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I enjoy my being a student at WPU. All the staff and professors have been very supportive and enthusiastic about reaching out to students. You'll find that the campus is diversity and filled with ambitious students taking up one of the many majors/minors WPU have to offer because 9/10 they will have the major of your liking while other universities may not have a program of what your looking for. Overall it's a huge campus, great school, small classes and I'm any freshmen, transfer or grad would appreciate what this campus will have to offer a long with so much more 😊📚
I love living on campus and how much the school provides for us students. The one thing I would change is the accebility of class registration and resident life process.
I have not yet started school yet, but from my visits and from the phone calls I have made, William Paterson is ready to assist whenever you are in need. The campus is also very nice and they are working on updating programs. The buildings are also undergoing refurbishments-making the learning environment even better for their students. I am excited(and nervous as any freshman would be) to be starting at a great school that is not too far away from home.
Review William Paterson University of New Jersey
The best part of the university is the academics. The professors here are amazing and are very knowledgeable about their subjects. Any course taken will make the student think harder than they have in high school.
WPUNJ has an amazing atmosphere above all else. Professors are great, students go about their business, campus is always clean. Only issue I have is that advisers rarely pick up their phone and makes it impossible to have questions answered if you can't make it to the campus.
It's a great school academically, but it needs more campus enthusiasm and spirit and enthusiasm. There should be more open events besides closed door events you need to be apart of or signed up for in order to enjoy.
Their art course is very good and has good reviews by many other students. The campus is big and it has a library, gym, dining area, art buildings, etc. There are also many activities or events to go to while on campus.
Great campus with great opportunities to make you education better. Professors make the environment work friendly and are very helpful woth students.
William Paterson University is perhaps the best decision I have ever made. The professors here truly want to see you succeed. They prove this by offering extra help outside of class times, making themselves available at night and even on weekends, and giving second chances of some assignments. They truly believe that education and learning means making mistakes, giving unmeasurable effort, and utilizing the resources around you. The campus itself is like the cherry on top. It is both beautiful and historic, creating an atmosphere conducive of learning and social interaction. The resources available to students are in abundance, and include program such as free tutoring, EOF, work-study, and a disabilities and military veterans’ office. The only downside I can truly say William Paterson University has, is its hills. The campus was essentially built on a mountain, which means depending on your major you may be climbing a hill with a 45-degree slop or higher every day to get to class.
The atmosphere of William Paterson is like no other. There are many activities around campus that engage you socially and educationally. There are many ways to make friends while ensuring that your studies are doing well. The teachers are very friendly and ensure that you are going to have a great semester.
William Paterson University of New Jersey is a well recommended college, in my opinion. As a first year student, my experience was great. Having trouble in the beginning adjusting to live away from home, i soon enough met great people who i began to bond with. The campus is very clean and well kept, and the food there is also very good. It is full of diversity, so you can literally meet people from all over the world. Being that there are so many students, your possibilities for meeting wonderful people, are limitless.
I love William Paterson University! It's so diverse and the faculty and students that assist you are so kind and helpful. The campus is beautiful and I feel at home when I'm there. If could change one thing is the food court options, they should be better, and more healthy. I really do feel safe and comfortable when I go to my car even at night there, it's not a unsafe campus to be on.
I graduated in 2008 from the Psychology program here. While I don't necessary blame the school for the lack of advancement I have had for only a undergraduate degree. I do blame the school for lack of networking and advisement that occurred when I was there. I currently work in Mental Health which has been the worst choice I have made in my life. Luckily, I was accepted into a graduate school recently. I also believe their are far more quality schools in the area and this is an extension of basically a higher level community college. If your interest is Business, Teaching or Nursing. Willy P is a great choice, but anything else you can find far cheaper and better schools in the area! Stay away.
William Paterson University is a university on the rise but as a long way to go. Education is equal to any state school but is a little behind in resources. Overall though, in all aspects the university is behind. In student life such as dorms and activities the school is behind. Food is subpar and does not really provide many options. The buildings need a little renovation. With a little more funding the school can be top notch in New Jersey but it will take a couple of years.
William Paterson is a nice school with a good atmosphere and great professor. Like any school it has it's ups and downs, but overall I have enjoyed my time here. The building I live in on campus is extremely nice and well worth the extra money, even if the shower gets cold every once in a while. The academic buildings are also very nice and are a great place to learn. The professor are nice and willing to help students. The food could be better but I do see the dining hall staff trying to work on that.
The campus is fine and the people are friendly enough. Although the location is not extremely far, there is not much around it for a city life.
I have had a great experience at this university. The subject matter is relevant, and they are extremely helpful.
Review William Paterson University of New Jersey
what I like about William Paterson university is the classes are very small and the professors are able to interact with student more. I enjoy the community here because there are also of animals on campus and in the spring and summers the plants are so beautiful. There are not a lot of things I would want to change about this school but if I could I would change the food distribution system and how roommates are assigned. The food here at William Paterson is not the best. Often time I feel as though their is not much effort put into the food made, but then I have to remember you get what you pay for. I have realized over time the William Paterson assigns roommates based on your back ground. All of my roommates seen to always be from the same place or similar places and of similar ethnicity and race. Not that this is a bad thing but I feel as though this prevent one from getting to know and be apart of a more diverse groups of people.
I just started William Paterson in 2016 as a transfer student and it's been great. The university has a lot of opportunities for students to grow and succeed. There are also many resources to help you in anything that you need. I feel like the professors do care about their students.
William Paterson University is a small school so it allows you to meet other people easily. People are friendly and academics are okay.
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