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This place is very comforting and it has the amazing small town feel. The professors are great, and are more than willing to help when needed. The dorms are decent sized, and they are cozy in the winter. There is a diversity of food offered with each meal. I would definitely recommend this college if you want to go to a small close knit university.
William Woods University offers a lovely small campus feel where professors know you by name and truly want to help you succeed. The equestrian program excels at teaching skills and knowledge that employers look for and prepares you for life after college. Everything on campus is a 5-7 minute walk away. The dorms and food is average, although it's the people that really make the great experience. I highly recommend this school to any highschool graduate who wants to take advantage of available professors and a high-quality learning experience.
I am currently at sophomore at William Woods University. I enjoyed my freshman year and am anxious to return this fall. The LEAD program is a very good way to help students adapt to life away from home. There are always activities, sporting events and leisure opportunities on campus. The admissions team and counselors are always willing to help if/ when you have questions. The dinning hall has limited hours and athletes sometimes have a difficult time getting to Tucker after practice. The professors are effective educators and I am confident I am receiving a quality education. The overall campus is easy to get around and pleasing to walk around. I highly recommend this university to high school seniors.
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William Woods is a great college. I am an out of state student and they really make it feel like home here and help you focus on your studies. The food could be better but, other than that this is a great place to learn.
William Woods is a top notch College that has giving me many wonderful opportunities to succeed and learn. Everyday I am thankful that I choose to attend such a wonderful and unique college. The Equestrian program this school offers has allowed me to study in the specific field of my interest. I can peruse a business and Equine degree all at the same time. Not to mention in the two short years I have been at this college they have provided me with opportunities that I would have never been exposed to before. Overalls this college is one of a kind and truely a wonderful and personal learning environment.
The school is small and humble. To some, it is extremely helpful with copious amount of opportunities around every corner. The instructors become well connected to their students due to the minuscule class sizes. However, their is a downfall to the program. Even though the school has a 76.3% acceptance rate and an overall okay track record, masses amount of people transfer or drop out because of how bias and outdated the school is; little to no money is put into the crumbling buildings, the food offered by the program is inedible with chronic cases of food poisoning, teachers that need to retire or just leave are begged to stay because their teacher's pay is below standard, and that's just to name a few issues.
William Woods is a great university! I'm in the equine program and you definitely get out of it what you put into it. Overall academics and life on campus are great and the food tastes good even though it's a bit repetitive. I would definitely recommend it!
I really love this school. It felt like home just a few weeks after moving across the country to be here. Greek life is amazing, I would suggest anyone going here joins. You will meet so many people on campus and be a main part of all leadership on campus. It is huge and encouraging. I am also a horse person in dressage, and the whole equine program is very high quality but tough. It is a beautiful barn with great horses, but people sometimes forget it is your job to keep it that way. The classes are very small, which can be a good thing, and the professors know you very quickly. You also get to know everyone very quickly on campus, it is cozy and very friendly.
On religion I feel absolutely accepted when I first got here and heard they had greek I got little nevous. But them knowing I eas a Christian United Methdist things felt alright and i didnt get treated different
The best parties take place at the frat houses
Overall the prfessers now day to day wjat they are going over and have knowledge of the topic
They really push to the best the policy of the university. To try and make it as safe and fun to go to
My professors and their respective courses have been very good. The professors are very knowledgeable in their fields, and accommodating to the varying needs of students. Class sizes are always very small, some with a maximum of only twenty or so.
The career center/services at William Woods has been extremely helpful to me. They were very quick to assist me and give me advice on how to best market myself to prospective employers. Very friendly and efficient.
I feel very safe here on campus. Stealing is almost nonexistent on campus, or at least I've never had to worry about it. There are emergency buttons stationed all around campus, information regarding campus police and safety is readily available, and the location of counseling services and the campus nurse is made known to everyone. William Woods also strongly encourages all students to take an online course about sexual assault called Not Anymore, which details what consent is, the necessity of consent, victims are not responsible for sexual assault, etc. There are even posters in the restrooms detailing statistics about rape, sexual/emotional abuse, and assault among men, women, and the LGBT community. It's well-covered topic here.
The social atmosphere is wonderful in the dorms. Everyone does their best to respect other's quiet hours and sharing space. While I've never left my room unlocked for more than a couple minutes, I've never felt nervous about someone stealing or snatching something of mine. The dorm hall also offers a TV lounge area, our own laundry room in the basement, and a community kitchen.
Most of the Greek life students I've met on campus are very social and engaging people, dedicated to their houses, and display great school spirit. I've never had an issue with a Greek life student, and they seem to have a positive/festive influence in the social atmosphere at William Woods.
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Everyone is encouraged to attend and support athletic events that take place at the William Woods campus, and team performances are wonderful at displaying good sportsmanship and support for each other. Games are fun to watch as the William Woods teams always put forth their best effort and seem to have fun as they compete. Fan support is excellent and highly positive.
My overall experience at William Woods University has been spectacular so far! It's best known for its equestrian programs, but no one bats an eye if you're not involved with horses either. It's very friendly and diverse (I feel like there is a representative of every type of person here, and we all mesh together just fine), and since William Woods is such a small college, the professors have more time to form enriching relationships with students, and no one feels swamped by an overwhelming student population. If I had to do everything all over again I would return to William Woods every time.
They're pretty nice. Always bad seeds everywhere, but that doesn't they should all be thought of that way.
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