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William Paterson University of New Jersey Reviews

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I love that it is so close to my school. There is always something to do on campus; events, shows, game nights. Such a great college experience. Academic wise all the professors are amazing, they are very eager and care about the students education. I went to Kean University before but the environment was not for me and their financial aid wasn't very good. But at William Paterson everyone I have spoken to is very helpful and no questions go unanswered. I have a lovely adviser that helped me plan out my four year plan in college and helped me get on the right track to success. All the students are very loving as well, no is left to sit alone and they are always introduced to others. Its such an easy environment to make new friends, and new connections.
From hearing the experience of friends and family that attended it influences you and teaches you so much of college life and opens up the experience and new found journey
I like the diversity that it has when it comes to students. Friendly campus and staff and I feel safe while on campus.
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I was a new transfer student and I received little to no help getting started. I figured out how to sign up for two online courses. But since I was never guided on how to do this, I signed up for a course that was not required for my degree. I emailed my advisor and he confirmed this, so I dropped the course. But then I get an email from financial aid that said I had to be taking at least 6 credits for my aid to be used, which I was not aware of, so they cancelled it without any warning! So then I started rushing to find another course to join. So I emailed registrar that I wanted to join a course. They told me to contact someone else. Then that person told me to contact someone else. Then someone else. This went on for TWO WEEKS. So by the time I got to the person I actually needed to talk to it was too late to join a course. And since I no longer had my financial aid, I had to pay $2,200 out of pocket. I withdrew from the university after that and I will not be coming back.
My overall experience at William Paterson University has been great once I joined the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated the Sigma Nu chapter the brothers help me get more involved with the William Paterson community. By holding various events to bring fun and connect everyone by making new friends at social events as well as educational ones as well.
William Paterson University is a wonderful school and it welcomes all form all works of life.The Alumni support system is amazing.I will recommend to all as it helped me transition beautifully to college.
So far I have visited WPU about 5 times and I love the atmosphere. I really am looking forward to continuing my education and becoming more active with campus activities.
William Paterson is a great campus in a quiet area. Classes offered are great and the school is not very expensive.
The campus is always vibrant and releases an aura of positivity throughout. The professors are very professional and the students are as well.
Nice campus, close commute to home, great professors but tuition has gone up a lot since i graduated in 2009
The school staff and students are very helpful and extremely welcoming. They encourage you to do great things in life.
What I love about William Paterson University is that the community is very open and welcoming. Everyone is happy to help whether it's the professors or the staff working on the grounds.
Everyone there from the teachers, to the students, to tutors really make a huge difference to my college experience. I feel like going here was meant for me!
Class of 2006 (shockingly didn't finish). At the time the campus was a disgusting quilt of various construction projects which I hope are actually finished by now. Made the mistake of living on campus. DO NOT LIVE ON CAMPUS. There were a handful of exceptional educators here that were either very well paid or fulfilling the terms of plea deals. I didn't really like most of them personally, but I have to admit they were good. The other "teachers" were the sort you'd expect: frazzled after a long day of dodging paper airplanes and spitballs at their substitute teaching gigs, eccentric and charismatic and interesting yet totally clueless about the subject they were supposed to be teaching, completely the opposite of the last one except also clueless, and finally, not even there. Campus life? No. Local culture? Lol no. Safety? Eh. Athletics? Yeah, they have some of those. But honestly, no. Again, DO NOT LIVE ON CAMPUS.
William Paterson is a very small 4-year university. Overall, I love the environment and the safety of the campus. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help one another.
My sister goes to this college and throughout the entire process I was with her for support and I saw everything that the college had to offer and we would visit her almost every other weekend since we only lived an hour away.
William Paterson University was an amazing experience. I learned and made new friends. They are always ready to help and they are very suppurtive!
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I had an okay experience. I wish there would've been better advisement in my earlier years so that I wouldn't have made the mistakes I did (eg. scheduling). Other than that, they have great professors and tutors.
My experience here has been pretty good. Living on campus isn’t too expensive and the biology program is really good.
William Paterson University of New Jersey is a solid school with solid teachers, although it doesn't hurt to check before registering for a class. William Paterson University does its best to help students through their college education through guidance counseling, workshops, and constant job opportunities sent to their students' emails. It's affordable, straight forward, and has a beautiful campus. You can really tell William Paterson University cares about its students.
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