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I like the fact that we're able to communicate with are professors without them being to busy. I would like for the organization to change, in my opinion this school is very unorganized.
Based off my own personal experience with Wilberforce University I can truly say its been a constant improvement in the 3 going on 4 years I have been there not only is it the first historical HBCU but a great one at that and very family orientated vibe and campus life to go along with its good academics.
I loved almost just about everything at wilberforce it was like a family environment all my teachers cared all the staff cared made me feel at home i would just like to see a change in food in the cafe
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Wilberforce University may be out dated, but the history is there! Walking through the halls I just feel the connection with the students who first attended when Wilberforce University first opened back in 1856 and the historical power behind it, it makes he feel empowered like I hold my head high when I speak about it, People will ask me "What school donyoy attend" and I say "Wilberforce University " and they give me a look and I respond to that by saying "what? My school was the first historical black private university in America, where do you attend?" Many many amazing black icons have attended Wilberforce and have made an impact on the world and I plan on doing the same, Bulldog Until I die!!
My overall experience at My University was wonderful, everything is free spirited, full of joy and comfort. My University is quite diverse and ver welcoming to all it shares its support and love with. Im grateful to be such a scholar that has a very high standard University that has my back.
What I like the most about Wilberforce University is that it's a small university. Being that I have been in small private schools my whole life, I wanted to attend a university with that same feel. The professors are easy to relate with and they show you how much they care about you by checking on you and making sure you are striving to do your best. The students are easy to get along with as well.
Wilberforce is a HBCU, which means a HISTROCAIL Black College. The school its self is small but the education is amazing. The teacher's really do care about you and want to see you gradate. The staff is very friendly for the most part, you will have your view who aren't but that is everywhere. The sport's well there isn't that mean but I would love to see more and hopefully more things to do on campus. Even though it is a small school it does come with it Task. One of those task is you will have to stay on top of things such as your Finical Aid, scholarship's and Homework.
Students have high career goals at my Historically Black College/University! This degree will be more important than any other one from any other institution, especially with a masters behind it.
In the beginning professors are always stern, and strict. Throughout the school year they seem to become friendly, and willing to engage in conversations outside of the classroom. Class sizes are manageable, Quality of courses aren't hard once you actually out in the effort to understand whats going on, and take the time out to do what needs to be done. Class styles vary! They cater to students who learn in any way, rather its visual, or hands on. The variety of classes aren't as wide as they should be.
Campus police are friendly, easy to get a hold of, and does a good job at doing whats best for students.
Campus life is convenient! It's close to classes, and gives you the knowledge of knowing how to encourage high scholastic's, and ethical standards on a more personal level. Campus also life promotes unity, and friendship. It services the life's that are at hand, and allows everyone to see the importance of maintaining a progressive interest in college life.
Greek life isn't as important as it should be. Students aren't understanding that history behind it! There's so much respect that should be given, that's misplaced on campus. Those who are apart, and even those who aren't apart understand that Greek life could use expansion. We're missing Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. along with Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc. I think these are two of the most active organizations that I've come across world wide, and it's unfortunate that our campus isn't being able to benefit from what these two organizations could bring.
Games, and events aren't promoted until last minute. The outcome could be so much more great!
Wilberforce University allows students to become ambitious, driven, and motivated more than ever before by black greatness!
Had a career fair for students who needed a job on campus, it helped students to get a feel of what it is like being interviewed by real jobs and how the process goes.
Did not really get the feeling of instructors taking there time to get to know the student, some instructors maybe but most could careless what you did.
Did not really see to much of security riding along campus or walking around campus
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The year i attended this school was the year the school was not being remodeled or anyone really cared about anything. There might have been a couple of times were authority was properly taken place but living wise, dont think i would ever want to go back if the school was not remodeled.
Geek life is okay, the students who pledge are down to earth and welcoming.
Most students that participate in sports or events are highly supported by friends and student body, also the athletic facilities are good for students and athletes.
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