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My experience at William & Mary has exceeded any hope I ever had for college. It has surrounded me by students who are all so passionate and proud of their school. That type of environment inspires me to work hard, challenges me to be the best version of myself, and most importantly supports me every step of the way. The people and community at this school is truly unique. I've made lifelong connections here and am in complete denial that I have to graduate in a few short months.
My experience at W&M has been great so far. I love the campus and the surrounding area. My professors are very committed and interesting.
I loved my experience. The students are smart and kind. Service and leadership are big at W&M. The campus is BEAUTIFUL. Staff are friendly. Tons of student organizations. Lots of great traditions. Some of the faculty and admin are legendary. Lots of emphasis on diversity and inclusion and that's good at such an old University. The DC Center is great, study abroad is big.
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Kind, welcoming, happy place! Everyone here feels like one big family. It’s a very warm and loving campus, and so so beautiful.
William and Mary has tough programs with usually good to average professors. This is the review for the people who dreamed of a more international, city life college and I suggest to those to not go here. This college is in Williamsburg and it is very much rich with historical history but not many things to do. This place is great but its not for everyone and thats okay. I personally transferred out after Freshman year.
I love the College, but the food is terrible and so are most of the freshman dorms. The work is very hard and theres a ton of it, but thats what we all signed up here at an academically rigorous institution. Our sports teams are all around average or below, but the student body (however nerdy, or "TWAMPY") spends a good chunk of time at the gym (the rec.) I love it here, and specifically love the people; the utilities need some updating in the oldest college and university in America.
The College of William & Mary was an unexpected place for me to find a home, but I have felt so welcomed and encouraged to pursue every academic endeavor at this school. The commitment to liberal arts is tangible and the professors support students in all levels of learning and development.
Loved my experience at the College, not necessarily because of the school but because of the friends I made while I was there. I think like anywhere else, I had incredible professors who invested in me and my fellow students and really gave of themselves to further my education. I had professors that seemed to phone it in. Fortunately, at least for me, there were far more of the former than the latter. I think it was a great community, a small, but not too small, place to learn and grow and figure out how to be a real person.
Most horrible experience ever for my daughter. Not everything that glitters is gold. Do your research.
William and Mary is the Alma mater of the Nation. It leads among all institutions in higher learning. It is committed to training and preparing the leaders of tomorrow. This institution has been "For the Bold" for 325 years and will continue to show it in years to come.
I loved my time at the College of William and Mary, but am currently struggling with the costs of attending this school as an out-of-state student. At the beginning of my time at this school, I was awarded grant money and scholarships, which were taken away during my last year of study without explanation and without any drop in my grades or performance as a student. However, I can't say that I regret it. The professors and staff of the school care about their students and are committed to the liberal arts program. Students work hard yet enjoy one another and have fun. I miss it already.
I really love the campus, professors, and the size. It seems like there is a disproportionate amount of friendly people, too. The only thing that bothers me is that there also seems to be a disproportionate amount of internalized competitiveness over grades, but on the other side of that I've never had a bad experience with asking any of my peers for help.
I’m an entering Freshman at The College and I absolutely love it. I have not yet completed a semester, but I have already had so many amazing interactions with students and with the school itself. I move in in less than a month and could not be more excited to start this next chapter of my life!
I am in the online MBA program at William and Mary. I have half of the program complete and thus far I am enjoying the challenge and the learning environment. The "Wicked Problem", brought me to this college and has allowed me to work on a volunteer project within my community through the business eyes. Every class has been a welcoming challenge and I have been able to collaborate with people from a variety of backgrounds to give different perspectives throughout each course. Throughout the two year program, W&M offers a unique on campus residency weekend that allowed me to feel part of the Tribe community. The weekend allowed me to thrive in areas that I would have otherwise not been able to have the opportunity to be involved with.
I had a very successful first year at William & Mary. The food is fine and getting better! Everyone is very friendly, and classes broadened my perspectives.
I love William & Mary! I really enjoyed my first year on campus, and I felt embraced by the community. Professors are friendly and helpful, the campus is historic and beautiful, and the friends I made are fun and caring. I will treasure my first year as a member of the Tribe, even though I suffered through the hot summer months without air conditioning.
Awesome School!! Everyone is so inviting, the professors are outstanding and eager to help students, and campus life is beautiful. This school is definitely all about academics and seeing their students succeed. Although they have numerous clubs and activities to be a part of, this is not a party school for those looking to cut loose on the weekends.
Overall, I am very satisfied with my school of choice and would highly recommend to others who have a passion and drive for learning and being open minded to others!
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I love William and Mary's beautiful campus, the surrounding environment of downtown Williamsburg and friendly people. The only criticism I have is that the food is not very good.
It's a great school and is surprisingly well ranked in science considering its focus on liberal arts ie; #1 in biology, but you definitely can see why when you to intro to biology, it is difficult and will MAKE you study even of you never had to before. Aside from that, William and Mary is full of weirdly nice people who want to see eachother succeed. It's better than you would expect, but it's also not amazing when it comes to social life.
William & Mary has a great academic reputation, and attending confirms this. The programs are quality, and there are many opportunities for young undergraduates to get engaged in research. There are many social groups on campus available to students, and the environment is very welcoming.