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what I like about William Paterson university is the classes are very small and the professors are able to interact with student more. I enjoy the community here because there are also of animals on campus and in the spring and summers the plants are so beautiful. There are not a lot of things I would want to change about this school but if I could I would change the food distribution system and how roommates are assigned. The food here at William Paterson is not the best. Often time I feel as though their is not much effort put into the food made, but then I have to remember you get what you pay for. I have realized over time the William Paterson assigns roommates based on your back ground. All of my roommates seen to always be from the same place or similar places and of similar ethnicity and race. Not that this is a bad thing but I feel as though this prevent one from getting to know and be apart of a more diverse groups of people.
I just started William Paterson in 2016 as a transfer student and it's been great. The university has a lot of opportunities for students to grow and succeed. There are also many resources to help you in anything that you need. I feel like the professors do care about their students.
William Paterson University is a small school so it allows you to meet other people easily. People are friendly and academics are okay.
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William Paterson University is a great college to go to because it is one that cares about their students. As a Freshman, I was nervous about going to a new environment. This University is so welcoming and helpful. if you need help, they have it. From free tutors to an on campus health and wellness center. there are so many activities to do on campus as well. every tuesday and thursday there is something called," common hour" which ther are no classes and everyone interacts to make friends and have fun! there are a lot of cool events like there are DJs on campus, spa days, yoga and fitness activities as well!
As a freshman so far my first year is coming to an end and I'm definitely considering staying here to complete my undergrad. You meet so many people, including ones that can become the beginning of life long friendships. Professors almost always put a lot of effort to educate their students, but occasionally you might have some bad luck with an unenthusiastic professor but that's everywhere just plan and look at reviews for your future professors. As resident as well you have a good amount of food options you can use your pioneer express for outside and inside campus for food including places that do delivery around campus. Overall it's what you make the school and take advantage of the opportunities on campus.
It is a calm campus, for the most part. If you want a place where you can relax, eat, and take classes that aren't going to make you walk a marathon to get to, William Paterson is the place to be. If you are introverted or not that social, you will be comfortable here.
William Paterson is a good school overall, it can be better but I cant complain. They do have a different amount of activities and tutoring opportunities which is really usefull and it's free which is great, well actually it's paid for in tuition counted at "miscellaneous". Something I'm not fond about Willy p is the food choices they are horrible and it gets sickening after a while and there's nothing to healthy to eat, also the dorming is really bad unless you live in a high mountain building. If attending the school is going to cost that amount of money then those things should be changed.
William Paterson University is a wonderful university. People are very kind,generous,helpful. WPU has many events and activities for eachother to get to know one another. they have common hour twice a week. They have educational events as well . Overall this is my second home
I truly enjoyed all of the opportunities that were available to me. Whether it be study opportunities, discounted tickets to events, free apparel, internships, etc. There was always something that the school was offering, and that felt very good!
Very closed group of people
i feel very safe when on campus
greek life is has a very positive impact on the school. sets amazing examples.
athletics is not that popular at william paterson university
all of the professors seem very helpful
A specific place is located to help students who are victims while maintain anonymity.
Various groups in cafeterias within their Greek groups. Not really combined groups.
Never paid attention to them. Not announced as much as other schools.
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Majority of professors help their students. Professors are diverse but some have thick accents.
I had cool professors, some I disliked.
Safety is never really an issue on campus
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