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Great school! Wouldn't change a thing. The school works along with their students and help with student life, academics and much more. Professors , advisors even the Dean will help you along your college life.
Online experience makes you a stronger person because you have to be able to study on your own and be willing to put in a lot of time.
Most of the students are goal orientated and ready to have a career. Nursing students stay with nursing students, art students hang with art students.
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I don't any nursing school is easy so this program is busy with a lot of studying.
The class registration process was easy. The professors are willing to help you understand the material when you are having problems.
There is no athletic center. The library is a little out of date and small. The library needs more private rooms for student's that want to to study together can.
Transferring credits was a very easy process and I was able to transfer everything I needed.
The career center is always up to date with job postings.
The student body is very diverse ethincally and politically. However, a vast amount of the students are very disrespectful to staff and other students. It is very difficult to study in a group at WTC because you cannot really talk in the library, and the othe locations available always seem to have groups playing cards or something and being loud and vulgar.
The tuition is very reasonable compared to other college in the area with the same curriculum.
I took 18 credits a semester and worked 20 hours a week during my second semester, served in the student government association, and received an A in all classes. I was dropped with a WF from one class my second semester due to missed days (I caught the flu twice), but I had over a 100 average in the class and only had one test and my final to complete. I had other issues with the same teacher. She had basically no business experience (she was the business teacher) and did not seem to like the fact that I knew more than she did and pointed out mistakes she made (mainly in math). Thankfully, she no longer teaches there. All of the other teachers and staff I dealt with were wonderful.
The pre-reqs that I need for my major are offered at night, so that helps out tremendously with my work schedule. I need 5 classes for pre-requisites, and 2 transferred from my previous school, so that leaves me with one to take next semester. I am pleased with my decision to attend this school.
The financial aid process was straightforward. I am receiving financial assistance and am paying out of pocket for the difference.

The tuition is affordable, and I believe that I am receiving a quality educational experience.
The process is and was easy with the help of staff. The tuition was covered. I need to worry about book and supplies.
I have observed that all or the majority of the students are taking their studies very seriously. There is a diversity in the students as well as the faculty. The students are here to learn and move on to the next step. This is refreshing to see, I anticipated they would be childish and roundy, but I was wrong.
The student body consist mostly of working class people, dual enrollment students and recent high school grads.
Most of the administration are very friendly and make you feel right at home. There are a few that arent exactly a ray of sunshine but if you are friendly to them the warm up to you.
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The school has various things for the students from tutoring to other things to get the community involved with the school.
Some of the professors could be more involved however, most are good at what they do.
I am able to get my prereqs out of the way but I have to transfer to finish my course of study.
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