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White Earth Tribal & Community College Reviews

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It is a very friendly place to go and the instructors are amazing! Class sizes are smaller so it is easier for students to get ahold of their instructor. Flexible schedules.
This school helped to see that hard work will pay off and the sky is the limit.
Without this college I would not be working toward my dreams.
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We don't have on-line classes at this time.
There's not alot of this because we live in a very small community.
Teacher's are always there to talk too or they have office hours or email and they get right back to you in quick fashion.
The college helps people to find jobs in our community, once we graduate.
I wish we could get our Financial aid in a faster manner, but I understand it takes a while because it's a small college and they only have one person working on it. I also wish there could be more scholarships available to non-native people.
This college has a wide range of classes seeing that it is small college. One thing I don't like is the night classes, because I need to be home for my children in the evening.
This school helped me to realize that I could get a degree as long as I worked hard. They are so friendly and are always praising us and the always reassure us that if we put our minds to it we can reach our goals and dreams.
Our college has great student tutors, who help out anyone that needs the help. They work hard to be available to all students. We all have Student Senate which any student can attend to have a voice. Student's feel like they can have voice and be heard at this college
This college is very friendly, helpful, and strive to make everyone feel welcome. They always tell you that you can do anything and go anywhere in life as long as your willing to put a full effort into your college degree.
The school I attend has about half and half. There are some really great students passionate about learning and are growing into the person they want to be. They really give the college a great atmosphere. While other students struggle to even get to class, others drop out. I am really proud of the students who stuck it out and decided to make a change in their lives.
My school is new and still learning what how to meet the needs of the racial backgrounds of all the students as a tribal and community college.Yet, they continue to provide great financial aid assistance and try their best to provide the students with the tools,grants and scholarship opportunities to meet their needs. The fees and tuition are reasonably priced and the staff and teachers are more the willing to provide the help needed.
Computers are always available, the wifi gets low when you get to the south end of the building, which does't hold classes only community events.
Since it's a tribal college a lot of the benefits of living on a Reservation carry over into going to this college. The best thing about the school is that most things are related back to the culture, academia, social scene, extra circulars, and so on.
in any community there will be problems, as an individual I feel like my first year at WETCC I have went above and beyond what I thought I was capable of.
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Native American Culture – One of the classes that is offered is Ojibwemowin (Native Language) the History of White Earth and every other class that is offered is based on
the Ojibwe culture and the Seven Anishinaabe Values. It makes the school a very nice place to be when all of the students are aware of our values and treat each other accordingly, with RESPECT!
I have yet to start classes, but I have already needed a lot of help with filling out numerous forms for financial aid. The financial aid officer I went to was productive and very knowledgable.
Little Experience – The amount of time I've spent on campus has been positive, I recently applied and everyone I have talked to has been very helpful and nice.
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