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William Jessup is an amazing school. The students are welcoming and the professors really care about your education.
I absolutely love William Jessup University! I love the Christ-centered education and atmosphere. The professors here genuinely care about the success of their students and they make sure to keep their doors and hearts open for their students. The environment in general is just welcoming and when you walk on campus, the people there make sure to make you feel like you already belong.
I absolutely love the cozy size of the university, it makes one on one time with a professor extremely helpful. The environment is so inclusive and tight-knit.
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The professors to start with, actually care about you as people and more importantly your walk with Christ. They also pour into you academically. The community is smaller for a college so you get to know everyone at least a little bit and quite a bit of people very well! It honestly felt like a new family for me as soon as I got there!
Don't be discouraged by the size, there are some pros that go along with this: Your connection with your professor is found no where else in most universities, and you can grow in a loving environment with people you see every day! The food there is also not bad, I believe it's in the top 20 best cafeterias in the nation for colleges!
Overall, I love Jessup. The people are amazing and I am learning a lot about myself and I'm growing a lot. This school isn't a party school, and although they embrace the athletics a little too much for me, it's always fun to see how people are learning and growing throughout their time here. The school emphasizes how much they want students to grow in their journey with God, and I have definitely grown in that regard.
However, there are some classes that I am not a huge fan of. You really need to know the teachers and study the syllabus before enrolling in the class. I've had two classes that were not what i thought they were. I am also an art student, and some of the art classes are not what they are cracked up to be. I learned more from my digital painting class about Photoshop than i did in the Graphic Design class. But overall, I love the school and cant imagine going anywhere else.
William Jessup is a great university with quality professors and staff. The close community there is amazing, and the environment is positive and supportive.
Jessup is absolutely wonderful! It is in a great area with many different things to do on and off campus. The professors love to teach and are very good! The class sizes are relatively small, so the learning experience is that much greater. Other students are very friendly and friends are always around! Finally, they offer great degree programs and are continuously adding more.
I love how they take care of me. They tell me what forms I needed to complete for financial aid, etc. They are also willing to discuss any questions I have and the professors are helpful and knowledgeable. I also take classes at the local community college and the difference is amazing.
At Jessup, the weight and stress of becoming an adult finally fell on me as I for once questioned the price tag of my education. My recent Spring semester was spent worrying about financing for next fall, accruing loans, and completing the year poorly. Other than that, I liked the community and enjoyed the positive atmosphere of Jessup. Despite the rumors, Jessup is not so bad a place. I just wish the bureaucratic system can be improved so I have all the financial information about every service offered upfront.
I love William Jessup. This school is affordable, safe, and the professors care. The teacher to student ratio is 13/1, which means your teachers know you and care about your success.
My experience at William Jessup has been life changing. I have made friendships that will last through anything, and I have learned immeasurable skills that have prepared me for life in the real world. College life can seem daunting, especially when you are nearing graduations, but I feel pretty prepared to handle it and I know God's plan for my life is far more than I could ever expect it to be. I have grown in Him and as a person through this college environment
I have enjoyed my time here at Jessup. I will be graduating soon, and I think this university has taught me well. The professors care about me and want to make sure I succeed in school, and in life. The students here are friendly, there have not been any violent incidents that I am aware of, so I feel like this campus is safe place to be. I has been a pleasure going here, and I highly recommend spending your time here.
I will be attending as a first time freshman in fall of 2018, but I have been on campus several times, interacted with students and staff, and spent the night in the dorms a couple of times. I absolutely love the campus vibe and cannot wait to be a student there!
I had a great experience at Jessup. I feel like some of the facilities are great and others are not, but that's to be expected of a small school. The best thing was getting BFA level training in a small group setting with a group of people who had the same faith as me. Music department is a bit too commercial and could use more of a classical base. But Jessup is a great school and I really hope to see it continue to grow, especially in the arts. It has great potential.
I like how everyone is really nice and helpful. It is a blessing to go to a University where everyone practices the same religion as myself which is Christianity.
I think the professors are very good and understanding, they have a deep connection with the students. The diversity here is very limited which is the only negative thing I would say. The town is very quiet and agreeable but not much to do close by.
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This is a great University! The small class sizes are awesome- I felt like I knew all of my professors on a personal level. The cafeteria is the nicest I have seen at any college and the dorms are great as well.
So far I have loved my college experience at William Jessup University. The professors are real-life professionals in their field and are able to make the classes relevant.
I like that I get to learn about God on a daily basis. The professors are very helpful in assissting me when I need help on an assignment or need an extension to turn in homework. My fellow students are very kind and loving towards me. They are very encouraging and good people. This campus is the biggest I have ever been on and I really like it. The staff here is very kind and humble.
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