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William Paterson University of New Jersey Reviews

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I went to a college tour and I was so amazed and I asked so many questions so I can be prepare myself of what to expect for college.
Okay school. Do not like the safety and not as diverse as it claims to be. The professors are a mixed bag but its kind of like high school no offense. The food is terrible btw.
The university is pretty average with a kind social life. The dorms for students seem to very small with about 4 students sharing a connect bathroom. During the students third year they have access to an apartment the does come with a fairly sized kitchen. There are parking lots but for most of the school year students are not permitted to drive on campus grounds up to their dorms.
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Great university to consider going too. Very diverse campus with plenty of activities to do on campus. Looking forward to attending this school in the fall.
its been a great journey and staying in willy p has been outstanding. I learned the value of originality Those who celebrate their individuality are not only unique but strong. It takes great strength to defy the definitions of others, and because of that strength, those who create their own paths discover a different world than those who travel the same worn road.
Diverse campus, many clubs and events on campus. Students very friendly and professors very helpful.

Brand new buildings built and state of art new dorm opening Fall 2019.

I am a communication major specializing in journalism.
Just got a paid internship in New York City at CNN and I love it!

William Paterson University rocks!
I like my anatomy professor at William Paterson University, she taught me so much stuff. I would like to see improve the student center food into a more healthier one and better furniture for the dorms.
College here makes me feel like I’m at home. I always feel welcome wherever I go and my learning experience has been very successful so far. I wouldn’t want to attend another school.
I love the atmosphere of William Paterson. I feel like everyone here is really chill and open to anything. People have been nothing but nice and the Professors I've had are great. They're super helpful and always willing to listen to your ideas. I can tell that William Paterson truly does care about their students and tries to foster an environment that reflects that.
One thing that stood out to me at this school is how friendly everyone is. The majority of people at the school are very outgoing which helped me personally feel more comfortable while settling in to the life of a college student.
The one thing about William Paterson is that their connections are terrible when trying to contact a student about important events.
Great school. I love my professors . My dorms are clean I love living on campus . It is a beautiful campus . Great diversity
My overall experience at William Paterson was good. The school always held events and different activities. The professors were very nice and helpful and the classes were okay.
I love that it is so close to my school. There is always something to do on campus; events, shows, game nights. Such a great college experience. Academic wise all the professors are amazing, they are very eager and care about the students education. I went to Kean University before but the environment was not for me and their financial aid wasn't very good. But at William Paterson everyone I have spoken to is very helpful and no questions go unanswered. I have a lovely adviser that helped me plan out my four year plan in college and helped me get on the right track to success. All the students are very loving as well, no is left to sit alone and they are always introduced to others. Its such an easy environment to make new friends, and new connections.
From hearing the experience of friends and family that attended it influences you and teaches you so much of college life and opens up the experience and new found journey
I like the diversity that it has when it comes to students. Friendly campus and staff and I feel safe while on campus.
I was a new transfer student and I received little to no help getting started. I figured out how to sign up for two online courses. But since I was never guided on how to do this, I signed up for a course that was not required for my degree. I emailed my advisor and he confirmed this, so I dropped the course. But then I get an email from financial aid that said I had to be taking at least 6 credits for my aid to be used, which I was not aware of, so they cancelled it without any warning! So then I started rushing to find another course to join. So I emailed registrar that I wanted to join a course. They told me to contact someone else. Then that person told me to contact someone else. Then someone else. This went on for TWO WEEKS. So by the time I got to the person I actually needed to talk to it was too late to join a course. And since I no longer had my financial aid, I had to pay $2,200 out of pocket. I withdrew from the university after that and I will not be coming back.
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My overall experience at William Paterson University has been great once I joined the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated the Sigma Nu chapter the brothers help me get more involved with the William Paterson community. By holding various events to bring fun and connect everyone by making new friends at social events as well as educational ones as well.
William Paterson University is a wonderful school and it welcomes all form all works of life.The Alumni support system is amazing.I will recommend to all as it helped me transition beautifully to college.
So far I have visited WPU about 5 times and I love the atmosphere. I really am looking forward to continuing my education and becoming more active with campus activities.
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