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I generally hate how big the campus is. Parking is never fun and neither are the ever growing tuition rates. I don't think most professors on campus are well suited to teach. They seem too smart. The YMCA membership is awesome though. I also like meeting all types of people from different countries.
Diversity is very important to my university. And acceptance for all people. Many different degrees to choose from.
Average affordability. Not too many scholarship options. Average school spirit. Pleasant campus that has expanded immensely since 2013. Classes well available for sign-up.
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I liked the fact that it's easy to navigate WSU's campus for the most part. The most glaring problem I have with the university as a whole is that they clearly prioritize the money aspect of higher education over their student's actual well-being. Visiting with multiple academic advisors, they really don't like to talk about affording college, rather taking a school above all us approach in discussing how school fits into the student's actual life. It was almost as if they did not want to acknowledge that the course load that they are paid to push to students is ridiculously expensive and not an option in the student's fiscal reality.
Coming to Wichita State I knew the environment was not going to be the same as other public four year school. Through my years I have gotten to know many many students and I’ve gathered something interesting about the student body. The students at WSU are usually enrolled full time and work at a job. Plenty of opportunities to work in a big metro area which is a huge advantage. Less debt is accumulated by WSU students and I feel this is the reason. Student life will be changing in the next 4 years via more dorms on campus and a new fitness center.

Things are looking different and if you are wanting to be the first to experience you should jump on board! 🌾
Wichita State university is a divertised school. you get to meet new people from different places. You learn new things about peoples way of living and different cultures, religion, nationality or race.
I love Wichita State University! The campus is amazing! Great friends are made. Professors are helpful. I would like the school to be cheaper. too expensive.
I have enjoyed every minute meeting new people. I have experience a lot of new lifestyles away from home. Every teacher that I have had over the least three years has helped me and have been generous people everyday with their time.
Wichita State is a beautiful campus and has so many throngs for college students to do! The tour I took there was very beneficial and quite active.
Wichita State University is a great university to get your higher education. They offer many degree programs and majors.
Going to school to get my degree. Not really involved in the other aspects. Some of the professors are hard to understand. I feel lost in the crowd at times.
WSU is amazing! I absolutely love the atmosphere here, I love that it was so welcoming and easy for me to make friends and get involved on campus.
The cost of attendance is rising fast. It’s become very expensive to finish a four year degree. Class sizes are also growing rapidly.
WSU is a great place for someone looking to study engineering or business. While Kansas isn't exactly the most diverse state, there's lot of different activities that go on that show off how diverse the campus is (compared to off campus, lol). There's also lots of interesting clubs for those who want to connect with other students based on their interests.
Had a great freshman year, and had lots of fun while meeting new people and trying new things. Love the variety of classes offered for General Education requirements and advisors are really helpful in finding classes that you will actually enjoy taking, rather than just looking for classes you have to take. Being an art major, i wish there was a little more variety of art classes. There are lots of options, however there are still classes that i wish they had.
I wish the professors focused more on their teaching than their research. I also am unhappy with the direction that WSU is going, I wish they would focus more on funding the parts of the university that are losing funds (art, LAS) than pushing the idea of "innovation"
The only real positive about this school is the price. If you can definitely go to K-state or KU instead. everything is better at those schools.
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Beautiful campus, incredible student center, very safe, and outstanding instructors. Only downsides are that many buildings are very old and could use some work, and the advisors (at least the Liberal Arts and Sciences ones) aren't very reliable.
They are working hard to create a unique campus experience. Innovation Campus is building up quickly and there's a lot of neat thing things to check out. Wichita isn't a typical "college town", but they're creating a lot of really cool things for students on the campus. Academics wise, a lot of the professors are pretty cool!
I am a senior student at Wichita State University, I love there. the campus is beautiful, you can see many international students from the different country on campus. Also, the teachers are nice and professional.
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