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Williams Baptist was a very good experience for me. They all were very welcoming and thorough with me when I visited their campus. They are all nice and helpful with any questions you may have for them
Williams is a great small college that is becoming a university next year. The academics can be challenging as most professors take classes seriously, but they are eager to help and work with you through your struggles. WBU has very little party scene or much to do around period. It is located In the middle of a cornfield in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas where there also is little to do. That is the main downfall of this establishment. I wrestle at WBU and absolutely love the athletic facilities and coaches. They may not be top notch, but they are always wells taken care of.
Williams is a lovely College (about to be University!) in northeast Arkansas. There is a fantastic community here who knows and supports one another. The quality of education at Williams is excellent, in part due to the small student-to-teacher ratio. But also, and perhaps more importantly, because the faculty, staff, and even the surrounding community truely cares for the students.
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Williams Baptist College is a great college. The campus ministry is very active in helping students live out their lifes for Christ. It has helped me develop a closer relationship with the Lord, along with many kids my age. Sometimes, it feels as if I’m back at church camp with all of my friends, which was a ton of fun! From the amazing professors who are available to help students one on one to the athletic diversity that makes cheering and supporting so much more fun, Williams has helped me adjust from high school to college with no trouble. I would recommend Williams Baptist to any student looking for a small college that wants to build a closer relationship with God, while achieving an academic degree.
I loved Williams Baptist College. The atmosphere when you step on campus is great and it feels like you are just at home if you are from a small school or town. The athletic teams are really good especially the girl's teams!
So far my experience has been wonderful. Love the small classes so you get one on one time with the professors. Everyone is kind and willing to help others. Their sports programs are wonderful
I love the atmoshere of this college being my home. Everyone knows everyone and even if they don't, they are happy to be there for you. There are genuine people and professors on campus that make you feel and study the best you can.
I feel extremely safe on campus and there are very rarely any crimes. If any situation arises there's a full force security team in place.
The professors truly care about every student and courses seem to be designed with specifically you in mind.
This college works very hard to get students places to shadow for their prospective careers and encourage students to be involved with the work study program. The work study program is considered an actual job as well.
I love all of the halls and they do so many things together. There are hall wars and silly things like hide and seek. The atmosphere is so friendly and inviting. You really get to know all of the students in your building and other buildings.
There's not really much I can say here, because I'm not going to be in sports, but one of my very good friends absolutely loves the programs!
I'm only an incoming Freshman, but what I've seen and heard so far about Williams is amazing. It was and still is my dream college. In deciding where to go, there was absolutely no competition. I cannot wait to spend the next four years with this college family. The ratio of students to teachers is very comforting, knowing that the staff thinks of my personal needs along with all other students is so encouraging. I am going to love this college and I wouldn't choose anywhere else.
We have security guards patrolling the campus at all times so for the most part i feel very safe
Wrestling, for the most part keeps us busy. Its honestly the highlight of the day.
The school provides very accommodation facilities for students to study at
The on campus dormitories are spacious and clean, but the off campus options are much cheaper but also hard to qualify for
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As previously mentioned the wrestling is why I came, here. Actually it's why anyone who plays a sport came here
The wrestling program is the main reason I chose WBC. The school itself is very good and offers a wide range of classes and courses. The only immediate downside to the school is location.
I honestly haven't heard much about the fraterinities and sororities.
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