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Whitworth University - Adult Degree Programs Reviews

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Whitworth is an exceptional University. I believe that they are mostly successful of helping students reach the full potential. I believe that the only draw back is that they do their own textbook literature for some of their programs.
The cleaning could be better but overal I feel safe when I am on campus, and rarely worry about safety on the campus.
We are highly respected in the area as having hard working students. This helps students find jobs easier because we have a good reputation.
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Overall my experience with professors has been good. There have been a couple who weren't great but there isn't very many poor professors part of this college.
Community is really important to whitworth and it show in the their dorms. Everyone loves to be in the lounge and just hang out. None of the dorms are that far away from anything on campus.
We aren't on of the best in the country but we pride in our teams. We do great in the division but struggle outside of it. The average student facilities are really new are in great shape.
People here are so nice it makes it a great place to attended. It makes it a lot easier when you have a great sense of community at a school.
The security is generally around. The doors are locked after 8 pm. Never had any bad crime since I have been there. Never had my car broke into. They had a lock down once when the Spokane police we're on a high speed chase with someone in the neighborhood. The only time I have seen something like that happen. They took the appropriate measures at the time.
Everyone is usually dressed professionally because they are coming from work.
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