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Overall my experience with Widener University has been good. I enjoy the programs and organizations they have to offer as well as the relationships I have built.
Widener have given me so many opportunities I would not have gotten anywhere else! I'm so happy I made the decision to further my education here.
I loved the people I met there. I like all the extra curricular activities I was involved with, including Greek life! It was a very supportive, and motivational academic environment to be part of.
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Widener is the perfect school for me. The campus is beautiful and all classes are within a 5 minute walk. It's a smaller school but big enough to the point where you will never know everyone (about 3K undergraduates). Widener has taught me so much in the classroom but has also given me so much opportunity to grow as a person. I've become a better person but also a much more confident one. I wouldn't trade my experience here for anything, and I am forever indebted to this Universtiy.
This college is what I was hoping college would be like. This is a beautiful campus. Everyone is helpful including the upperclassmen. Staff is also helpful.
There are so many clubs to get involved with. Professors are very nice and helpful. This is my first year and I am so glad that I chose Widener University.
So far, it has not been overwhelming. I am very pleased with Widener.
I hated it. I was in the nursing programs. What school gives 7 high credit classes to freshman the first semester?
Widener is a warm and welcoming community that provides one-on-one interactions with professors and staff.
I love Widener University. So many resources to help you be successful and guidance. The campus is beautiful and well kept. Campus safety is always around so you always feel safe. Could have better food and AC in dorms. Not much diversity on campus, but as an African American, I never feel segregated or like a target.
A great to school to feel like you're a part of a community. Athletics are a big part of the campus. If you don't do any sports there are clubs and intermural sports. The school is small but keeps added.. trying to add a drama department soon. The voluntary co-op program is unique to Widener.
Widener is a school where you have to become involved. I am involved in Greek Life, this allowed me to give back to the community, raise money for different organizations, and develop friendships I would have never developed before. The classes are small, helping me learn from my teachers and connect with them. The teachers are always there to help you and I can go to there office whenever to get help with different assignments. People on campus are so friendly and I am able to be involved with different groups on campus.
I am currently a student attending Widener University and my experience so far has been quite average. Like most colleges, you pay way too much for education and the food is just terrible. Other than the food being sickeningly terrible, I must say that I truly do stay at this school because of the amazing professors, major programs, and student life. I have just previously participated in the Habitat for Humanities alternative spring break program through my school and it was a life changing experience. In the one year I have attended Widener University, I have learned more than I ever have in my life time.
I believe that this college shaped me into the person I have become now, the teachers really helped me with my career path and helped guide me to become greater.
This was the BEST experience ever! The School and Classes are small and focus on the individual. All of my classes applied to my work, and the professors are very responsive.

This school is a diamond in the rough!
The time schedule for some lectures are very conflicting especially for a commuter who takes public transit. I commute everyday to school and ever since sophomore year, I have had to take some courses at 8:00am. This no fun when you have to wake up at least 5:30am in order to make it to school for class on time. I do not live far away it is just that some buses and trains do not run as quickly around 6:00-6:30am in the morning.
I am currently attending Widener University as a freshman. I like the campus itself. It is a small, beautiful campus. Also I like the classes being offered and how small each class is so that I am able to get one on one meetings with professors. All the professors are extremely helpful if you ever need their help with the courses. Also the campus is very diverse and since its small, you get to know everybody and are able to make connections whenever you need.
Everyone here is great, from the professors to the coaches. Campus size is perfect, facilities are great, class sizes are small.
It is a nice campus in a bad location. Some professors are helpful, some aren't. You just have to figure out who the good ones are. The cafeteria food is pretty awful, but there's other options too. On campus housing is way too expensive.
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Widener University is what you make of it, just like any college experience. There are endless opportunities to help yourself grow as a person and as a leader. All you have to do is take that chance, join that club, go on that trip, and your experience with Widener University throughout your four years at school will be a memorable one.
Beginning freshman year...loving the atmosphere....the on campus...great environment...many activities
Widener University has provided me with an excellent online education so far as I earn my Master of Social Work. The professors and advisors are very supportive and personable, while the material is appropriately challenging.
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