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I had a positive experience attending Wichita Technical Institute! I was constantly challenged as a student to think outside the box, to look at furthering my career. I had teachers and advisors that guided me all the way through. Honestly, I would have been lost without the support system. I do feel that WTI could make their school more diverse with education opportunities. Such as being able to complete college credits like humanities, English Comp 1 and 2, history, (general education credits) to help in the furthering of careers. I went through the billing and coding program and it served it's purpose for me but that was almost ten years ago. There are only so many coders and medical assistants that the school can give that background of education too. Programs that help you get your associates and bachelors would help a great deal.
I am impressed with the level of professionalism. They do care about their students and want they to success in all areas of their program. I am very happy to be apart of them. I think that they will help get me ready for a new career.
Although my classes are at night i have the option to attend day class when needed
Review Wichita Technical Institute
My courses are in the classroom not online
Wti career center will always be avalible to me even years after i graduate
Small classes and knolegable intructors that have experience in the field
Many companies look to wti to recriut new employees and the school offers help with job placement
Beside the book work there is alot of hands on training
The school is designed so that all the classes you need are always avalible. The intructors are very knowlegable and help you learn easily
In choosing WTI I have had many staff members willing and able to assist me in my education, as well as preparing me for a career.
I was informed that there are day and night classes and that if something comes up I just need to let the instructor know and can take the night class so that I can take care of my business during the day.
We are given a laptop computer at part of our tools required with our courses. Of course, we pay for this. Wireless access is readily available and from what I can see speed of the network is very fast.
This is a technical institution, so there is a big difference between this one and a university. I like the setup at WTI due to the fact they keep the classes small so that there is more availability for one-on-one instruction with the instructor.
The financial office help was fantastic. She never hesitated to explain anything when I asked a question and she had alot of ideas about getting scholarships and what I could do. The whole process was overwhelming at first but the staff were so friendly and put me right at ease that I had no doubt that I would be taking the courses and that I would have all the help and support I could ask for on campus right at my fingertips.
This school seems to have a lot of hands on training and small class sizes, which are absolutely great for the Integrated Electronics Field.
W.T.I. offers eighteen-month programs in Integrated Electronics Technology and Computer Technology & Network Administration. They also provide a 60-week Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology, Medical Assistant, and Medical Insurance Billing & Coding Specialist programs and a 48-week Pharmacy Technician Program.
W.T.I. provides plenty of resources at every campus. However, I believe a larger library would be beneficial for students.
Review Wichita Technical Institute
W.T.I. consists of working-class individuals that are ready to begin a different or new career. I believe most students have full-time jobs and/or families.
W.T.I. provides reliable high speed wireless internet access. However, the best part is they provide lap top computers (including the operating system and other essential applications) for students.
The programs offered at the Wichta Technical Institute (WTI) are career programs for jobs/careers that are in demand. Also, upon graduation (and after), WTI provides students with job placement and career services.
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