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William Paterson University of New Jersey Reviews

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William Paterson University has treated me well as a student. It has a nice campus and the professors come from all different kinds of backgrounds and are typically eager to teach what they know.
Due to Covid, many of my classes have been moved online. William Paterson University has done a swell job at seamlessly moving classes online. There may be a few hiccups here and there, but overall, I have had a positive experience.
Professors were very helpful while taking online courses and always made themselves available to us for assistance.
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William Paterson is a great school for those who intend to join the honors or nursing programs or anyone who wants to go to a smaller school. The majority of students who attend this school are commuters, so there are not many students on campus, giving it a small-town feel. Every professor I had was very helpful and personable. Additionally, I found that the dorms are much nicer and more spacious compared to other nearby schools. However, they are a D3 school so sports are not as popular at William Paterson as they would be at a D1 area.
I enjoyed William Paterson University and my time there as a freshman, as my first semester there helped me get used to being a student there. The online classes there are rather good, though it took me a few days to get used to taking online classes, as I haven't done them before until I started attending. The classes in general are helpful, being rather easy... As long as you make sure to focus hard and keep track of your work on time. The only problem I had is that this one Health class went completely asynchronous, but that may have been more of me being unaware of how one of those classes worked.
While I was at William Paterson, I took rather basic classes revolving around health, history, writing, social problems, philosophy, and a class focused on getting you acquainted with the university and its lifestyle. I enjoyed my experience, even if it was rather iffy due to COVID-19, and got used to working on online classes.
Overall, William Paterson University, in my opinion, is slightly above average. Wheretheycanimproveonisaccomodatingthestudentsmoreduringdiretimes,instead of focusing on what payments that need to be made. During my time there,I felt as if the University is focused on gaining funds than helping the students.
William Paterson online was difficult to maneuver in. Simply speaking that thing's became more complicated, a lot more difficult, and gained less then what I should have,academic wise.
William Paterson University was a great school attend. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2002. The Educational Opportunity Fund Program made education possible for me. I needed academic and financial support and I was accepted the the program. It has changed my life. The professors at William Paterson were so excellent in the field. I have made some great friends at William Paterson University. I had great experience and would not take anything back. They had a variety of activities to keep the students involve. I worked as desk assistant which was work study.
I had no experience with online classes. I was a full time student and stayed in the dorm room. I commutted my last semester. I did take classes online. I heard classes are easy to take online and convenient according to a person source. She stated the professor was always willing to assist if they were having difficulties. I would have taken online classes with William Paterson University if it was feasible for me.
My online experience at William Paterson University was very fun and easy. The professors worked so well with the students and were flexible with submitting work Due to COVID-19.
My time at William Paterson University was a success. One thing I loved about WPU is how diverse the campus was. I felt very comfortable on campus. The professors were very caring. Almost every lecture was exciting.
Transition from high school to college is already a huge change and as a first semester freshman this year I was already nervous on top of online courses. All of my professors were very understanding and they all worked with me when I didn’t feel comfortable being on campus later in the semester as covid cases rose. I really felt that I was heard and that I was understood with my concerns and I appreciated it.
William Paterson has a great education program and the faculty of that department are extremely helpful. The school will make your schedule your whole freshman year and give you 2 freshman seminar courses which could potentially put you behind if you double major like myself and you don’t get any credits for them. The school is affordable and most professors will work with you.
I had a overall good experience so far, its only been a week and as things progress I believe that the experience will only get better. Everyone i've met so far is nice but it's very limited to the amount of people you can get to know because of Covid-19.
It has had it's ups and downs for the first week while everyone was trying to adjust to the new environment.
William Paterson university is by far one of the worst schools I’ve been too. The people that work with your financial information are not helpful. The professors always 90% are not good and give you a hard time . I do not recommend this school.
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By far a terrible experience the people that work their that are supposed to help never do any effort majority of the professors are terrible do not recommend to go here at all.
take my word with a grain of salt as i do not like online classes but every online class ive had during covid there was no contact no video classes and that threw me off
When i went to william paterson univeristy i was amazed at how well published and versed the mathematicians were and how open minded they were.