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I would like to see more up campus activities and more upperclassmen involvement. I would for there to be more clubs available and more teachers involved with students and their majors. I would like for there to be more sports for students to participate in. besides those few things, i enjoyed my experience here so far and thankful for the connections that I have made.
To be honest I don’t know why this school is accredited. This school is beyond terrible, it is literal hell. I’m a freshman in college, and I already have a bad view of it. First off I’m living in a hotel(at the Ramada Inn in Xenia, Ohio) I should be on campus. The internet here sucks!!! How am I supposed to get my work done? The service here sucks too.They give us dirty sheets, the toilets are nasty, and there are centipedes and earwigs here. They treat us like we don’t know anything, like we’re stupid. The school is literal trash. The classes ceilings have mold, we have old boxed TVs. Ran down chalk boards, They don’t have a bookstore, the computers in the library are all out of order, the computer labs printer is always out of paper or ink. This school teaches at a high-school level. Transportation sucks for people who don’t have cars too. TO BE HONEST THIS SCHOOL IS NOT WORTH YOUR TIME. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.
I don’t have much experience about wilberforce September we’ll be my first semester for my freshman year as a Wilberforce student but I have look into the school the school overall seems like a wonderful school not that diverse but have the majors I need and want for my future and I believe wilberforce can offer me everything I need.
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So Far What I've Seen , It Is A Great Place To Build Skills On Just About Everything! They take everything seriously from religion to the smallest problem a student may have. They just need more support to fix up their Dorms a little.
I like how Wilberforce University is very family-oriented. For instance, everyone whose enrolled there are very nice and they tend to help the other students with whatever they need. This help range by just giving someone a ride somewhere to helping them with their homework. Above all, this university prides itself on unity and inclusion.
Wilberforce University is an excellent establishment. I have been there two semesters and seen the hard work and dedication they put into thier careers as well as our futures. The have a great organizational system from classrooms to school activities. I can truly and honestly say that I love my HBCU. #WU
There are some positive opinions I have about Wilberforce,on of them being that I admired Wilberforce University's sense of community on campus. Wilberforce University is a small campus with a small student body which allowed everyone to familiarize themselves with everyone giving the feel of a close knit community and family. I also personally felt that with the school being a smaller campus, it allowed for less distractions than a large university would have,on top of having convenient fast travel to classes and other areas of the campus.
Despite the positive experiences I had, I also have dislike and concerns about the university that I would like to see change. Poor housing accommodations and maintenance,poor food selection,lack of sports,extracurricular activities and failure to acknowledge students expression of not only these issues but other ideas,is something that I would like to see changed at this institution.
What I love about Wilberforce is the community of students we have, the whole campus is like a family. I also enjoy the teacher who really become like family, who not only help you academically, but personally when you feel like you have no one to talk to. One thing I would like to see, is more activities, as a school we should do more things together especially since the university is small.
Wilberforce University has made me more hungry, and competitive than ever before! I am from Detroit, MI, as If that Isn't already enough. This University has molded me into a bright light that will shine, through any and every dark day the world has to offer. I highly recommend Wilberforce for It's academic teachings, historical teachings, beliefs, values, and family oriented campus.
The academic experience is good the teachers will help you to pass they won't let an y of their student fall if you come to class or turn work in they there no point of coming to college now my first semester living was so terrible it was like we lived in a jail dorm it was to small for two people to live in there now the up then our power and water keep going out so we had go to class dorms are until we left to go home for winter break now food experience is terrible its like dps school lunch we don't variety of food like other colleges the campus is small it dont look like a normal college campus
I Love All My Professors. They Are Amazing. I Love How Small The Campus Is And I Love That I Have A Family Here!
Love the overall encouragement of the faculty and staff. Employment placement lacking. Unfortunately, many employers are not canvassing New graduates. You more than likely have to invest in Graduate studies in order to afford standard living. However, if your already connected with an employer in an established firm you will excel.
I love The fact that it’s the first private HBCU in America, but it’s very poorly funded. The Alumni should invest more in their HBCU and strive for it to get greater and better each year instead each year everyone graduates they just leave little ol WU behind. But nevertheless Wilberforce IS in a renaissance and will be GREAT again!
This university needs help recently I transfeeed because I was not sure safety.It need help from staff all the way down to the buildings and education.I would not recommend this college to any student.Barely any sports not a real college experience.
I, all and all, have enjoyed the experiences and memories that I
have come to acquired and made over the course of me attending this university in the last two year. This school has a positive vibe within the school campus, the faculty along with the student body operate as a family. Most importantly, people enjoy attending and indulging themselves within this intuition. Nevertheless, this university has major room for improvement in regards of campus life ranging all the way to student life. In any case, my stay at Wilberforce has allowed me to grow beyond imagine. I honestly can say I am a better version of myself prior to attending Wilberforce University.
I am a first-year college student and my overall experience at Wilberforce University is amazing. I enjoy the school very much. The professors are really hands-on with the students and really take the time to work with each student. I enjoy the fact that campus is really small and the classes being small because I get to have a closer relationship with my professors. Since I have been there I have gotten the opportunity to have better relationships with the majority of my professors. Academic wise I understand the criteria really well. Athletics overall is great. I am living comfortably in the housing, I am always safe, Campus food is alright it could be better but no complaints and student life is great. I enjoy seeing different people from different areas and getting to know them.
I like the fact that we're able to communicate with are professors without them being to busy. I would like for the organization to change, in my opinion this school is very unorganized.
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Based off my own personal experience with Wilberforce University I can truly say its been a constant improvement in the 3 going on 4 years I have been there not only is it the first historical HBCU but a great one at that and very family orientated vibe and campus life to go along with its good academics.
I loved almost just about everything at wilberforce it was like a family environment all my teachers cared all the staff cared made me feel at home i would just like to see a change in food in the cafe
Wilberforce University may be out dated, but the history is there! Walking through the halls I just feel the connection with the students who first attended when Wilberforce University first opened back in 1856 and the historical power behind it, it makes he feel empowered like I hold my head high when I speak about it, People will ask me "What school donyoy attend" and I say "Wilberforce University " and they give me a look and I respond to that by saying "what? My school was the first historical black private university in America, where do you attend?" Many many amazing black icons have attended Wilberforce and have made an impact on the world and I plan on doing the same, Bulldog Until I die!!
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