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I enjoy my professors and everyone inside my college. I don't like the way they are running the public funded university. There are too many private funded buildings that are showing up on our innovation campus. The cost of being an engineer at this school has gone up. There are 1000 dollar in student and eng fees. When I started in 2013 the fees were 100.

It is still a cheap school compared to the other options, but I fear it won't remain that way for long.
Would like the first year advisers to have more knowledge on the actual school and degree programs offered.
As a freshman attending Wichita State University, I must say that things are good right now. The people are nice, food is delicious, class time seems reasonable, a whole bunch of activities to participate in, etc. Tuition is also affordable, which is a plus.
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My aunt always bragged about being an alumni at Wichita State University. So, I went on a college visit and enjoyed the atmosphere.
Campus life is great. Every sporting event is a must see. Student organizations are vast and diverse and each one full of passionate people.
I love being a student at Wichita State. The campus has changed so much since I first started attending. They provide many resources such as a writing lab and a math lab. The parking is terrible at certain times of the day though.
I really like the atmosphere and all the students who go here are super nice. Most of the teachers are decent and know what they are doing
I'll be graduating this year from high school and I'll be attending WSU during the Fall. I've visited the campus multiple times before because of orchestra, and I've always enjoyed each visit. The students that I bumped into were really nice and welcoming! I can't wait to be a part of the Shocker family!
I like how they treat students, care about them.Also, the advisors help you a lot to choose your major and they make plans for you to graduate on time. Also I like that there is always something fun you can do while you are in college and they also care about your health and there are different services that you can get.
The campus at Wichita state is medium sized, which is quite easy to get to class, even if your classes are 10 minutes apart. It is also the most diverse college/university I've been to. The professors are committed to your success and are just as friendly as everyone here.
Since it is in my hometown, it's not very exciting. The food is good, however there aren't a lot of healthy options and it gets boring over time. I love the brand new dorms at shocker hall. The area is really safe and not hard to navigate after a while. Academics, however, mainly excel in engineering. I don't think I would be able to excel as I would want to because my major isn't engineering and the classes they offer aren't for me.
New professors are unqualified and overrated. WSU used to be great, especially the aerospace department. Older professors are very dedicated, but most of them are gone just few left, and the newer ones teach without any practical knowledge and passion. I hope things will get better .
I love the university! So far there has been great instructors and an amazing environment. Mostly, I love the library. there is a 24 hour study room available or study rooms you can use and access to computers and many study tools..
Wichita State may be small, but its community is massive. My experience at WSU the past two years have been the best.
I’ve had a wonderful experience at Wichita State. All of the people are really friendly. It has its ups and downs and sometimes the professors are difficult but I do feel like this is the place for me. I feel like there are people there willing to support me along side with my family and I really like that about the school. There’s also many ways to get involved on campus. Along with so much to learn from. I plan to graduate with a Bachelors degree in science and later attend medical school. Wichita State is definitely the best place to prepare me for this.
Wichita State University is very diverse. A lot of people groups come together and strive for graduation and success. The staff and faculty are very nice and understanding. WSU just feels like home!
I love the innovation that Wichita State has to offer engineering students. There are also a high percentage of females in engineering here.
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I love the diversity and the number of opportunities they have to offer at WSU. There are many groups to participate in as well. I don't think I'd change anything for that.
Amazing educational opportunities while also having great connections. Not much to do on campus if you aren't an athlete or like sports without a car.
What I definitely love the most about Wichita State are the students. Everyone is connected to a very large friend group - from the people in their classes, to former or current roommates to friends of friends - and I love that! I'm a really extraverted person, so being able to make lots of connections and build relationships is something I find a lot of enjoyment in. However, I will say one of WSU's greatest downfalls is the use of Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA) to teach an entire class. I know they'll have to one day teach a class, but a lot of the GTAs seem a little unprepared for it. Also, off the GTAs I have, some of them have even taught lecture for twenty minutes and let students go. Professors can take up the full hour with one lecture, so GTAs should be held to the same standard. In all honesty, this is just a small problem I have with WSU so far, so I hope it will change as I go forward in my degree program!
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