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Being from a small town I love the overall size of William Peace University. Small class sizes allows for more interaction with your professors.
It's such a beautiful campus and it has such a great back story to the buildings. The admissions staff is really sweet and helpful and the students will help you if or when they can.
The school is diversified. The staff and students are friendly. I would like for the school to create more student events instead of focusing on the landscaping.
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William Peace University has been a wonderful experience for me as a student, it is a friendly atmosphere the professors are very professional they make sure that every student understand the material that they are teaching. Campus life at Peace is fun and safe the Campus Police are always patrolling the campus ensuring student and staff safety, Dorms are very clean and are inspected weekly, the food that is served to the students is delicious and the cafeteria is clean and spacious, I am very happy with my Choice to attend William Peace University.
I really love the campus and the area it it is. It is situated in beautiful downtown Raleigh & there is always lots of things going on or things to get into and I love that. I also enjoy the different performances and various activities put on by the clubs at school. Plus there is always an opportunity to do community service which I am very fond of. I also enjoy most of my classes, which is surprising. I look forward to going to them, even though I may be a little less excited for my morning classes lol. Overall I really love this school & I think it is the perfect fit for me as well as many others.
My experience during my attendance at William Peace University was nothing short of amazing. During my first year, my university was all girls and that was quite an experience. I also was a student-athlete all 4 years where I was a part of the Women's basketball team. William Peace University was a small college that was very family-friendly oriented, just like the town and high-school I grew up in. In other words, my university was like home.
For a year, I called William Peace my home. I loved it. The only part I would have to complain about is their love for money and money only. Education wasn't as important as the money you were paying. The school is very money hungry.
William Peace University is a four-year university that offers a great opportunity for students to fulfill their dreams of receiving a collegiate degree. William Peace University stands by the mindset that they are capable of allowing students to reach their full potential and turn good students into great students. At William Peace University you are required to complete an internship, career development courses, a personal financial management class and a four-year writing program. Offering these requirements allows students to not only learn many essential needs that will be required when entering the work force, but however, also allow them to place their foot in the door to potentially receive a job immediately following graduation. William Peace University offers academic programs that are hands-on, skill developing and immersive to ensure that the students receive the best experience for their journey following graduating from this exceptional university.
I love it here at this school. I've been here for two years and next year I will be the junior class Vice President. It's a small school, but a big family. The small school setting allows for a greater interaction and connection between students and faculty. The professors here care about each and every one of us. You won't regret coming to this school. It's very diverse and accepting. I wouldn't recommend any other school but this one.
William Peace University is a small campus that doesn't have much to do. The only thing that makes it okay is the fact that there are a lot of other schools surrounding it. There is only one choice for where to eat and its nasty every day except for when they make fried chicken. They expect you to pay a lot of money and then cut the AC off after it hits October. All of the teachers are very nice though and there are a lot of job opportunities.
William Peace was not the most exciting school. Only freshmen and RA's live on campus. The school is very small and you will know everybody who goes there. Raleigh is very boring and there is not much to do.
I am a first year here at William Peace and my experience has been awesome. I got an internship with Love Wins recently and am excited to start working with them. There's so many clubs to join and if there isn't one, then any one could make one up. There's a lot of opportunities in Peace and hopefully I will be able to grab as much as possible.
I think William Peace is a great place to be. It may be small but it really encourages a teacher-student relationship. The teachers truly care about the success of their students.
I love the class size! It's about 20 people and everyone is very open. Most teachers are very active and use power points
I believe Peace is a very highly reccomended and almost everyone goes to grad school after or gets a job in their career of choice.
Our public safety is about average. It's nice that they are always there no matter what
Every freshman stays in either three buildings and they are less than 1/4 of a mile away from the classes
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Our fields are not on campus except for the softball field and tennis courts. We don't even have a football team
My school is very pricey but they have a very high percentage of students who go on to grad school or get a job right out of undergrad
I haven't look at the student career prospect but I will soon.
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