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Small class size and excellent professors. Easily accessible and pretty campus. Academic and professional counseling.
As a freshman here, so far I can say that the college is friendly and the classes are interesting. Residence halls are old, dirty, and I've seen bugs in them, so they're definitely not the best. The food here is really good, at least in my opinion! I'm overall enjoying my time here so far.
Being a small school I enjoy the community and vibes that it has. Professors are helpful and make themselves available to the students.
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Such a positive environment! The staff is ready and willing to help no matter how big or small the question or problem is. It is a smaller class size so you get to know your peers and professors better and it helps to form connects to kick start your career.
I am entering my second year at Whittier college but so far academically enjoyed the school and majority of my professors. The campus is small however and have heard dorms are small and that the fire alarm goes off at night due to construction. But still that's how most dorms are if live on campus. I still have enjoyed the school better then I was anticipating going in and teachers have been helpful mostly in office hours
I am currently enrolled at Whittier College and one thing I like about this college is the size. Being a small private school, the academics are more of a priority as seen through the smaller class sizes in comparison to lecture halls at other bigger colleges. It also gives the college more of a community type of feel since you get to know the majority of the people you see and walk by every single day. I hope to see tuition decrease a little bit as it is extremely expensive to attend and difficult to afford. I also hope to see athletics continuing to improve and grow each year.
I love my professors and the knowledge I've acquired here. I wish there was more diversity and better food but other then that I've enjoyed this school.
Whittier College has a fun and studious environment that is safe to live. uptown Whittier is nearby making it accessible to small cafes, a movie theatre, and boutiques etc. It has adequate resources for students with disabilities. Residential life is located on campus, making it easy for students who live on campus to get to class on time. In addition, there is a three-story library with access to computers, printers, study rooms, and MADLAB where students can rent laptops, chargers, and HDMI cords. For freshman, there are career fairs during orientation week. The Whittier College Career Center offers multiple job opportunities to Poets (Whittier College Students). There is a fine balance of healthy food at the C.I. (Campus Inn). There is also a bookstore, where you can order your textbooks, stationary, etc. Whittier College has events that occur throughout the year. They include talent showcases, a variety of graduation ceremonies and just dance now competitions for freshman.
Overall, I had a positive experience during my first year at Whittier College. From the very beginning, I took classes where my professors weren't afraid to stay after class to help me out.
I was going through extremely rough personal times during my undergrad years. I am grateful that Whittier College was a place for me to feel safe during these rough, unspeakable times. I am even more grateful for the fact that I received an excellent education and experience at this college.
Finding a job after graduation was extremely difficult. I found a job through Whittier College and it was terrible. I won't name the company, but I was being asked to work for 10 hours in one day or just 1 hour a day. I feel that jobs offered through the college should be vetted. Other than that, it is still an excellent school and I will always be grateful for Whittier College and all it has taught me during my time there.
whittier, so far, has provided me with an excellent education, however, i do think it lacks more student life activities. it is especially is uninclusive of its commuter students which is most likely why i feel it needs improvement in student life activities.
One of the best things about Whittier College is that it is a small diverse college. When looking at colleges and deciding which one I wanted to go to Whittier was on my top list. I really like how they everyone connected which will be by email, class facebook group, social media accounts.
Whittier College is very friendly and inclusive, as a campus and in the classroom. Whenever I am on campus, and I walk by any professor that I have had in the past, they say hello to me by name and will have conversation with me. There are so many opportunities to have academic help in the tutoring center, the library, and professor office hours. There is also many opportunities to speak about how one feels on anything occurring in the world. The campus is beautiful and is in the perfect part of the town of Whittier. It's so great to have my friend's be a part of my everyday experience as well.
I was recently admitted to Whittier College, and also recruited to play lacrosse there. I have grown up always going to the school for events such as games. I love the school and everything about it, however if I could change anything, I would update the dorms and clean them up a bit. Just for easier more comfortable living. Other than that everything else is great.
My favorite part about this school is how caring the professors are and how willing they are to help you succeed! One thing that can change is add more classes for the liberal arts program.
Whittier College is such an amazing school. All the staff in the offices bring such positive vibes to the campus and make you feel welcome. This school has a really good reputation and I love to be part of that. I would not change anything about this school because everyone, even students, are there to help you succeed and become a mature adult. They make sure we are put in the right path. The professors are very nice and help us do a great job. The campus itself is beautiful with such amazing flowers and trees. It brings such a great environment.
I think I made the right choice coming to Whittier. I am absolutely in love with the campus and overall atmosphere of the school. I was worried about the size at first (it is quite small), but after attending my first semester I enjoy the fact that it allows for a more community-like experience. Everyone is so kind and welcoming. I also feel secure yet free. The food at the CI is amazing, there are so much options to choose from. I loved all my professors and classes so far. Also, uptown Whittier it just a close walk! It’s my favorite place to just Rome around when I’m bored!
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I enjoy the small campus feel and the ability to connect with faculty. It is the perfect school for those who need a smaller class size in order to succeed. I enjoy the sense of the community and promise of networking that goes on. The energy of the campus is very balanced. There are loads of resources that benefit us while we are attending as well as transitioning out of college.
I thoroughly enjoyed attending a small school such as Whittier. The people here are great as well as the overall culture. The residence halls could use some work.
Seems to be a good school for me overall. Can be slightly expensive, but the teachers care and there are lots of good vibes on campus.
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