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I have enjoyed my freshman year at Wheelock. I chose the school because it was small, close to home and offered the major I was interested in. The professors are nice, and willing to give extra help when needed, and my advisor has been amazing. It is not a party school and has a very tiny campus, but it is located among a lot of other colleges and universities. Our school is merging with Boston University in June 2018, so next year, I will be a BU student. This will mean a much larger campus and even more opportunity, which I am looking forward to. I think being on a small campus was the right choice for me this year though, and helped to ease my transition to college from high school.
Wheelock is to small. I am always getting kicked out of area that I am just trying to do homework in. Wheelock is no longer Wheelock it has been bought out by BU
I originally liked the small school feel, however, Wheelock is too small. Students talk, and information spreads. Overall, it isn't a bad school, however, it is difficult being active with on-campus activities, and I quickly get bored.
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The staff was very kind and generous during my college tour and the campus itself is very beautiful. The students that gave us the tours were very funny and relatable so I could really imagine myself in this school.
I enjoy where the college is located and the places we have access too. There are a lot of amazing teachers at the school that show that they care about your education and making sure you graduate.
As a sophomore at Wheelock College, I have had the opportunity to experience many of the advantages and disadvantages of attending the college. Something that I love about my college is the student-faculty ratio. This allows the relationship between students and teachers to be in personal level. However, something that I struggle with is the communication between students and administrators. I have emailed a member of the administration and not gotten a response back. Even though I value physical interactions, my busy scheduled prevents me to ask some questions directly. I enjoy attending Wheelock college and would like to graduate one day.
Professors are great, all dedicated to their students and knowledgable. Class sizes are very small which I enjoy. You are able to speak up and be heard in your classes. I like the class discussions that are often conducted. The courses have all been informative and fulfilling, even if the class topic wasn't something I loved.
Many opportunities for grads. I have heard many success stories from alumni. Specifically within the program I want to be involved in, I have heard from numerous people that Wheelock is the best school for it.
Good security presence. Feels safe for being in the middle of Boston with no gates. Have to swipe with your student ID to get into dorm buildings. Have heard from other people that sexual assaults are somewhat ignored/difficult to talk about with administrators, but I have never had personal experience. They do do a Title 9 presentation at orientation.
Dorm buildings are all very close to classroom buildings, dining hall, gym, train stops. Some dorms are nicer than others. Would be great if all dorms had air conditioning, but they don't. Old dorm buildings can get stuffy and smelly easily. RAs and RDs are nice, but aren't always the best at spotting drinking/weed violations. Laundry rooms in each building. Only one dorm with a kitchen. Some dorm floors have a more close-knit community atmosphere than others.
A few sports teams. Not a huge focus at all. People will go if the teams are doing really well or if their friends are on a team, but overall going to sporting events is not a huge social event.
Tight-knit community. Everyone focused on the same goal of improving the world and helping others. Teachers are very kind, approachable, professional. Most teachers are experts in their fields and can provide you with great resources and connections. Very small, sometimes to a fault. Student body is overwhelmingly female. Sports teams are just okay. Great location. People are friendly.
wheelock prides themselves on diversity and we talk about it in almost every class
Wheelock is very strict on what you can and can't do and it is a very safe campus
We have many classes surrounding children and psychology to criminal justice and teaching
we do not have a greek life
There is no Greek Life here
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I haven't heard of any problems of this sort, but there has still been discussions on what to do if something were to happen to you or a friend
I feel like degrees from here are highly valued, considering this school is very involved in organizations that once we graduate, could work in and our school is centered around helping people.
All of the professors are really nice and always try to help with anything, whether it is in person or over email. They are also very accommodating with papers if you have something stressing you out in your life and need an extra day or two.
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