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I really enjoyed the class experience! Even night lectures weren't that bad. Aside from academics, there's so much for students to get involved in socially! There's a club for just about everyone, from music to debate, you will find your niche.
Wichita State University is a great school. They have a lot of different resources and groups to be a part of. They help students that have test anxiety (such as myself) learn coping mechanisms and how to improve your test taking. I thought that them doing that for us is showing students like me respect for that. Most schools don't really care to help us with it some even say test anxiety isn't a thing. So thank you WSU for helping me as much as you did this semester!
i love wichita state because it is unique and diverse and everything i looked for in a college. I also really enjoy their various student involvement days. i loved getting to pet a pug!!
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I really enjoyed my time at Wichita State University. In the Speech Language Pathology program there were days that I had to stay on the campus all day. The University provided everything I needed while I waited for my next class to start. It was easy to get around campus and the professors are incredible. I would like to see the parking system change. It was expensive to purchase a parking pass and that didn't even guarantee a parking spot.
The more semester I go to WSU, the more I fall in love with this university. The culture inspires unity in diversity and really pushes students towards innovation and challenging the ways things have always been done. Every semester I'm more proud to be a shocker and looking forward to the vast network of Alumni who are already shocking the world.
Although it's a big school, getting help from professors or another department is easy and it's always welcome.
I like all of the different kinds of people you see here. There are lots of opportunities to get involved. If you need help with anything, there is always someone to talk to.
Wichita State has some of the most caring and helpful people int he business. All of their workers are dedicated and inspired to help others succeed.
I have just been admitted to Wichita State University. So far, my experience has been extremely difficult. There has seemed to be a hurdle to jump through during each step of the process from transcripts, to name changes, to setting up a password to use the online portal, to being told I need an additional 17 hours on top of what I already needed to complete my degree. It's been a frustrating process and I haven't even enrolled in a class yet.
I really enjoyed attending Wichita State. The community is very supportive and invested in the student life experience
Going into Wichita State, I decided to join Greek Life so I could stay involved. Greek life at Wichita State is so unique because its small and everyone is supporting each other. Its nice walking on campus and always knowing at least someone. I find the campus to be beautiful. I love sitting outside and doing my homework on the nice days. I have had some very good teachers and some very bad teachers at Wichita State. My favorite thing about Wichita State is that there is a Chick-fil-a on campus!! Its always a plus when I walk into the RSC after a bad class and smell Chick-fil-a. I have met so many people at Wichita State and I can't wait to meet so many more.
It is a really good university if you are looking for a "small college" feel without going to a 2 year college. Lots of different programs to choose from that are highly ranked nationally. Class sizes are small so it ensures that you are receiving the best education possible. A plethora of student organizations to join that are all extremely welcoming and inviting. Campus is expanding and a lot of new and exciting things are being built so Wichita State can only get better from here!
It's an average school that claims to promote diversity, but doesn't work with students to better their experience. Administration has a clear agenda to gentrify the surrounding community and make money off a non-profit school.
Wichita State offers an innovative education that is in keeping with project-based learning. They work hard to keep their campus safe and small, yet diverse and welcoming, and their education quality is very high. They also partner with major corporations to give their students the hands-on job experience that future employers always want in addition to the diploma. It's the best of all worlds.
I have loved my experience here at Wichita State University. I have been at the University for four years now and will be graduating in May. In my time, I have seen dramatic changes throughout the campus. WSU has one of the largest and leading innovation campuses in the entire nation. They combine the top notch education with the extremely large business world located in Wichita which creates a perfect dynamic. Anyone who desires to learn not just the tedious facts provided in a classroom but rather learn about real world issues and companies, Wichita State will fit your style. The only negative side of the University is their lack of student life. The University has a large population of commuter students which creates a lack of student life on campus. Besides this small fact, WSU is an amazing University with much to offer anyone.
I really enjoy the overall atmosphere at WSU. I get the vibe from all of the teachers and faculty that they genuinely care about me and my well being. The on-campus housing is phenomenal and a heavy contributor to my satisfaction with the school. I also am a big fan of the student involvement team and all the opportunities for fun things on campus.
I enjoy my professors and everyone inside my college. I don't like the way they are running the public funded university. There are too many private funded buildings that are showing up on our innovation campus. The cost of being an engineer at this school has gone up. There are 1000 dollar in student and eng fees. When I started in 2013 the fees were 100.

It is still a cheap school compared to the other options, but I fear it won't remain that way for long.
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Would like the first year advisers to have more knowledge on the actual school and degree programs offered.
As a freshman attending Wichita State University, I must say that things are good right now. The people are nice, food is delicious, class time seems reasonable, a whole bunch of activities to participate in, etc. Tuition is also affordable, which is a plus.
My aunt always bragged about being an alumni at Wichita State University. So, I went on a college visit and enjoyed the atmosphere.
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