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It is a smaller campus and that is what I wanted so my experience with William Penn is exactly what I was looking for.
I love the small town feel. Having such a small campus and student body brings a close knit feeling. I would love to have the ability to not be on a meal plan and have kitchens in the dorms.
From first year being over I can say I had a decent year. I met a lot of great people from around the world meaning there is a lot of diversity. There was some very great and easy to get along with professors. Many professors are kind when it comes to missing assignments, tests, due to sickness or to athletics. Classes are small as well as campus. Everyone tends to know everyone or at least see one another often due to it being a private school. One thing I disliked was there was nothing to really do outside of school. William Penn is in a small town with not many options do go out and do things.
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Campus needs improvement and some more modern options. More meal plans and an easier way to refuse a meal plan is also needed.
William Penn is a small school where everyone knows just about everyone. It is very nice having all your teachers know you and be able to help you almost always. Although the teachers are willing to help the food in the cafeteria is very limited so being an athlete and living on campus is not a good combination. The housing has normal dorms and apartment style but getting toilet paper is hard and the water is almost always not good
Smaller classrooms teachers go out of there way to assist the student. Assistants are always available for tutoring. The campus is not close to any restaurants you definitely need a car. Large airport is one hour away, small towns but people are friendly.
I have loved my experience so far at WPU. I like how even though we have a very small student body it is super diverse. I have met people and became close friends with people from several different states and even countries.
My overall experience with William Penn University has been great. Everyone has been more than helpful in making sure all paperwork that needs to be submitted is submitted and answers any and all questions that I or my mother may have.
I really like the college for working adults; it gave me the opportunity to work full time, and also go to school full time. With the schedule and classes, it was easy to do.
It's a small school, so I like the teacher/student ratio. I'm not just a number. I could go to my professors for help during their office hours, without having to make an appointment necessarily. They knew my name and wanted me to succeed. The current Dean of Students (Dr. Stahle) is NOT good for the institution as a whole. I'm very disappointed that the school has not done anything about this yet.
I like that the campus is small. Though with it being very small the school still comes together and has alot of activities to do.
The diversity is amazing at William Penn it seems to be no conflict at all but with the academics, the professors are easy to connect with and they can break down the subject very good to help you understand.
William Penn supports students through out their academic time at Penn. They also strongly support athletics and other extra curricular activities. My favorite part of William Penn University is the relationships built while on campus. Due to its small size, you have the ability to know most of the other students that attend the university as well. The small class sizes allow for you to get to know your professor and your professor to get to know you! These relationships are very helpful for classes, internships, and future job opportunities.
I love that environment that William penn have to offer with the nice people and the great site of farm to the teachers who taught me so much about William penn history.
It was great for me. I like the small class sizes.
There is mainly security in the dorms, than rather on the campus itself.
The good thing about this school is that the professors are always willing to help you when you need help with something or do not understand something as well. They truly care about their students and that is what makes me feel comfortable about my grades
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I do not know as much about this, but I do know if you need help with something, someone is always there to help you out with your problem
I used to live in Lewis hall, which was absolutely horrible because we all had to share a shower, which was about five of us and there was always hair in the drain, mold on the sides, it was absolutely disgusting!! But now I live in Market Hall where I get my own shower and my own room and I love that more than ever!
I have not joined a sorority only because my coach does not allow us, but in the beginning of the school year these groups go out of their way to recruit people to join their sorority and they do a lot of things for our campus.
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