in providing the correct amounts to students.
I personally like being in the class listening to a lecture rather than learning things myself.
My experience with Williston State has been okay so far. The classes are very small and dealing with mypsychlab and moodle online can be very confusing depending on the classes you take. I was told that I would be able to take a class if or American Sign Language but when registration came, it was unavailable which was not ideal.
I feel the staff at Williston State could not be more helpful. I am excited to start school after many years away. My only criticism would be the lack of night school.
I am starting school in August so I am not sure how to answer this question.
Williston is a melting pot of the world. I would say that the school population like Williston, is more diverse than when I moved here five years ago. I have met students from Nebraska all of the way to Africa. Students are friendly and go out of their way to help you. The economic climate of the school I would venture to say is higher than many cities in America because of the oil industry in North Dakota. I feel that Williston State College is doing it's very best to be helpful in the midst of an oil boom.
Applying for financial aid has been easier than expected and WSC has been very helpful.
I don't interact much with them.
I don't deal with the students or student body as I am doing on-line classes.
The library is not what I thought it would be. It is great to have nonfiction but fiction is very important to learning also. I am wanting to become a fiction writer and it is not very well understood that much can be learned from those stories that are out of our world.
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I have not really used the computers so for me this question is N/A.
It is a very nice school but my choice of career had to change so it was difficult to go around that. I would have liked more help with choosing classes and deciding on a specific degree.
Sometimes it is hard to know what you pay when you are taking online classes but the financial aid is very helpful.
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