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I'm a first year at Whitman college and I'm struggling to fit in because everyone here's from Pacific Northwest and there are very few international students. I spend most time in my dorm room since I feel excluded and I never go eat dinner at the dining hall because I don't have anyone to go with. The dorms are overrated and the town is too small that I've run out of things to do even though I've only been here for 3 weeks. The campus is small and I feel trapped in a small town far from any cities not to mention the tuition for this college is definitely overpriced and is not worth it. The party scenes are terrible and there aren't much around either making it really hard to have fun (especially without many friends). The good part of Whitman is that the professors are really supportive but that's about it.
Excellent Campus. Very friendly people. Interesting and Knowledgeable professors. Whitman has an abundance of clubs and sports to choose from. Dorms are better than most universities and the food is very satisfactory.
Whitman suffers from the same defects as so many other private US colleges: runaway tuition increases, shrinking enrollment, and a chilling atmosphere that stifles free speech in the name of "higher" virtues. What distinguishes Whitman from (say) Reed or Lewis & Clark is its relatively well-adjusted (and well-heeled) student body.
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You can do everything at Whitman- academics, leadership, hobbies. The small classroom environment guarantees your learning will be engaged and hands-on alongside your professors- they talk *with* you, not at you.
Whitman has provided me with a lot of resources in order to further my academic career. The people are extremely friendly and the environment in itself is gorgeous. The professors are very involved and passionate about what they teach and are always there for your needs. Many other resources are available along with countless amounts of extra curriculars which anyone can partake in.
I just took a recruit trip to Whitman and I loved it. Everyone is unbelievably welcoming and the campus is gorgeous- can't wait to be apart of the community!
This was the worst school experience I've ever had in my life. The people were very mean and judgemental and the school itself was overrated and overpriced. The tuition is about the same you would pay at Harvard or Yale with about as much distinction as you would have from most accredited colleges out there. I went there for two years and left without a degree. It was a total waste of money. I ended up getting a BS from another college with a 68% acceptance rate for a fraction of the money that I spent at Whitman.
Whitman College is truly amazing. I am impressed every day with the quality of the professors, the sense of community on campus, and the scenic surroundings. I have made some really great friends that I know will be life-long connections. My first year here has been great, and I am looking forward to my sophomore year.
There is truly not much I would change, except perhaps increasing number of shuttles to the airport in Pasco.
I have had a great experience so far at Whitman and it is everything that I hoped it would be. The friendly vibe of the student body is great and does an awesome job of making Whitman a great tight knit community.
The academic side of the school is pretty solid and prepares the students well for their future. However, the social life lacks because people are not very interesting and diverse. There is an immense lack of diversity and all around the campus you mostly see white people. For those that like diversity, it will be hard to find their place in this school. Also, students are not very politically or socially engaged. Nevertheless, there is a cool vibe in campus and people are quite chill.
Greeks are surprisingly friendly and inviting
I wish we had football, but intramurals are huge
Walla walla may suck, but I'm never bored.
Sense of community is prevalent in all residence halls.
Greek life advantages (e.g. Great network) without its disadvantages (Frat boy image, irresponsible partying)
Wonderful small town, beautiful campus, and a great bunch of students, faculty and staff.
There is the iEngage program which allows you to apply for jobs post graduation to many companies around the U.S. Whitman makes the transition go smoother. There are several job and internship opportunities on campus that are announced through very frequent emails and bulletin boards all over campus.
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I love Whitman College. The professors not only care about you but also want to see you succeed. Whitman could work on the variety of courses and majors/minors offered. There is still a lot to choose from to study though. Everyone is accepting of each other and the student body is full of humble and kind students.
There are many talks about consent and sexual violence that all freshmen have to go through during orientation. There are several clubs on campus that support the prevention of sexual violence. There is even the green dot initiative and an app created by students where students can request help at anytime they need it. I feel very safe on this campus because everyone cares about each other.
The social atmosphere is great. As an antisocial person, it was hard making friends at first. But students are so welcoming and always asked if I wanted to come to dinner with them. The dorm rooms are not too spacious but they definitely do the job. There is enough space to keep all your belongings in and then some. At least in jewett hall, there are the couch bed which really help create space when you are no using your bed