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William Paterson University of New Jersey Reviews

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My sister goes to this college and throughout the entire process I was with her for support and I saw everything that the college had to offer and we would visit her almost every other weekend since we only lived an hour away.
William Paterson University was an amazing experience. I learned and made new friends. They are always ready to help and they are very suppurtive!
I had an okay experience. I wish there would've been better advisement in my earlier years so that I wouldn't have made the mistakes I did (eg. scheduling). Other than that, they have great professors and tutors.
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My experience here has been pretty good. Living on campus isn’t too expensive and the biology program is really good.
William Paterson University of New Jersey is a solid school with solid teachers, although it doesn't hurt to check before registering for a class. William Paterson University does its best to help students through their college education through guidance counseling, workshops, and constant job opportunities sent to their students' emails. It's affordable, straight forward, and has a beautiful campus. You can really tell William Paterson University cares about its students.
I am a transfer student here at William Paterson and I love the campus from the diversity and students being very helpful to me when I was lost trying to find my classes and each building. The surrounding area is very peaceful and calm. The professors are very helpful and very understanding. I was so glad to pick to university and would recommend people to also apply here as well.
I really like the campus and I find the professors to be very encouraging. As a transfer student, William Paterson University has helped me to choose the right major and career. It has also helped me to get out of my comfort zone and learn to communicate with people among the campus.
This is my experience based on the Science department.

The advisors are awful and does not care which leads you not to graduate on time. Please choose a different school. The professors for the biology and chemistry departments are awful and have no care in the world. The school only care about money.
The university open to anyone. There is no negative energy when it comes to the feel of the campus and the staff is committed to helping the students succeed.
I love the school. Facilities and staff are great. Lots of activities if you are living on campus.
I transferred here from a community college. the transition has been easy and i'm happy with my choice about coming here. the classes and professors are good so far. the campus is big and there's a lot of places where i can study and hang out. i haven't found anything about the school that i would change.
What I liked about William Paterson University was that all the professors, from the moment you meet with them, they want to answer all of your questions so that you don't leave with any doubts about coming to study there. The campus is not too big or too small and the environment is welcoming. It is welcoming in the sense that you feel safe because it is not too close to the city and it is also not in the middle of nowhere. I really liked the dorm rooms because the main hall has sofa chairs and a long table where you can sit and be able to finish homework. It will be my first year attending this university.
My experince with Willy P was that they had a lot to offer and a lot of knowledge to share they didn't hesitate with answering an questions,, everyone on campus was approachable with telling you where to go and how to get there, the experince overall was one to braga bout and one to share and to be able to reccommend a school such as william paterson. I believe that william paterson is a great school and that it has a lot to offer to anyone.
A great school with a lot of opportunities and is open and available to everyone. The teaching staff has a lot of accreditations and there are many things to do both on the inside and outside of campus.
The staff is always willing to help and keep pushing their students forward, they encourage good effort and bring attention where the students need improvement so that they may continue to prosper.
I have enjoyed William Paterson University of New Jersey since my undergraduate degree. It is an extremely diverse campus with diverse professors as well. The students are friendly and welcoming. This campus is a home away from home for me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am now a graduate student and feel the same way about the university and it’s professors. Am grateful and fully recommend this campus to any student out there!
William Paterson University is very diverse and the campus has plenty of events. Teachers here take pride in what they do and you really will leave this school feeling confident to take on your future.
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I really enjoy my time at William Paterson University, its a very comforting environment when it comes to finding places to seek help or places to study at. The teachers are very nice and very willing to help students out. As a student that commute the only thing that really is disadvantage is finding parking and trying to network with people that already have their set group of friends. I feel like its hard as a commute to get into campus life when you really don't know anyone. But overall, I enjoy this school.
My experience at William Paterson University is very abnormal. It's like I'm in a different world when I walk on campus. I feel that this place is home and it brings me that comfort that I would want to feel from my real home. Willy P is a place of genuine, different, and intriguing people. You'll never know who you'll meet here at William Paterson University. There are so many choices for food so you can get tired of one thing and it's so many that after a while you don't know what to choose; but hey better undecided then having to rely on the same food source everyday right? Anyway my experience here is even growing founder. I have some new opportunities that are coming my way and I'm loving the fact that your all on your own here; yet your not. Get It? Well if you don't you will when you decide to attend such a beautiful institution. It's a great experience I can't stretch it enough. Let's not take my word for it though, come on over and be apart of a wonderful community.
It is a very nice school. The environment there is not to bad, but the School is just boring. There is usually nothing to do and the dorms aren't as nice as other schools.
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