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What I like about Widener is the faculty. Everyone at Widener is willing to help one another out, and look out for each other. Widener brings happiness and comfort for students and teachers. Teachers willing to stay extra hours for the help and need for the students. Thats why I love Widener.
I transferred from Widener from community college and graduated with a 3.8 GPA. Although I made the best of it, I definitely wouldn't recommend it to anyone else as it is terrible in every regard. The academics are awful. My high school AP courses were both more challenging and more enriching. I also found that my AP high school teachers were, on average, brighter and more engaging than the professors at Widener University. There are a few really amazing professors at Widener, just as there is at any college, but the majority of professors are just awful.

While I enjoyed my time with my frat, the social life is lacking as the school cracks down so hard on the party scene in a strange attempt to overwrite it's previous reputation as a great party school (and yes, it used to be a great party school) despite the fact that almost anyone could graduate from their university while half asleep. With terrible academics and no party scene, what's the point of attending the school?
My experience at Widener University has been amazing so far. Everyone is extremely welcoming and friendly. Widener makes sure that everyone feels like they belong there. They are extremely helpful for students who are of financial need. The professors are wonderful and they make sure you actually learn what is being taught.
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Widener is a great school to find your comfort zone and get involved. Also, the faculty is very engaging and always willing to help.
I am taking an online MSW program and I quite enjoy it and the work is very fulfilling and enlightening. The teachers are great.
Amazing nursing program and awesome civic engagement programs. The nursing staff have presented me with multiple job opportunities. The civic engagement team has broadened my leadership skills. The university has taught me so much, academically and internally. It is shaping me into an adult and providing perfect opportunities to prepare me for the future.
the professors worked very well with students and are very encouraging when it comes to research. Students are also very friendly
As a first year student, I really like how "homey" campus feels. Living on campus is great. This school focuses a lot on the sciences, Nursing and Engineering, and if any of those field are not your cup of tea, I wouldn't recommend it to you. Widener has many different clubs, and activities students can join, and if there's not a club that you see, you can create your own with your friends. The academics are very good, challenging at the beginning but you'll get used to it.
I like widener university for its academics and all the fun activities there. The campus food is average and I would like to see more variety of options.
What I liked about Widener University is how everyone comes together as a community when it comes to supporting one another. I love the Psychology Department and how the faculty works with the students to get where they need to go on their journey through college. One thing I would like to see change is the respect of the environment on campus when it comes to the community walking on campus grounds. I did not appreciate last semester the kids trying to enter one of the dorms and running up and down the stairs of the dorm building as well as smoking on the campus when it is smoke-free then wiping the ashes on the side of the building. I have witness children pulling out the planted flowers that Widener plants during the spring time. I have heard the children of Chester throwing rocks at students or trying to mug them. I have seen children disrupt the activities that go on for organizations by going through the Lower Level Lounge.
The school has a lot of clubs and programs that appeal to many of the students on the campus. Programs such as the Black student union are offered on the campus. Some changes in the college would be the dorms. some of them aren't that good because some are used by old buildings on the campus.
Overall my experience with Widener University has been good. I enjoy the programs and organizations they have to offer as well as the relationships I have built.
Widener have given me so many opportunities I would not have gotten anywhere else! I'm so happy I made the decision to further my education here.
I loved the people I met there. I like all the extra curricular activities I was involved with, including Greek life! It was a very supportive, and motivational academic environment to be part of.
Widener is the perfect school for me. The campus is beautiful and all classes are within a 5 minute walk. It's a smaller school but big enough to the point where you will never know everyone (about 3K undergraduates). Widener has taught me so much in the classroom but has also given me so much opportunity to grow as a person. I've become a better person but also a much more confident one. I wouldn't trade my experience here for anything, and I am forever indebted to this Universtiy.
This college is what I was hoping college would be like. This is a beautiful campus. Everyone is helpful including the upperclassmen. Staff is also helpful.
There are so many clubs to get involved with. Professors are very nice and helpful. This is my first year and I am so glad that I chose Widener University.
So far, it has not been overwhelming. I am very pleased with Widener.
I hated it. I was in the nursing programs. What school gives 7 high credit classes to freshman the first semester?
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Widener is a warm and welcoming community that provides one-on-one interactions with professors and staff.
I love Widener University. So many resources to help you be successful and guidance. The campus is beautiful and well kept. Campus safety is always around so you always feel safe. Could have better food and AC in dorms. Not much diversity on campus, but as an African American, I never feel segregated or like a target.
A great to school to feel like you're a part of a community. Athletics are a big part of the campus. If you don't do any sports there are clubs and intermural sports. The school is small but keeps added.. trying to add a drama department soon. The voluntary co-op program is unique to Widener.
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