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Williams College is a great institution with a lot of generous alumni and phenomenal academics. Despite being very small and not as well-known as its counterparts, it has held the highest ranking for liberal arts colleges for fourteen years. I am only a second semester freshman, but I have felt how strong the warm and welcoming environment of this campus. The entry system, which places about 20 freshman with two JAs (junior advisors), along with the orientation activities like WOOLF, give freshmen a sort of friend safety net which they can rely on. The school does a wonderful job of introducing students to each other in such a stressful and new environment. Academically, Williams goes above and beyond with the classes offered as well as with the kinds of relationships that can be formed with professors. Overall, a fantastic and supportive institution.
Really disappointed. Not what I expected. Good academics but shallow. Student body. More hype than anything. Turned down Duke for this. Big mistake.
This place is cool. I am challenged every day academically and continue to grow and enrich my mind. The surroundings are beautiful and full of a vibrant culture.
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Williams is the perfect combination of everything I was looking for in a college: and quirky and well-rounded student body, academics that will challenge you beyond belief, and a hyper-supportive network of peers and professors.
I love Williams. If you're going to college to learn and improve academically, athletically, artistically, or however else Williams is the best place in the world to do it all.
Courses are almost invariably high-quality--interesting, educative, but very difficult. Professors are the best in their field, and most are here simply because they care about educating the next generation. There's a lot of variety among courses, though this is more true of humanities (sciences can only get so creative). Classes are typically discussion-based, not lecture, and sizes are small.
Though Williams is small and relatively unknown among the general population, those who matter know what it is. The alumni network is a great resource, and the career center is very helpful--you just have to ask for help first!
  • 8 months ago
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Campus crime is almost nonexistent, and personal safety (excluding sexual assault) is generally high. However, due to the campus's prevalent drinking culture, sexual assault is a HUGE problem. I would estimate that 1 in every 2-3 girls has been assaulted, which is higher than the national average (this is based on my own experience and others' anecdotes). While the administration has designated assault survivor services, which are so, so great, as a whole the administration seems to try to bury reports of assault. Usually those accused are athletes, which the administration is inclined to protect. The process for reporting assault isn't easy, and it tends to favor the accused, not the victim--which is the opposite of how it should be. There's much to be improved upon.
Some options are a little distant--especially the more spacious ones--so this makes winter difficult. But in general the options are all very high-quality.
Williams' sports programs are some of the best in the country. Athletes are well-supported by administration, professors, and other students. However, the varsity athlete culture can be at times toxic--teams operate like frats in some senses.
It's difficult, but so worth it. A degree from Williams really means a lot--the academics are top-notch, the instruction is unbeatable, and the overall quality of life is very high. If I could, I would choose Williams all over again--and again, and again, and again.
best part about williams is the people, profs and students. profs love their jobs and their students so the level of teaching is really high and other students are super bright, making collaboration less of a chore and more of an opportunity to learn from your peers.
Although the name isn't recognized by most of the general public, the employers you're going to want to work for and the graduate schools you'll want to go to have a lot of respect for a Williams degree. Also Williams has a ton of connections through successful alums and partners. I got an internship super easily for the summer before my sophomore year.
  • 10 months ago
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Had the most amazing experience. I LOVED every class I took. I was able to get to know all of my professors personally, and I even went out for tea with my philosophy professor a few times. The students aren't crazy eccentric, like I kind of hoped for, but if you actually talk to them, they are really interesting and have some amazing things going on in their heads. For me, it was very difficult to balance my workload with my athletics at first, but Williams has many great resources to help you out when you're freaking out, wondering how you're going to get everything done, and there are a ton of fun things to do to relieve the inevitable stress.
There are a lot of seminars and discussions at he beginning of the year and before Winter Study to train you to prevent sexual assault by being an active bystander and to know how to take care of your friends. Drinking is a big part of the social scene here. Fortunately, since it is a small campus, I usually know the people I'm partying with really well and always have friends with me, so I feel safe. But a story about a girl a few years ago who was raped by a hockey player and had a hard time because the guy was very popular and a lot of the campus turned against her for speaking out. The hockey player was kicked out and she transferred to Columbia. What was extremely appalling was that the administration reaccepted that hockey player as a student this year.
Everything is close enough to walk to classes, and if you're farther away, you're rewarded with bigger rooms. What I really liked was that most dorms are actually singles, which is super nice to have your privacy and not be embarrassed to fart.
  • 10 months ago
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Athletic teams are a big part of Williams. The gym is great for athletes, as well as the many fields and the trainer centers for injuries, but it's not all accessable to "non-ers".
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Williams is an amazing place to get an excellent education and has MANY opportunities available that make the tuition worth it. There are also some really interesting people there. However, as it only accepts the best students, it's highly skilled at breaking the egos of the fresh-out-of-high-school valedictorians who think they an do everything and be the best at everything. The workload is intentionally heavy enough that you need to ask for help to get through it, but overall, Williams really allows you to bond with your fellow students through the hard work and makes every student stronger once they make it through it's challenges.
I always feel safe on campus because Campus Safety and Security do a great job of keeping us safe. It really does feel like a purple bubble, however that is not to say that sexual assault doesn't happen on campus. I have heard of a couple of cases of it, but that's it.
This school is a Little-Ivy and the academics demonstrate it. I have really seen the power that comes from this level of academic rigor through my deep understanding of course materials and subjects. The alumni network is very extensive and powerful, and the career services center on campus works hard to make an idea for an internship possible.
  • 11 months ago
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