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It’s actually the worst experience of my life. I thought I would have enjoyed this college especially because it’s a small HBCU college where supposedly “everyone can succeed”, but it’s definitely the opposite. You can’t transfer credits, the staff is rude, and your basically a prisoner unless your in a HIGH position. I wouldn’t recommend to ANYONE, they will screw your over and not care. I’m a living witness!
Hi my name is Sasha Jefferson and I am currently enrolled at Wiley college and although being away from home is difficult I have managed to enjoy college life and met people from every where I have settled in and ready to learn and grow
Wiley college is a diverse place alone the Faculty and professors are eager to help you learn and grow. Wiley college is a very stimulating place to be for growth determination and success. I take upon tending a while while he coll faculty and professors are eager to help you learn and grow. Wiley college is a very stimulating place to be for growth determination and Success.Upon attending Wiley college I have grown and learned and head very wonderful experience in many subjects.
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Wiley is a special type of school. It is only for people who will get up and get it. Wiley is what you make it
I love how small Wiley is, which means you can connect and talk with your teachers more. Working with your teachers one on one is great you’ll learn more.
The college is very small and close-knit so you get a family vibe here. The classes are never too large, you won't have a class over fifty people and the professors do a great job teaching the material. Wiley College is the place where every student can succeed so it's impossible to fail!
Well I only went for a week but looking to go back but so far it was a whole different scenarist you would enjoy yourself . I left for family matter reason only but I’m really looking for my gray experience.
My experience at Wiley college has been interesting. I love that Wiley have a divers amount of people. For Wiley to be a HBCU we have people from all across the nation.
By my college being a private historically black college, I enjoy the family dynamic. It's not typically the college with the connections but rather the professors.I most enjoyed building relationships with my peers. I had the opportunity to work in my institutions admissions office and it was full of new learning experiences that are preparing me for life after college. Overall attending a private HBCU may not be everyone's prerogative however it definitely holds its own with cultural value
Wiley is what you make it to be. It's in a small country town with limited eating spots. The student to teacher per class is about 15 students per class. The redone cafeteria is nice but the food is still horrible.
Small class sizes and few distractions from the surrounding environment make it easier to focus on the task at hand: graduation.
Good school for diversity and has an amazing track team. I will like to see the school create more activities on campus and have more career advisers.
Wiley College Is The College For African American Who Need That Push To Get Life Started. Wiley Gives You On Campus Living With Free Washing And Cable. They Arent The Best Academically But they Arent The Worst Either.
When I first came to Wiley it was a big adjustment being that I'm from California and this would be my first time on my own. I really enjoy Wiley because it is an HBCU and I also like that the school is small. The work is mostly online which makes it convenient for those living off campus. Wiley Is now upgrading the student union so that the students will have something to do between classes. Wiley has a very good sports program and I love Wiley because it is so diverse.
The thing I liked most about the school is that the professor are really helpful and really understanding. But what the school needs to improve on is setting a priority to the students' needs.
The school has courses that is open to adult workers which is very convenient. The teachers are helpful and encouraging.
when it comea to the school and the carrer prospect and the value of getting and studying to wrok and earn a degree the quality of the alumni takes that matter very seroius to a point that they wont all the student to make sure when they go to wiley college they can get a good edication
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when it comes to the experience of the courses on campus the matter of the subject has its days of down fall and it uprising when it come to the core class aand the electives
Most of the campus dorms are okay but it place to live evn though some if the main dorms have there problems its still a place to live
Wiley college is the 1st HBCU to have all 9 greek organizations on campus also all the greek treat each other like family
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