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I first found out about Willamette University when my school's choir was invited to attend multiple workshops and choral events hosted there. I began looking further into Willamette and went on a campus tour. The campus is beyond luxury, with incredible historical monuments, many different food courts to choose from, beautiful dorms, as well as many other necessities. The staff is thrilled to help you out on your college journey, and welcomes you with open arms. This is a school that focuses on you as an individual and meets your needs gladly.
I've enjoyed my classes immensely and thus far. The students are friendly and I've found professors to very personable. Salem is the right size city, big but still small town feel.
I enjoy the small classes, the fact that the professors are passionate about their subjects and care about their students, and the small size. I did not enjoy the fact that the majority of the budget cuts came at the students expense while the president was enjoying giant pay bonuses. The heating in the dorms is poor and the wifi is terrible. On the other hand, there are many resources available for students and the professors do their best to help their students succeed.
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Gorgeous campus and Salem has everything you need. Just an hour to Portland or the beautiful Pacific coast. Everyone is very nice and the classes sizes are perfect.
Willamette has an excellent and provocative poli sci program. I've enjoyed my classes and connected with my professors and fellow students. The campus is beautiful though Salem leaves a lot to be desired.
I came to Willamette this year as a sophomore transfer from the East coast and I love everything about it. I feel as if you can really be accepted for who you are and the community is amazing along with the opportunities that you can take.
As someone who has grown up in Salem my whole life, I wasn't expecting to love Willamette as much as I do. However, I was surprised at how motivated students are, and how overly-involved students become (sometimes to a fault.) The Willamette community itself is pretty tight-knit, and it's very easy to get to know people. In general, you can walk into any room on campus and see at least 3 people you know, and 4-5 you don't, giving you a constant opportunity to meet new, friendly students. The professors are also incredibly dedicated and helpful with their time. WU also provides a lot of resources to students on campus, especially counseling services, safe ride services, and confidential EMT services. My only complaint is that the administration at this school is not nearly as connected to the community as other students or faculty are, and often bureaucracy slows down the process of what could be an incredible community for growth, opportunity, and inclusivity.
Love my classes so far, they are the perfect size and my professors are great. I love the campus too
I've met so many great people here. The students are motivated, professors are engaging and all the staff I've dealt with are passionate about their work. It's a very pretty campus but the food is not good, at all, and Salem has been a real disappointment. Portland or the beach is just an hour away though so no excuse not to escape when you can.
Small class sizes are helpful and faculty are excellent. However, upper-level classes close too quickly, denying access to qualified underclassmen.
The athletic community is the most valuable part of Willamette University to me, personally. Academically, I find many classes to end up discussing the same liberal issues, which I believe limits my education to a certain scope of thought.
This college is really what you make of it. I'm sure that's a sentiment that others will share as well.

Here's what's up. Salem is not a very safe or exciting city, but that isn't incredibly important as the vast majority of student life is contained within a mile bubble from campus. We call it the "Willamette Bubble". You can do just about anything you can dream of as long as you're persistent and dedicated here. The vast majority of campus is very intelligent, competent, and articulate. That being said, there's a lot of extremely wealthy students that may come off as elitist. There are those who are rich and humble. This university's generous financial aid programs help out those who struggle.
There is a sense of responsibility for social issues on campus which is often productive, but unfortunately a noticeable section of the student body is hyper-liberal and somewhat unprofessional. There are still those who are sensible and can get real social progress done despite this.
What a disappointing, uninspired group of people. I went to college thinking that my peers would work on interesting side projects, would have a desire to go out and explore neighboring cities, and would be willing to attend concerts and shows in Portland. Haha, good one! Most people here are self-proclaimed "homebodies" and want nothing more than to sit around and watch Netflix all weekend and smoke pot. Don't come here if you're looking for doers - kids here are completely passive and dull.
Overall, this school has been a massive disappointment. It's a small school filled with middle to upper middle class white people, who espouse liberal beliefs and never leave their own groups. I am from a white, upper middle class background myself, but I grew up in a highly diverse area, and, trust me, Willamette kids were sheltered, spoiled (with attention, not material things) and were difficult to relate to on any level. Imagine a group of people who never left campus, practiced slacktivism and complained about how boring Salem is - those were my peers, and in general, they are miserable people. Come here if you want to use medium-quality drugs, sit around all day, and feel bored.
I came into this university expecting to grow mentally, spiritually and socially, but sadly, my experience fell short. It's a fine school if you just want academics, but the administration does nothing to help students prepare for internships, careers or grad school. Moreover, no one wants to leave campus, so expect to journey out on your own if you want to grow as a person.
Alright university. A mix of good and terrible professors, but not enough variety in courses available. Dorms and facilities could use updating, especially with the yearly rise in tuition.
This is an absolutely terrible school. They should be ashamed to call themselves a liberal arts school when they have less liberal arts majors than OSU. I was a biochemistry major (bad choice at a liberal arts school) and I feel like I was cheated on my education. For example, I took Organic Chemistry I & II and got a C, B- respectively. The typical course schedule is 3 hours of lecture a weak. 2 hours of tutoring. 1 hour of supplemental instruction, and 4 hours of lab.

After I transferred to USC I decided to retake Ochem I&II and got an A both semesters on a more shallow curve. You could say it was because I retook the class (which is partially accurate) but the hours at USC were 4.5 hours of lecture a week + 2 hours of optional lecture, 8 hours of lab, 4 hours of seminar a week and that's not including optional tutoring.

The school is obsessed with creating a "well rounded " experience that they forget to develop complexity within your own subject.
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It is a university with a rigorous curriculum. At the same time, the professors are very helpful, as this school is a small private school which allows for the students to be able to ask help from teachers in a smaller classroom environment.
I have really enjoyed Willamette with all of the programs the university has to offer. The professors truly do care about all of their students and will do their best to see them succeed. The staff at the college is very supportive and always seems to have a positive attitude when approached. I have not had a negative experience yet with any of the staff or with my peers. It has become a great home away from home.
It's a small school, but there's lots of opportunities and interesting people! I've really enjoyed the small class sizes and the super helpful professors who really care about their students.
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