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Degree mill with unsupportive staff
Will screw you with your transfer credits up until the 11th hour.
Awesome community of professionals dedicated to students' personal and professional development. A major emphasis is also placed on community service and the mental, emotional, and personal well-being of students.
we have a bit of diversity and a diversity group on campus
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great staff and computer availability
no transportation provided by school
good teahcers good internship program
I feel very safe, I am always in one building
We do not have dining options at my school.
We are a very close knit community
The public school computers are very school, but printing is free and that is a huge saving.
This is not applicable to my school, they do not have any housing options. The social atmosphere is great. The professors are very involved in student life and the cohort experience a lot together.
The campus is relatively small. There haven’t been any large issues with parking.
People do not live on campus. The campus closes at around 9-9:30. Drugs and alochol are not an issue.
MSPP prides itself in the diversity of its students and faculty. There are many different races and religions at MSPP. There is also many opportunities to engage in different lectures that help one relate diversity in their professional career. There are also many clubs and extra activities centered on diversity. The community is small and very accepting. There is always opportunity to engage in multicultural activities.
Boston is a great area with a lot of housing options. You do need to be selective or you can get stuck in a beat up place.
Internships start right from day one in the school and last until graduation. They give you the ability to choose the internship that works best for you
Campus is located in New England so the weather can be unpredictable. It can be freezing/snow or warm/humid. As long as you are prepared to live in New England it is more than doable.
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Campus is located in the west end of Boston so there is a wide variety of options for dinning. Anything you could imagine is available. There are inexpensive options and fine dining. Many places are open late night and transportation acess allows you to take advantagen of any spot in Boston.
Transportation in and around Newton is easy and convenient. There is the T, commuter rail, and buses. If your in a rush taxis are widely available. Getting around is not a concern.
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