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Teachers are accessible and willing to help. Smaller classes. Good engineering resources. Dorms could use some updating.
Wilkes is such a homey feeling University! You have a family at that school! I highly recommend this school if you aren’t looking for a huge campus. Great teachers as well! 10/10 would recommend for any freshman or transfer students.
Wilkes university is much different from other universities. It’s a small university which means that the classroom size are smaller then larger universities . Also, at the same time have almost the benefits and qualities that larger universities have. If this sound good to you Wilkes University is for you.
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One thing that I like about the campus, is that it's small. The classes are small. This way I will learn more. The professor that I meet were very easy to talk to.
They just finished building new labs where I'll be doing my experiments. I can't wait to start.
If i could do it all again, i most likely wouldnt have choosen to go to wilkes. It seems that every semester something goes wrong with my financial aid. And this school is already riculously expensive.
Wilkes University brings students together in a great environment. The education I have received here is superior to other universities in the area. The faculty and staff are always willing to work with the students in order to ensure the very best outcomes for our futures.
Wilkes University was a good choice for me as I was looking for something not too far from home, smaller class sizes for more personal attention and a major program that would feel fulfilling. All of those qualifiers were met, and then some. While the town is small and in a state of renewal it is easy to navigate, safe and now full of lots of fun places to visit. It’s beautiful there and I am glad that it’s where I chose to go.
Many unique and interesting students can be found on campus at Wilkes, and the vast majority of them are friendly and welcoming to others. The professors do their best to find new ways to make lessons fun to encourage learning and they are always open to help those who need it, even if their issue is not related to academics. However, the expenses can run a bit high. Also, while there are thousands of great people to meet, a handful of less-than-nice people can still be found, though usually you don't need to worry about them.
I love the atmosphere of Wilkes University. The faculty, staff and students are all very nice and welcoming. That was a big part in deciding which school I wanted to attend, and I'm glad I chose Wilkes. The professors are dedicated to helping you succeed. There are fun events on campus pretty often, so it's not boring and you do not need to go home every weekend.
I'm currently working through the graduate admissions process for Wilkes University. The staff has been immensely supportive in providing additional information in regards to financial aid and private scholarships/loans. They've done an amazing job personalizing the experience although I'm sure they have a myriad of applicants to their MBA program each year.
Wilkes is an amazing science school that offers a lot of opportunities and experiences for students looking to go above and beyond. It is not the best for the average college experience as everyone here is pretty studious or an underachiever.
I liked how the professors were very helpful when i went to the open house and they answered all my questions
Wilkes Barre has been a grand place to grow up and to start a family. There is an abundance of resources and things to do. Downtown has become really elegant, and the diversity is marvelous. It has a tendency to be cheap in real-estate, and sometimes lacks culture in population, but the commute of Wilkes Barre itself often makes up for that.
There’s good and bad that comes with this school but definetly more good. The education is great, but the surrounding area is a ghetto. This school would be much more enjoyable if it was in a better area but overall is a good time and good education.
A small school with a great sense of community. This school maybe small but also has big opportunities. The location is sometimes scary but only 2 hours from NYC and Philly.
Wilkes offers a high class education with dedicated staff and faculty. The professors are always available for outside of class help, and most of the professors try their best to make a relationship with each student. The campus is beautiful and constantly undergoing new development and improvement. Connecting with campus is seamless as each club and program is more than willing to accept new team members to help organize events and bring out the colonel spirit. The events and programs on campus are almost all student lead and developed, so all of the events benefit students of all backgrounds and interests. There is always something to do on the weekends, and if nothing interests you specifically, their is always an opportunity for you to organize an event to reach out to students with the same interest; all with the support of whatever club/organization you choose to go through. The campus is all about expanding its influence into the community and helping those in need.
I would like to see the quality of food change in the dining hall. I hate eating there and it doesn't help when you are trying to eat healthy. I wish their food service would change for the better.
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Wilkes advertises that there are many clubs and activities to do on campus but it is pretty boring. Some professors are not personable.
Absolutely love the campus as a whole. There needs to be improvements with advisors working with you but overall professors are great and the people are all very friendly.
Wilkes University is very costly; however, I enjoy attending this small school with many highly qualified professors. Overall, I enjoy the university.
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