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My experience has been good, that you are able to see diverse people. If you are into the art majors there are many lass and internship oppurtunites that the school helps you obtain.
Great community with lots of opportunities. Paid internship and supportive faculty and peers. Everyone helps each other and is friendly.
Wheaton has been an incredible experience for me so far, as an individual from a working class family I did not believe I would even be able to afford college. In spite of this the college's amazing student financial services aided me there, and yet this does not even begin to speak on the quality of faculty. I have met amazing people so far and loved my experience and there is so much more to find in this LAC. A growing hidden gem is how I would put it.
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All of my professors have been incredibly enthusiastic and passionate about their work, which translates very well in the classroom. They have also been astoundingly devoted to helping their students outside of the classroom. Even a professor who retired years ago still meets with me to discuss research and help me with my projects! I can’t say enough good things about the academics here. I love the political climate as well. It’s such a welcoming, inclusive community dedicated to becoming better and better everyday.

Additionally-the dorms are huge compared to most univeristy dorms! Especially the ones for freshmen, so fret not about not being able to fit all your stuff!
Wheaton is very open and accepting of all people and nourishes all creative ideas. There is no worry about finding a niche major or somehow disconnecting - communication between students and faculty is great and you can find support for any interest and desire.
The professors are fantastic, and the overall community is amiable and welcoming. The dorms are average, though first-year students placed in forced triples is a frequent occurrence. In each of my classes, I have found that the professors always make a concerted effort to help their students, and make themselves available during after hours.
I have had an incredible experience at Wheaton. Every one of my professors knows my name, most of my classes have been under 15 students, and I've had an amazing opportunity to help one of my history professors write a book and conduct research. I will say, the town of Norton isn't great if you want to go out on the town but recently I've gotten involved in the local political scene and community service opportunities.
The professors aee great and the classes are very interesting. There is a great diversity of thought on campus. I love the campus! It looks like something out of a movie (I think it may have even been in some movies). It is a good school, with a vibrant student culture. Everyone wants to be there, which makes the place great.
I like how Wheaton College has small classrooms because it allows the student to optimize it to have a better relationship with teachers, so they can establish their connections.
Wheaton College is a great school, filled with many welcoming, caring, and genuine people. The food and party scene are not been great, or even good by many standards, and that is one thing I'd like to see change.
This school is very calm which for some people is great but I find it very boring. There are not many on campus activities and the ones that they do have no one attends. The food isn't that great either and the party scene is DEAD unless you are an athlete. This school is also very cliquey and people smoke a lot of weed
I love Wheaton!! I don't think that I've ever seen such motivated and involved people. It's a true community, and everyone is so supportive of each other. Wheaton became home, and I can't wait for the next few years here!
What I do not like about Wheaton College, that should be the question. As an international student, Wheaton and its community has accepted me as one more. All the friends that I have met here that I know are going to be friends for life. Coming from a different country, I was very worried about not feeling like at home or that I was going to miss my country a lot. However, the coziness of the campus makes me feel like I'm always home and the people here, including students, faculty, and staff, make sure that I feel that way too. Overall, I think Wheaton is an incredible college and if I had to go over the college application and all of that again, I would certainly choose Wheaton over any other college in the whole country!
Both students and faculty are very welcoming, especially to new students. The size of the school makes it easy to get across campus quickly, and though there isn't much to Norton, the train station is easily accessible and students can quickly get to both Boston and Providence. Professors are all happy to help students when they need help.
Wheaton is all about bringing people together and fostering cultural respect and learning. A motto often used is "Building community together" and it really is true. Everyone here is incredibly friendly, from the students, to the professors, and even all of the faculty and staff. It's a warm, welcoming, small community.
There were a couple reasons why I was very unhappy at Wheaton. One, the town of Norton is terrible, it's very rural and depressing and Wheaton felt like a disconnected bubble, so unless you want to pay the 20 dollars roundtrip train ride to Boston each weekend you'll probably be hanging out on campus. This is a good college if you don't mind it being a very small community. There's no real party scene either. Two, administration is also shitty. That's the number one complaint I've heard from other students and experienced myself. They're not supportive or helpful with physical or mental illnesses, and getting any accommodations for your handicaps can be a nightmare that administration is often too lazy to assist in. Three, most other students are equally if not more unhappy there, with a few diehard Wheaton patriots.
TLDR; This is an overpriced school with an unsupportive administration and meh academics. You can get a lot more for a lot less at other colleges.
Wheaton was like home. I loved the one-on-one interactions with the professors. The science center was my favorite place, all the professors in it.
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Wheaton inspires critical thought through high community values in all learning environments. It is a place where everyone feels apart of something, and can continue to grow into a more well-rounded person.
I love the personalized education. The small size is great for getting involved and being recognized around campus. The opportunities that are presented to us are amazing. The location is perfect. If there was one thing I were to change about the school would be the lack of diversity within the faculty and staff.
Wheaton is diverse in interests of students which adds to our collaborative community. Whether you're a poet, an athlete, a scientist, an artist or a philosopher, there's a niche for you here. Some aspects are definitely better than others -- such as, the food certainly isn't what draws you in. But the student body, the faculty, and the professors are! Overall, it's a happy places here where students hang out in hammocks in front of res halls and play frisbee in the Dimple when there's good weather. And when it's a typical day in the New England winter, you can find students indoors hanging out drinking wine.