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It is a culture centered around making sure students succeed at their goals. There isn’t anything that I can find fault with.
Whitworth is a great institution that prides itself in its academics and mind and heart culture. Professors strive to help you succeed in all aspects of life, in which I am truly grateful to have as a resource on campus. This is a college that I wish everyone had the privilege of experiencing at some point in their lives.
Everyone is very kind here. I love how I have been able to meet so many people here in the short time that I have attended Whitworth U. I am loving my classes and my teachers are great. My theology teacher seems to really know what she is talking about and she has posed some very fascinating questions during class. My art teacher is also really cool. I have been having a lot of fun here while also learning a lot. My hall even does study Sunday where we all get together and do homework. It's all about community here.
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I love Whitworth's diverse opportunities to find different activities that fit your interests, the professors' and academic advisors' dedication to supporting you in setting aside time to answer your questions and make sure you succeed and grow as a student.
I love the small college atmosphere. I love having those close knit relationships in a smaller college. Their food is excellent. The campus looks amazing. The class sizes are small, so I get more 1-1 time with my professors. They have a thing called primetime, so in every dorm, everyone living in the dorm gets together and does something fun, every week. Every time I've been on campus, I've just had a great experience.
Very helpful staff, answered all my questions in a timely matter. Friendly atmosphere with lots of activities. Seemingly friendly students who are very motivated in what they want to do.
A very good Christian university with top rank academics and the staff and students actually show that they care for you. Highly recommend
This place isn't the greatest at trying to integrate people into things or events. Primetimes (activity between 8-10) are super loud, and no one seems to care that others are trying to sleep, even afterward.
Let's discuss the students themselves: they seem to be nice, friendly "Christian" people, but really, it's mostly made up of religious fakes with money. I don't mean that *all* of the students are such, because I've met great friends here, but it took time and effort between all the cliques and prissy people that exist.
As a Sodexo employee here, I get really tired of the bitching that goes on about the food. This isn't home cooking, and with limited funds this year, the organization tries to do it's best with what it has.
There is one good thing about this university though; and it's the academics. They have gen eds and they try to give as much diversity to the topics as possible so you'll enjoy them.
Everyone there tries to make sure that you experience a really good educational environment. They strive for excellence. The staff helps in every way possible to ensure that each student that has a disability has the items that are needed in order to succeed.
I attended whitworth university in the fall and only lasted one semester before running home with arms wide open to be happy again. The students here are very happy go lucky and very fake. The campus is very small and the on campus activities and clubs made me feel like I was in elementary school all over again. I could not decide which one of the orientation games I disliked the most, duck duck goose or the "extreme" game of Rock Paper Scissors we played. I'm not joking that actually happened. I felt like an outcast my whole entire experience because I could not make any friends. My roommate took rubber gloves and blew them up into balloons and tapped them to the ceiling, watched the office on her laptop with her lab goggles on, as well as set a cerfew for lights out at a VERY early time. I can not stress this enough, Do. Not. Go. To. Whitworth.
Students and staff have made me feel welcomed. The campus is close to the city but far enough away that you can be relaxed in nature. Traditions such as catching a pine cone and throwing frisbees warms my heart.
Whitworth University is one of the best choices I have ever made. The education is exceptional and the professors are fantastic. They know you by name and make themselves available to students. The students are wonderful too, all very friendly and open to deep conversations at the drop of a hat.
The professors love what they do and the residence hall community is excellent. The campus is open, but self-contained, and it's easy to get to know lots of people in a short amount of time.
I have been here twice for visiting and hitting with the tennis team since I would like to be on the tennis team. It's a really nice college that has everything a student could ask for. What I really like is that they have a big cafeteria where they have a lot of food and it's variable. There is nothing I would change about this.
I love the atmosphere of Whitworth. It is a very welcoming and intelligent campus. Every person I have spoken to has a unique story and a wonderful reason for being at this great school.
Whitworth has a lot of great and helpful people in its administration, from faculty to the staff. A Christian university it is not. "Christian" is more of a label they place on the university, there isn't a lot of substance behind it. The material they present is definitely intellectually challenging. Overall, this is a very good university.
Whitworth is an amazing university. It was the best choice. The professors and faculty are amazing. They have a great support system and help guide you through your four years there.
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I just started attending Whitworth and so far my experience has been great. All the students and faculty are very welcoming. Professors care so much for all their students it is just an environment I love being a part of.
Whitworth has an amazing community no matter who you are. You will be challenged academically and encouraged by professors and students alike. The only thing that could improve is the food.
I love Whitworth! This university is incredibly unique in many ways. The community is unlike any other school environment I've been exposed to. The students and professors are genuine and committed to expanding their worldview and living out their faith.
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