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William Carey University is a growing college, with several unique and well qualified programs, such as the music therapy program and the health sciences such as nursing and physical therapy. The Student Government program and honors societies offer good options to get involved on campus. The professors are amazing, but administration can be a bit confusing at times. One of the few downsides is the cafeteria. The food is a bit mediocre, but I have seen significant improvement since my freshman year.
the place is like a home. since it is a small university, everyone knows everyone so the place forms a family. people are really nice here and would be more than happy to help out the new student to adjust.
I like it here. It has a nice environment, the professors seem to care about every student. For me the tuition is expensive, I think that they could make minor adjustments in this area. The university offers petty much all extra curriculum activities that every other schools in this area except for football. Other than that it is an good university to further your education.
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My experience at William Carey has been wonderful compared to other universities I've attended because the classrooms are smaller, the one on one teaching methods are easier to and the christian back ground of the school helps with the overall moral of the campus. However tuition is pretty pricey.
I love the environment at William Carey. I enjoy the small size of the campus, and how safe it is at any time of the day.
I enjoy the small class size. If you are having problems in your class, the instructor will help you.
I am so glad that I chose to attend William Carey University! The class sizes are small, there are plenty of scholarships offered, and the professors are amazing. You can definitely feel the Christian atmosphere on campus, and it is truly special!
William Carey is a great school, especially in academics. Is is a small university which means the professors know you by name and are able to give more attention to the success of the individual.
The staff at William Carey are all so caring. All of the professors take time to get to know their students as a person, we are not just a number in a room. They truly care about our success!
William Carey will always be my favorite University. I have been at William Carey since the summer of 2015. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at William Carey. I have enjoyed the University so much, I plan to get my Masters here as well! I am beyond glad that I have chosen this University to fulfill my studies. The professors are beyond Amazing and I definitely feel as if they are the absolute best! William Carey went through a disaster on January 21, 2017 and the school has came together to defeat the odds against us. The tornado has taken a lot from the University but there is nothing we can't overcome!
In my opinion, William Carey University gives you the most bang for your buck. It is also a great choice if you are looking for a quiet setting; if you like to party--not so much. Hattiesburg is a big change if you are from a small town (like me), but some of my friends from the area find it boring. There is a wide diversity of students who come from different faiths, backgrounds, and walks of life. If you are into sports, there is a wide array of opportunities. The academics are up to par, and the professors are highly qualified. Also, since Carey is such a small university, the professors can get to know students on a personal and individual level. The cafeteria is usually a hit or miss. It is either really good or really terrible. However, there are many restaurants in the area if the cafeteria food does not appeal to you. The dorms are nice and usually very clean. The student government association and other organizations are always providing activities and events for students.
At this point, I can only speak to the admissions process and my orientation to campus. The admission process was smooth and the individuals involved were extremely helpful and professional. I look foward to furthering my education here!
William Carey University is a small university, as far as surrounding universities go. It is very cozy, however it is quite expensive, considering the student's only have 10 weeks and are paying anywhere from $6,000-$8,000 for those 10 weeks. The staff is very friendly but you can tell that some are only there because they have to be. It is very under staffed, also. There are bio-chemistry majors teaching subjects like Anatomy and Physiology. They also need to focus on expanding facilities. Labs need to be added. It is however very friendly.
I feel safe on my campus!
Everyone was kind and willing to help.
We don't have Greek life on our campus.
My campus does not have sports, but the main campus does.
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William Carey University is the best choice for me because it is geared to determined liked minded people who are interested in getting their degree done. WCU is based on terms rather than semesters so you really have to be diligent in your study habits.
Security is great - I always feel safe on campus
A degree from William Carey University is highly-valued by employers.
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