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Upon arriving to William Jessup I could see that everyone was invested in the new freshman, which was god to see. William Jessup is filled with motivated, kind, and friendly people.
Jessup is a great college to apply to if your looking for a friendly Christ-centered environment. They provide many great resources with many teachers who have real world experience. Everywhere you look you will encounter friendly faces and genuine people.
William Jessup is a relatively small school that allows you to form strong relationships with other students and with your professors. The professors are devoted to helping you grow both in your knowledge and in your faith.
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The teachers are engaging and care about their students. I am challenged to think critically and work diligently. It has a friendly atmosphere and has a strong community.
William Jessup University has a great sense of community. The staff show a genuine interest and care for each student, because students are a name and not a number. The one thing I would change is their organization. Being established at 2004, there is still construction on campus, and their registration staff is not the most adequate at helping students get the classes they need.
I love my university. The way that everything revolves around people and relationships and Christ makes me want all my friends to come here. The people at Student Life care about Commuter Students, our Campus Pastor Ryan is very approachable and friendly, our President Jackson has the perfect word of encouragement to share during chapel, the list can go on and on. The music here is wonderful: Wednesdays and Fridays I go to chapel in the morning, and the atmosphere here is truly Godly. It's great to be here because people care. You are not just a number or body in a seat here, you are a person, and the faculty does care, and do want to meet you, and help if they can. Another thing, is that our school is well connected with the outside community, the city of Rocklin. There are connections here that will grow and shape our future leaders. The possibilities are endless. I will always be forever grateful for Jessup, and that the Lord led me to come here.
The people at William Jessup are some of the best people I've ever met. The professors really care about you and want you to succeed. The environment is really just amazing at Jessup.
We are not the most diverse.
I feel completely positive that I will get a career thanks to the legacy of the school in the Rocklin area and the connections that I have been able to make thus far.
In every course I have taken so far, the professors have been extremely approachable, understanding, and have formulated their course work to be meaningful and worthwhile assignments. The size of classes are pretty small for a college and that helps maintain the feeling of community on campus. Overall, I want to go to class because I feel a mutual respect between myself and professors, and I feel as though every time I go, I get something out of the experience. I wish the classrooms themselves were more cheerful though.
I've never felt unsafe on campus and I've felt that there were always people to approach if needed.
So many of my friends at other colleges are itching to get out of their dorms asap because they are so small, require a meal plan that gives them terrible food, and are expensive. However, everything at Jessup is exactly the opposite of that for me and I am perfectly content and happy living on campus.
I think that my school has some really great athletic teams and I know some amazing people on the teams as well. However, school support of such teams is surprisingly low despite the fact that most people love the school.
When I originally toured the school, I heard my guide saying everything that I now say to prospective students. I was told of how community-based that the school, students, and even professors were. However, I has no idea exactly how true those words were. This school is like a safe haven where you feel as if you can achieve anything and that you will always have people there to support you no matter what. Reading what I just wrote, it must seem silly. However, every single word is really true and I can't imagine being anywhere else.
I am not to the point yet where I am looking for internships, but I have no doubt that when I do, people will be there to help me. The career center is always available, and the chair of my department is personally interested in his students' success. Every semester the school has a chance for students to attend a meet and greet with professionals and potential employers, and there are numerous campus jobs available for students. If I ever need work while enrolled at WJU, I know I will have it.
Class sizes are ideal, and so are most of the professors. They have the feeling of friendship about them, and I always felt like I could approach one of the professors with questions or in need of help or advice. The courses offered are neat, and I like the informal yet informative nature of them.
I've never felt endangered on campus, and no one I know of has either. All students have to take an hour long sexual assault informational course, and are given contacts in case something did happen. Safety is taken seriously, and I have not needed to use any of the available tools.
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I am not personally involved in the campus sports, though I did participate in intramural Ultimate Frisbee this past semester. But I've got to say, our teams are pretty amazing. The whole school cheers them on, and it's a lot of fun.
I knew from the first tour I took of the campus that I wanted to attend William Jessup University. That sentiment has not changed; I love my school. All the students are friendly, the professors are welcoming, and the campus is beautiful. WJU is sensitive to the financial needs of the students, and has been very generous and helpful with me. I am learning so much, and there is no better place to get started in life than a place that genuinely wants to help you succeed. Commuting as far as I do is tiring, and my heavy load of classes combined with theatre productions can be a struggle, but I wouldn't trade my experiences. God has blessed this university, and I am honored to be enrolled.
I feel that the work you put in is what you will see after graduation. I heard a guy getting a fantastic job in Santa Cruz before he graduated, but he put in time and made connections for it. It does not matter that our school is tiny and relatively unknown, Its the effort put into the degree and making connections that matters.
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