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Williamson Christian College Reviews

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Really appreciate the professors and faculty at Williamson. They truly care about your education and help you to succeed.
Unbelievable professors for the price of tuition. They truly are masters in their fields. Most have masters or doctorates from highly praised institutions. Friendly faculty and the academics are challenging but help create a sense of self-worth and accomplishment.
Williamson College may be a Christian college, but not all the students here are. While the majority are, there are some students who are muslim or atheist.
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The faculty and professors and Williamson College are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities for students. Even if you find an opportunity outside of the schools network, they will usually approve an internship for credit.

There is also emails that go out to students keeping them all aware of new job opportunities that have come up in the city and surrounding area.
Williamson College is truly a great institution in terms of educators, classmates, and courses. While the campus may not be large, the courses available and the knowledge of the professors is colossal. Along with the professors being experts in their fields, the cost of tuition is unexpectedly low, especially for a private institution. Anyone looking for a small college that offers a great education for a modest price should seriously consider Williamson College.
The College is located in a very safe city and area. Never once have I feared for my safety, even late at night.
Superb professors, competent faculty, friendly classmates. Williamson College is a hidden gem in WIlliamson County and all of Tennessee. There is a reason people from all over the U.S. and even the world are coming to this small, Christian college. Trust me, I'm one of them! Here you will find professors who have taught or are still teaching at the large, prestigious universities in the South or have spent many years in their specific field to be truly an expert in it. The students come from all over. Some are new to college while others transferred from larger colleges such as UT or MTSU, just looking for a more individualized and Christ-centered education; they found it at Williamson.
currently enrolled in out of state online program. I use my personal lab top (macbook).
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