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It's a nice school. Very small. I will say that they definitely need to work on the diversity of the student population as well as their retention rate. Be prepared for professors to not give you A's. But it's a decent school. One thing is you will learn a lot.
Jewell's pretty great, I feel like I'm well-connected and prepared for the field I want to get into, even though it's in the middle of the country where there aren't necessarily a lot of jobs for what I want to do. Also, the grass is A+, which is important, because when my life is going to hell, it's really nice to look at.
William Jewell College is an outstanding institution that places a high priority on academics. A majority of the professors are passionate about their work, but the administrations restrictions on them makes it hard for them to be advocates for the students. It is close enough to Kansas City to go there for the weekend, but focus on school during the week.
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Jewell is a small college where people are really welcoming. The greek life is really strong on campus but is not essential for your college life.

The professors are really good, and always willing to help.

Most students are on a team, so teachers are really understanding with missing classes or having to reschedule exams.
William Jewell College is my home. It is a community of students who want to critically think together to achieve scholarship and higher learning. I am a varsity athlete, involved in Greek life, the Pryor Leadership Program and other organizations on campus. This place has changed me for the better and taught me that college is more than parties and fraternities, but actually getting to know individuals around you to grow with. I already have internships lined up thanks to my excellent accounting professors. Love this place, please give it a shot after your first year.
I enjoy the small community of William Jewell; it allows me to get to know all the students around me, and I’m able to have connections with the professors. The class sizes are small (biggest class I’ve had was about 25 students), and the core curriculum teaches you to think. I would like to see William Jewell improve housing, as some of the buildings are old and have problems. This wouldn’t be too much of an issue, except for students being required to live on campus all four years. I would be in favor of requiring first year students living on campus, but allowing other students to choose their residence.
Currently a freshman with a Biology degree. I live in a freshman very small dorm room. I have been very active since I stepped foot on campus. I believe that the more involved our in campus life the more likely you are to succeed while in college. I took classes that challenged me and became more knowledgable because of it. I got to know my professors because of the small class sizes and felt comfortable talking to them during their office hours. Either asking for help for talking about what we were studying at the time. I also have taken advance of the resources that are provided on the campus for help such as tutoring and the writing lab. Both of which helped me succeed.
An education at William Jewell college gave me the ability to obtain a position in my desired field before graduation. The professors were some of the most capable, and intelligent teachers I've had. They always challenged students and never failed to be open to different view points. My education at Jewell gave me an extremely diverse perspective that I hadn't received before.
Overall, I think it is an OK college that is probably not worth the high tuition. I've heard it referred to as "The Harvard of the Midwest," but very few people outside of the general area has heard of this school. If you are one the fence of attending Jewell, I'd advise you to look elsewhere. There are plenty of cheaper options, and I'd hate for you to make an expensive mistake to attend for one or two years. If you are interested in jumping headfirst into Greek Life and paying student loans for years to come, then William Jewell is your place.
In my experience at William Jewell I have been impressed by the quality of the professors and the amount of effort that goes into each of their lessons. I very much feel that all of the professors I have had the pleasure of working with wish for me to succeed and will ensure they give me every opportunity to succeed!
William Jewell is the premier critical thought and inquiry college in the Midwest, and, quite possibly, in the country. The professors here care about their students and help them to succeed while pushing them to do their best,
William Jewell College is a fantastic school. The academics are very challenging, even for a former high school valedictorian like me, but they are very rewarding. Jewell doesn't just offer a degree, it offers an education. The student life is also very involved in campus activities and organizations, so many opportunities are present to make friends and get to know more people on campus. The campus is small, but it feels bigger with the amount of people you are able to meet when you become involved. Overall, I am having a fantastic college experience here, and I am glad I chose to come to William Jewell College.
If I could give zero stars I definitely would! This school is definitely messed up and has some serious issues. The administration is very difficult to work with and makes it very difficult for student success. Many students on campus feel unhappy and cheated at the college, and we feel like we pay so much and nothing that was promised gets delivered. Aside from the PLC most buildings on campus have a vast amount of issues throughout the year, the dorm rooms especially. The caf is really bad with minimal food options to choose from, most of us just enjoy the Sunday Ice Cream bar. The cage is where a lot of kids eat but the food there is very greasy and takes forever to get your food.

Just don't waste your time considering this school as you will not get anything you are promised. You'll end up being unhappy and wonder why you chose the school on the first place.
I like the academics found at William Jewell. They really strive to see each student succeed in life.
Besides the food, or the dorms, this school is worth choosing. Especially if you're studying theatre, it's a wild ride experience!!!
William Jewell College is a great school that is extremely underrated. The academics are comparable to some of the best schools in the nation, the professors are amazing, the connections are really valuable, the facilities are wonderful, and the campus is beautiful. My only complaints are that the hours of the places to get food are inconvenient at times and more students should get involved and try to have fun student life on campus.
The academics at Jewell are extremely prestigious. The professors are very knowledgable and give their students some of the coolest opportunities for undergrads.
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Having finished my first semester, I can say so far William Jewell is an excellent college. I am in the Oxbridge program and have seen myself become more eager to learn. The teachers are kind and helpful. I love that the teachers know my name. My roommate is great and I study quite a bit.
Overall, Jewell is amazing. I wouldn't want to attend any other college.
The value of a degree from Jewell is extremely high. Graduate schools and employers think highly of their potential employees/students. They understand how difficult Jewell is.
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