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I loved White Mountains Community College! It was a great experience! I majored in Baking and Pastry Arts! The classes and teachers were wonderful!
The school is great, beautiful place, lots of online classes offered for easier convenience. Professors are understanding and there is lots of programs offered.
As a non-traditional Information Technology major, I found WMCC to provide an excellent starting point toward continuing my education at PSU.
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I am in my senior year of college. I am currently going for an associates in science through their MA program. The teachers and staff are extremely helpful and willing to go that extra mile to help you. I have loved my experience so far and am looking forward to seeing how my last semester goes.
It was easy transferring credits and i didnt have any frustrations or hassles.
It was hard because you don't actually have the teacher standing in front of you lecturing you. You have to have the ability to stay on top of things and not slack off or forget you have that homework.
They have a program you can sign up for for when you graduate from WMCC then you'll have a place at a different school you like.
They have many different classes and styles. Like my accounting class is being taught in littleton but videoed over to berlin so we don't have to travel. The class sizes defiantly vary because my two classes Im taking go from 4 kids to like 25.
They defiantly have the staff available for you to be able to help you figure out what to do after college.
The workload isn't as much as high school but there are days where you have a lot going on.
WMCC is unique because they go out of there way for you. They make whats best for you work!
Its been going great the courses are awesome and instructors are vary helpful. There are a number of courses offered and each class is different in size and styles.
This is my first semester and I have not much of an opportunity to learn about the internship prospects. I know that the instructors work with you to place you in an internship you will enjoy. WMCC is also offers an accredited MA program which will help your job prospects and career quality quite a lot.
Where I live there are two White Mountains Community College campuses within an hour and 1/2 from home. Since there are two campuses relatively close by and offer the same classes it has made scheduling a lot less of a hassle. If a class is scheduled one day and I can not work on one campus there is usually an alternative at the other campus. I was also able to transfer credits from two other college (RVCC and CCV). Since that was available I now have two less classes to take and that saved me around 1200 dollars.
The online classes are fun and easy to use. I prefer online classes that I can do from home because I find them to be more convenient. White Mountains Community College uses blackboard for online stuff. So far I have only had coding for an online course but I'm looking forward to more.
I have only just started on my associates degree. However, when I looked into different colleges one of the main things I was concerned with was making sure that the Medical Assistant program was accredited. If your MA program is not accredited then you will have an extremely difficult time getting your MA license. However, White Mountains Community College has an accredited MA program. Both the instructors and staff work closely with you to attain what you want specificaly out of the program for future career goals.
I have only just completed my first semester, so far it has been an amazing experience. My major is Medical Assistant it is going really well. The way the campus is set up people in the medical assistant program can get together with other MA students or just friends and talk about classes and assignments. Our MA instructors our happy to help us and make a huge effort to meet us half-way. Our phlebotomy instructor was even willing to be our guinea pig when it came to practicing our venipuncture.
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This is my first time as a college student and I'm the first one in my family to go. So far it has been an awesome experience. The teachers and staff are helpful and extremely supportive. If I have any questions or concerns I have no problem going to a teacher/staff member to get help. In one of my classes after we take a test our teacher will grade it and give it back to us. We can then correct and give feedback on why we chose our original answer and then we hand it back in. When we do that our teacher will give us back 1/2 the points we lost.

I would really recommend White Mountains Community College to any aspiring college student and I would definitely chose this school again.
I was unable to recieve financial aide at my previous school due to poor grades i earned in 2004. I wrote an essay asking to please overlook this as i had taken some classes and done very well. I was denied and i ended up coming to white mountain with fear that i would be unable to get financial aid. However, i was awarded, and am able to go full time now!
again, i have found the staff and teachers at white mountain community college to be very accommodating. The curriculum for each class seems fair and covers what we need to learn. Registration was very simple to me. I transferred here from another community college, and i think i signed up for classes a week before they started!
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