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I like the small campus life at Wheeling Jesuit University. The professor to student ratio is quite simply a perfect fit for me coming from a small high school atmosphere. My high school experience was one where everyone knew one another and this college experience is very similar. The college community is a very close knit family sort of atmosphere which fits my personality very well.
Wheeling Jesuit offered a great education and a great atmosphere. I was able to complete my four year degree as a student athlete while being involved in multiple clubs, and I got into the graduate program of my choice.
They laid a foundation for my life’s successes!
Liberal arts education including theology and philosophy’s along with a major in psychology set the stage for mr to move on to greater achievements in my life. They were inspirational and academic. Quality professors who made you think and expand your horizons. Now all that occurred from 1967 to 1971.
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1971 graduate. Came from a coal mining family. Received a good education to transition my life to the business world and later went on to obtain a law degree. The liberal arts education and Jesuit reputation have been keys to open my mind and many doors in my life. WJU needs better leadership, a more aggressive board of directors, and a financial foundation to grow into the future. On line classes are must for the future in all levels of education. WJU is far behind in using digital advancements and mobile messaging linking education to the current and ever advancing communication and connection in today's world. However my life was made possible in great part by attending Wheeling College aka as WJU.
DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER THIS SCHOOL. Absolutely terrible. Nobody on this campus cares about the students. They only care about the money and everyone else is nonexistent. The school is full of cliques. The upper administration is the worst. They say you matter because it is a small school but you are only just a number. They have cut back fun events so much there is almost nothing to do. I recommend NOBODY ever enrolls here.
I like the small campus feel. You get to know everyone really well. There is a lot of international students on campus which gives students like myself a chance to experience other cultures. I also like the small class sizes. Through two years, my biggest class has been 25 students, and I have had class sizes as small as 7.
It has been over all okay. The nursing program has been in transition for a couple years and has little to no consistency which can get stressful.
The school is segregated between international students and regular students
Almost every other night campus smells of weed
There has been a couple of incidents before with sexual assult.
Was really exited when I when on my first visit, after that everything when downhill.
Cleaning crew just get by doing the bear minimum.
Could get more gear for every sport not just the basketball team.
Staff could be "old school" and wont use technology or new methods towards the student advantage
Students will get out of academics what they put into them. Teachers are willing to go as far as the student is and are willing to offer courses the students are interested in.
WJU as an institution is very interested in Social Justice; the students fall anywhere from very accepting to not as accepting
If a student is caught twice with drugs, they can pretty much expected the university to suspend them.
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I wish their were more resources for students on what to expect after college. That being said, the university does host grad school fairs and networking events with alums for anyone willing to attend. One of the main draws of the diploma is the "Jesuit" title linking WJU to all 28 Jesuit Colleges and Universities in the country in addition to the rest worldwide and the JSEA.
Professors at Wheeling Jesuit University truly care about their students and wish the best for all of them. They are willing to go above and beyond to get to know the student and help them out in whatever way that they can. Every professor in my departments are incredibly knowledgable in their subject field and bring passionate vigor to teach every class period. Core classes fill up at 25 students and major classes are much smaller. Because of the small class sizes, it is easy to get to know the professors well and what they are looking for. Many of my professors have invited students over to their houses for beginning and end of the semester socials in addition to allowing students to get to know their families. The professors at Wheeling Jesuit University truly care for their students and are willing to make time for them outside of office hours.
Campus security is friendly, and Wheeling is an incredibly safe city that I have walked all around alone many times feeling completely safe.
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