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From the community to the classroom, Wheaton upholds prestigious standards while remaining accepting and supportive of all.
Wheaton doesn't lie when they say they care about their community. The size will affect your experience either positively or negatively depending on how you take advantage of it. Wheaton is unique because the President of the school, President Hanno is actively involved in student life and every student will get to know him.
I was very hopeful when choosing Wheaton and thought I'd love it-living here was a different story. It is a great school for a specific type of person but not for mewhich is why I'm choosing to transfer after one semester. I LOVE my professors and the faculty I have interacted with here but that it about the only thing I truly have enjoyed while being here. It is way too small and I see the same people every day; it hasn't even been a full semester and I feel like I know everyone. The small size means it's lacking in opportunities. I was very excited to go to the clubs here but all the ones I have gone to are not very active and usually have maybe 10-15 members. The school events also have low attendance and low spirit. The campus is dead most of the time, only busy when kids are switching classes. Norton is not a university town and there is virtually nothing to do unless you have a car.
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Wheaton is a great place for academics, depending on the teacher and the classes you choose to take, but it does have a lot of problems. There are a lot of opportunities here at Wheaton, however if you want to get the most out of your college experience here, you have to be proactive and make Wheaton your own. Going to classes isn't going to gaurentee success.
Wheaton College has a beautiful camps, great professors, and many diverse clubs and activities available for its student body. The surrounding area of Norton MA is not wonderful but Boston and Providence are close by.
I had an impactful freshman year, academically, socially, and on my own personal growth. I feel Wheaton College - Massachuettes can do this so well from the start because of their focus on caring for the school's small community.
I loved Wheaton College from the moment I got my first flyer in the mail and I fell more in love with it after my first visit. The sense of community and belonging that this college has is beyond what any other college had to offer me.
Generally really high quality academics, sometimes too rigorous or too easy. Extremely cliquey/pretentious and full of proud social justice warriors. Lots of racial tension on campus from most perspectives. Diversity mostly comes from international students. Absolutely nothing to do around campus or Norton, especially at night. If you're going to Boston or Providence, it's a half or whole day ordeal. This school is extremely deceptive with its marketing and is not worth anywhere near the full price tag. If you need it, they give great financial aid, otherwise be prepared to pay too much. A lot of the kids went to prep/boarding schools and are extremely socially awkward and sheltered. Feels like there are less boys than the 40:60 ratio because most of them hide in their rooms. Varsity sports and extracurriculars can be fun, it depends what you make of it. Public Safety is extremely nosey and are always unnecessarily present on an already safe campus. So glad I left.
I love Wheaton. I have had so many opportunities through Wheaton, and the professors are amazing! I'm very glad that I made the choice to come to Wheaton and I love both of my majors.
Wheaton College is great for people who want a small, liberal arts college. The academics are good, and the professors genuinely care about their students and the subjects that they teach. However, I found that that the student life lacked energy, and found the small campus to be constricting.
I have just finished my first year at Wheaton. After taking classes in all different subjects from history to sculpture I have been able to explore a variety of career options. The majority of my professors were incredible and were always enthusiastic to help their students. I am truly grateful for the experience.
Unique people determined to contribute positively to society. Inspirational professors who are engaging & care about their students. Friendly campus where everyone says hello & faculty/staff know students by name.
Wheaton College MA is overall an average school. The cost of attendance is quite high, but from my own personal experience as well as what I've heard from others, their financial aid packages tend to be very generous. The academics and materials are high quality being based in New England, and the professors are excellent. In my opinion, they really make the school. Very willing to work with you in terms of classwork or outside projects, the staff and faculty are phenomenal.

The food is average for a college, not excellent but not wholly inedible either. There are a decent amount of minority students, including students from other countries and continents. It's situated in a fairly small town, so the local are is rather sub par. If you have a licence, or a few bucks for the train, getting to Boston or Providence takes an hour at most.
My experience has been good, that you are able to see diverse people. If you are into the art majors there are many lass and internship oppurtunites that the school helps you obtain.
Great community with lots of opportunities. Paid internship and supportive faculty and peers. Everyone helps each other and is friendly.
Wheaton has been an incredible experience for me so far, as an individual from a working class family I did not believe I would even be able to afford college. In spite of this the college's amazing student financial services aided me there, and yet this does not even begin to speak on the quality of faculty. I have met amazing people so far and loved my experience and there is so much more to find in this LAC. A growing hidden gem is how I would put it.
All of my professors have been incredibly enthusiastic and passionate about their work, which translates very well in the classroom. They have also been astoundingly devoted to helping their students outside of the classroom. Even a professor who retired years ago still meets with me to discuss research and help me with my projects! I can’t say enough good things about the academics here. I love the political climate as well. It’s such a welcoming, inclusive community dedicated to becoming better and better everyday.

Additionally-the dorms are huge compared to most univeristy dorms! Especially the ones for freshmen, so fret not about not being able to fit all your stuff!
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Wheaton is very open and accepting of all people and nourishes all creative ideas. There is no worry about finding a niche major or somehow disconnecting - communication between students and faculty is great and you can find support for any interest and desire.
The professors are fantastic, and the overall community is amiable and welcoming. The dorms are average, though first-year students placed in forced triples is a frequent occurrence. In each of my classes, I have found that the professors always make a concerted effort to help their students, and make themselves available during after hours.
I have had an incredible experience at Wheaton. Every one of my professors knows my name, most of my classes have been under 15 students, and I've had an amazing opportunity to help one of my history professors write a book and conduct research. I will say, the town of Norton isn't great if you want to go out on the town but recently I've gotten involved in the local political scene and community service opportunities.