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Pretty and welcoming campus. Really outgoing students. Knowledgeable professors. Great location close to the beach or mountains set in beautiful Willamette Valley
Willamette University, although not the largest school, gives students many opportunities to grow. Be it their close proximity to the state capital building, or the vast amount of student led organizations, Willamette offers a wide range of activities to it's students.
Had a great and welcoming tour. Pretty campus with friendly and active students. The class I sat in on was engaged and informative.
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Willamette University offers a close-knit, small college environment where everyone gets to know their fellow students and professors closely. Additionally, the campus is beautiful, and great for group activities or studying outside by the Mill Stream.
I transferred here from a large research university. Wow what a difference. The professors are so dedicated to teaching and have a passion for sharing knowledge. I'm also loving the PNW. We are just an hour to the beach, or the concerts and art cultural of Portland or Eugene.
Willamette can be expensive but they are very generous with scholarships. You get what you pay for in small classes with great professors.
The university is an accepting community to all of whom it welcomes. While it has a very rigorous academic program, the school also provides a range of resource to choose from if a student is ever in need of help, both academically and otherwise. Despite being an open campus, as a cis-female individual I still feel reasonably safe. The campus is small and beautiful, with the state capital building just across the street. The student body shares a close-knit bond that is perhaps even more so than larger schools, due to the smaller undergrad population. Professors and staff are generally very open, accepting, and easy to approach without fear of judgement. It is a very expensive education, but the majority of students receive some sort of financial aid or scholarship. I'm so glad to be fortunate enough to be able to attend this school.
I am so happy with my decision to attend Willamette. The academics are very challenging and I love that, and professors get to know you and encourage you personally. However, the administration is not transparent and has had issues with racism and classism.
I am a senior/1st year MBA and have been here for 4 years. I had the option to transfer, but I did not because of the swimming team, which I was apart of all 4 years.
Went on a recruitment trip for the football program and everyone was literally soooo nice! Not just the faculty members on campus, who helped me out a ton (turns out my FAFSA wasn't submitted completely, whoops!) but the people and the community was also great.
My first year, they got rid of women's rowing because it was "costing too much money" but after a Title IX lawsuit threat, they brought in a new varsity women's lacrosse program. I was an athlete for two years, and after being swindled into going there by the head coach, he was abusive and manipulative. The women's softball coach has been reported with the same behavior. Both teams have less than 40% retention from recruitment to graduation due to these horrendous coaches - the Athletics Head won't do anything about it. Men's teams also receive "academic" scholarships promised at recruitment despite their academic record, and for the same scholarship, other students have to prove academic proficiency. The school itself spends massive amounts of money on celebrations for themselves while cutting extra curricular funding - including the student health center on campus - and raising tuition 4% a year. At $56k, this is unacceptable with cuts in programming and support students receive.
Not a lot of choices but the academics are challenging and the professors are great. Small campus is easy to navigate.
Do not waste your money going to Willamette University. The alumni network and their career services department is awful. The school spends too much money on administrators and not on student services. If you want to go to a liberal arts school in Oregon that does it right, got to the University of Portland.
Willamette is in a perfect location for poli sci students. Salem is the state capital plus just an hour to PDX, coast and mountains. The campus is beautiful in every season. The classes and professors are exceptional.
Excellent program for kinesiology. All programs have small class sizes at Willamette. The campus is very pretty in fall and spring.
Willamette is too white and too hipster and marginalizes communities that are already marginalized. As someone who is part Arab and part Armenian, but mainly identifies as Lebanese, Palestinian and Egyptian, Willamette is straight up racist. Someone wrote a paper about me riding a camel, someone erased the message of Free Palestine on my door, someone stood outside my room and yelled that Israel was legitimate.
Willamette is a beautiful campus. Salem isn't great but Portland is just an hour away, as is the coast or mountains. The student body is pretty motivated and diverse for the most part.
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I had a very good tour here. Willamette rewards good students with academic scholarships. It's a pretty campus with really nice students. There's a lot of ways to get involved even though it's a small campus.
I'm loving Willamette and my Econ major. Class sizes are intimate with excellent professors. We are challenged to be critical thinkers and the curriculum is constantly being updated to current world issues.
I really like the small class sizes because it creates a collaborative environment where you can get to know professors one-on-one and ask questions. I also really enjoy taking part in the Chamber Choir. The downside of Willamette is that Salem is not in the nicest place. It does not have much going on and it is hard to reach any place to go hiking or skiing from Willamette.
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