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I love Wichita State University! The campus is amazing! Great friends are made. Professors are helpful. I would like the school to be cheaper. too expensive.
I have enjoyed every minute meeting new people. I have experience a lot of new lifestyles away from home. Every teacher that I have had over the least three years has helped me and have been generous people everyday with their time.
Wichita State is a beautiful campus and has so many throngs for college students to do! The tour I took there was very beneficial and quite active.
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Wichita State University is a great university to get your higher education. They offer many degree programs and majors.
Going to school to get my degree. Not really involved in the other aspects. Some of the professors are hard to understand. I feel lost in the crowd at times.
WSU is amazing! I absolutely love the atmosphere here, I love that it was so welcoming and easy for me to make friends and get involved on campus.
The cost of attendance is rising fast. It’s become very expensive to finish a four year degree. Class sizes are also growing rapidly.
WSU is a great place for someone looking to study engineering or business. While Kansas isn't exactly the most diverse state, there's lot of different activities that go on that show off how diverse the campus is (compared to off campus, lol). There's also lots of interesting clubs for those who want to connect with other students based on their interests.
Had a great freshman year, and had lots of fun while meeting new people and trying new things. Love the variety of classes offered for General Education requirements and advisors are really helpful in finding classes that you will actually enjoy taking, rather than just looking for classes you have to take. Being an art major, i wish there was a little more variety of art classes. There are lots of options, however there are still classes that i wish they had.
I wish the professors focused more on their teaching than their research. I also am unhappy with the direction that WSU is going, I wish they would focus more on funding the parts of the university that are losing funds (art, LAS) than pushing the idea of "innovation"
The only real positive about this school is the price. If you can definitely go to K-state or KU instead. everything is better at those schools.
Beautiful campus, incredible student center, very safe, and outstanding instructors. Only downsides are that many buildings are very old and could use some work, and the advisors (at least the Liberal Arts and Sciences ones) aren't very reliable.
They are working hard to create a unique campus experience. Innovation Campus is building up quickly and there's a lot of neat thing things to check out. Wichita isn't a typical "college town", but they're creating a lot of really cool things for students on the campus. Academics wise, a lot of the professors are pretty cool!
I am a senior student at Wichita State University, I love there. the campus is beautiful, you can see many international students from the different country on campus. Also, the teachers are nice and professional.
Wichita State is a great school. The class sizes are not large. They have a great variety of degrees to choose from, and excellent professors to help students learn the best way that they can. There are many groups students can join based on their interests. I also love the inclusiveness of Wichita State!
It was definitely a growing university that aims to bring the world onto their campus and it continually growing and expanding in both studies and opportunities
I really enjoyed the class experience! Even night lectures weren't that bad. Aside from academics, there's so much for students to get involved in socially! There's a club for just about everyone, from music to debate, you will find your niche.
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Wichita State University is a great school. They have a lot of different resources and groups to be a part of. They help students that have test anxiety (such as myself) learn coping mechanisms and how to improve your test taking. I thought that them doing that for us is showing students like me respect for that. Most schools don't really care to help us with it some even say test anxiety isn't a thing. So thank you WSU for helping me as much as you did this semester!
i love wichita state because it is unique and diverse and everything i looked for in a college. I also really enjoy their various student involvement days. i loved getting to pet a pug!!
I really enjoyed my time at Wichita State University. In the Speech Language Pathology program there were days that I had to stay on the campus all day. The University provided everything I needed while I waited for my next class to start. It was easy to get around campus and the professors are incredible. I would like to see the parking system change. It was expensive to purchase a parking pass and that didn't even guarantee a parking spot.
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