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Amazing educational opportunities while also having great connections. Not much to do on campus if you aren't an athlete or like sports without a car.
What I definitely love the most about Wichita State are the students. Everyone is connected to a very large friend group - from the people in their classes, to former or current roommates to friends of friends - and I love that! I'm a really extraverted person, so being able to make lots of connections and build relationships is something I find a lot of enjoyment in. However, I will say one of WSU's greatest downfalls is the use of Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA) to teach an entire class. I know they'll have to one day teach a class, but a lot of the GTAs seem a little unprepared for it. Also, off the GTAs I have, some of them have even taught lecture for twenty minutes and let students go. Professors can take up the full hour with one lecture, so GTAs should be held to the same standard. In all honesty, this is just a small problem I have with WSU so far, so I hope it will change as I go forward in my degree program!
So far my experience has been good. It's been hard for me to adjust into becoming more involved because I'm in general a very shy person. However, everyone on campus is really nice and makes it easier to get involved.
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I live in the newly furnished dorms called the flats on campus are really nice and very well taken care of. In the lobby, there is pool, shuffleboard, and ping pong to play. Outside there is a sand volleyball court, grill and seating, and a pool. Academic Rigor You will have the typical one or two teachers that irritate you the way they teach, but they are still very good. Every teacher I have is really good and want the best for me. Tips for prospective students Do your best and find people that you automatically click with. Go to the events. Make memories. Talk to people you do not know. Have fun, but not blackout fun. Wichita State is one of the best colleges, to me. The college always makes sure you're on top of things. During the school year, they have fun events that you can attend for free and they are always fun to attend!
I liked the new opportunities it brought upon for me. The academics here are wonderful, I felt like I learned more in 1 week than I ever did in high school. The students here are intellectual and participate in conversations, but are also sociable outside of classrooms. People in my dorms are friendly, supportive, and overall entertaining. In terms of the local area, this university is conveniently located near an abundance of restaurants and food places. People within the community have been friendly and helpful.
I liked the class sizes and campus size. Classes are easy to pick and are very flexible. Professors are very easy to talk to as well. There are also a vast amount of resources around campus at grasp for the every day student. Dining times are very convenient and helpful.
Wichita State University provides an excellent education, but lacks the fun atmosphere of a college town.
I have enjoyed starting my classes this term. It has been a good transition and I have been able to get feedback from my advisor when I've had questions about changing my schedule and reviewing my requirements.
Recently attended a college visit and fell in love with the school and campus. Will be attending fall of 2018.
Wichita State is a very wholesome school and has great and hardworking people for staff. Unfortunately because the administrators are putting all of the construction down building after building, the fees increased a ridiculous amount and its only to reach the break even point for the cost of the construction going on.
I liked the diversity at Wichita State University. Otherwise my experience was horrible. Mostly with my student adviser and the administration office. Most of my teachers were good at their job and easy to understand.
I love the campus. WIchita state university has many clubs and organizations for all interests. The academics are good and the overall campus life is average.
The campus is beautiful. There is always something going on, landscaping is beautiful, students are friendly and fun.
This is the worst school. Don't waste your time or money. The school has turned into a business where the administration is corrupt and only self-interested. The cost to attend is swelling and the value of the education and experience does not even match the price tag.
I liked Wichita State for it's great general education classes, it's new engineering facilities, and it's large selection of clubs/groups to join. I was dissapointed with it's research value in the engineering department. I did not like the engineering core courses, but once into my program the classes were great.
Professors and advisors are all helpful. Offer many undergrad programs that help you apply for jobs for when you graduate, or to just build your resume for grad/nursing/med/ etc. There are many opportunities to get involved. There are 200 clubs and organizations one can join and its easy to start a club if none interest you. The school itself is amazingly diverse. You can induldge in other cultures and traditions by meeting the many people on campus.
Starting out my first few years have been a culture shock. I met alot of new people. Was introduced to numerous clubs. I like that I am trying out new things. Being friends with the teachers and asking questions for anything you don't understand helps alot.
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The University is great without the need add so many things to it at the expense the students. Stop increasing tuition at am.exponential rate!
Wichita State University is a very updated school. This school cares a lot about informing the incoming Freshman about what to expect, how to cope, everything about campus, and how to get involved. WSU is a very diverse campus and they encourage students to get out of their comfort zones and make new friends. They encourage students to join/make a club or go to sporting events or other simple events held on campus.
I like the growing community at Wichita State, and the renovated RSC is a great place to connect with fellow students. The advisors I've had have all been very helpful in getting me to the point where I need to be to graduate soon. I would recommend WSU to other people looking to explore their education. However, I would like to see more options in the Audio/Visual department.
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