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Financial aide process can be strenuous but overall a great college to get a degree! The staff tries to explain as much as you can expect. It can be more than other colleges but for the great teachers it is definitely worth it.
This college is good if you are trying not to spend too much money just to get the class taken. I choose to go here to save money. This is helping me get into the career profession I really want to be in. This is a school for older learners, so there is no party scene or athletics. This is a place to learn. They are open at night to help students go to work during the day and go to school at night. This helped me, to still earn money and learn at the same time
Very safe environment. Genuine people and the professors seem to be very interactive with the student. Wish to see a it be more of a college with athletics and organizations/clubs
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The programs they offer are great to get you into the work force. Advisors help you to be successful and find immediate employment!
It is a very good school if your looking for a Technical school the professors are a great help. I'm so glad that I decided to enroll.
Wichita Area Technical College has proven to be a great investment in my education. Although only a community/technical college, they offer a wide range of areas to major in and even a "shocker pathway" which allows you to transition into majors at the 4yr college Wichita State. Being a small college there in no 'party scene', dorms or athletics but the lower price of tuition makes up for that. Overall I would recommend WATC to anybody looking to get started on a new career path.
I love this school! They are very helpful when you come in lost and trying to find your life path! I wasn't sure what career I was interested in and the admissions counselor took her time and made me feel important. Better than any 4 year can do!
Once again. If you communicate and ask for help there will be someone to help. As long as you put forth the effort, theyll take care of you.
There are a ton of resources available when it comes to career placement. We even have a whole building dedicated to just that
Once graduated from my program you can walk into almost any aviation company and get a job. You can also work on farm equipment, amusement park rides, trains and more. Job security is all but guaranteed.
As far as everything in the classroom, the size, instructors,etc. I am very satisfied. I have never had any problems in the classroom. If i dont understand something, instructors are always willing to help.
I think the A&P program is well structured. Everything builds on itself as you go. There is always someone available to help if you need it. As long as youre putting the effort in your instructors will make sure you graduate.
The instructors are very approachable. Anyone who wants to succeed here, will. My only complaint is the financial aid department and the student advising. I can never get replies to emails, The financial aid messed up my paperwork and now if I dont come up with $5900 in a month, I cant continue my program and wont be able to pick it back up until Spring of 2017. Ive tried to explain this to multiple people with no remorse or anyone even willing to help . As far as the education you will succeed if you put the work in. But if you need help with anything else, good luck.
Great institution! Teachers are great at explaining the concepts! Usually smaller classes, so the teacher usually remembers a face and a name.
The school is still changing to be the best it can be, but it has been the fastest growing school in wichita and has helped me find multiple jobs and has left me with many references and connections to those in my field.
Several classes were canceled last minute which made the school year really hard because they had to start a lot of classes late.
It just a technical college, but it dies a good job given its resources.
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We use blackboard so it's very easy to use, and depending on the teacher, I usually get my work back very quickly.
I take mostly online but the students I've met have been friendly.
My work isn't graded carefully although class sizes are small. The curriculum is very one size fits all and it's hard to get help. The workload is extremely light and it's hard to get a good feel for college.
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