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The college is so friendly and the people really help you prepare for your career choice. It has some great places near by too.
Overall my time here was mixed. The food and housing leaves a lot to be desired. Administration will be in your way all the time and make your life very difficult.
Widener gave me many opportunities to grow through my career and as a student leader. At Widener, I became involved in greek life, service clubs, and many on campus activities. Widener definitely needs improving in areas such as housing, food, and general safety around campus but I do not regret my decision in going there
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Do not go here if your a science major. Their chemistry and math programs suck and the professors will rarely ever help you. The enrollment services faculty in lipka hall are also extremely rude. Tutoring on campus is a joke. It's just people who were able to pass the class by chance and know nothing about what their suppose to help you with. Overall, I am considering transferring next semester. I am only thankful that my biology teachers actually seemed to care about my success and are doing whatever they can to make my transfer as smooth as possible.
The professors that I had were extremely rude and as a freshman I was given 7 classes and 2 labs with no other choice. The dorms are pretty terrible, many of my friends complained about them being infested with bugs and overall the halls were just dirty. The area is terrible and there’s not much to do on campus either. The advisor I had was so sweet and made the process of transferring out of Widener as stress free as possible.
As a returning Sophomore, I can truly say my college experience so far has been great.

The classes are a bit challenging and it is a big difference from high school, but I have been able to keep up with my schoolwork and maintain a 3.0 grade point average. Widener University could use some more diversity, but I have been able to fit in well and join clubs that allow me to experience greatness. I cafeteria has a range of food choices that cater to any type of diet. Also there are plenty of local restaurants where you can eat and access your meal plan.
Widener University is a great university. It is small relative to the majority of other colleges and universities and I really appreciate this about it.
Small classes, more one-on -one attention with professiors. College staff are very passionate about what they do.
I love the levels of knowledge that the professors have. Most professors have a sense of transparency and no hesitation to display their humanness. The students have a sense of unity, the will to work together to accomplish the common goal- learning and graduating.
My first year at Widener has provided me with a great education experience as well as valuable life lessons. I would like to thank my parents for providing me with guidance and support which has allowed me to be prepared for this chapter of my life. I have been able to excel in the classroom, Athletics and with campus life. The Widener staff does a fantastic job of making sure that each student believes in his or abilities to succeed. My grandfather passed away just prior to me attending my Freshman year. He always told me, believe in yourself first and others will see your confidence. This message is how Live my life each day at Widener University.
I will be returning in the fall asa sophomore nursing major. I chose Widener because of its outstanding nursing program and its state of the art sim labs.
I enjoy Widener because of its small size and dedication to personal attention. As a private school, Widener does have a high price tag.
I love the atmosphere and how welcoming everyone is on campus. I enjoy the small class sizes because you really get to know your professors personally and they want the best for you. There are definitely many things to get involved in and there's always something to do!
I love Widener. The minute I toured the campus my junior year in high school I knew it was the environment for me. I went back several times to be positive I was making the right decision, and every time I returned it got even better. The population of Widener is also what makes everyday better. The people I have met impacted my life greatly, especially the amazing professors. From taking a trip to Costa Rica with the Biology department, to finally helping me decide to want to pursue nursing, everyone has been incredibly helpful. I couldn't ask for a better education or environment for myself to be in.
It gets to be more fun once you figure out how to get involved on campus. The food is ok but I wish there were healthier options. Some teachers are amazing and others are just absolutely terrible. There is not a lot of school spirit for things such as football but everyone gets excited for homecoming and bingo. Beautiful campus but it sometimes smells like sewage in random spots.
Widener University is a great school to attend; however, there is not much to do on campus or around campus.
I really do enjoy Widener. They have a lot of resources for students. Yet I wish the area was nicer.
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Widener University is an incredible school, specifically the School of Nursing; It is a world renowned program. With that said, it is one of the most difficult programs. You must have incredible passion and motivation to be successful in nursing. Widener's atmosphere is supportive and light-hearted. Everyone here supports each other. Widener also offers an immense list of clubs and activities, including a student nurse association, student government, student life, etc. There is always something to do here. The nursing staff is also incredible. Every single professor is here to aid you in your studies. I have not had a bad experience with any nursing professor, and some have even become friends.
This school is a good fit for me. I enjoy the learning environment as well as the social environment. Widener is a great school for nursing majors, which is why I chose to go here over any other school. Yes, the classes are challenging, but to be a nurse your work has to be extraordinary.
Widener is really great! The nursing program is amazing and the staff is so helpful. The program allows you to interact with your peers as well as the surrounding community with different assignments and volunteer work. It is so easy to get involved here as well. Everyone is very nice and welcomes you with open arms. This is my home away from home!
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