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Wheaton College is a fabulous school that is both academically rigorous and Christ-centric as it teaches one how to find their vocation and enjoy learning.
I'm thrilled to have recently obtained my master’s degree from Wheaton College. The challenges that were put before us have definitely strengthened my perseverance and faith. The enthusiasm of the professors and their personal love of God have been a major highlight. Being exposed to that encouraged more enthusiasm and deeper, more analytical thinking. I also appreciate how approachable and reachable the professors have been. They have certainly been our professors, but in many cases we also have come to feel a sense of kindred spirits and friendship with them.
I absolutely love Wheaton College! I decided to come to Wheaton College instead of others I had toured because I truly saw the Christian community on campus and it felt so genuine. After finishing my first year at Wheaton, I love it so much more than I ever thought I could! The classes are challenging and quality; the Professors are engaging and approachable; the food is extremely impressive and delicious; the campus is absolutely beautiful. It is a Christian college, so if "party scene" is defined in contemporary terms as having many campus parties involving alcohol and drugs, then the "party scene" is small and almost unheard of (it's all underground). If "party scene" is defined in my own terms as how much fun is had on campus and in the surrounding area (including Chicago), I give the party scene 5 stars!!! I have so much fun at Wheaton and it's all completely legal. It's just such an amazing place to be!!! I do recommend a tour in July, it's sooo beautiful.
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Wheaton College is a blessing and can be everything you need it to be. With the right attitude and use of the many resources any student can succeed.
I found the campus to be very friendly and the office staff helpful. You can feel the good will as you stroll around and interact. It is definitely a place for those who share the same values which can be good or bad for each individual.!
Everyone was kind when I visited Wheaton College. I loved the beautiful campus as well. I had a feeling that I wanted to attend Wheaton, and my visit to the school confirmed that for me.
I absolutely love Wheaton! I've learned so much both in and out of the classroom. Every single one of my professors are full of wisdom and they are always happy to talk with you, and get to know you on a personal level. My friends have shown me what it means to love and be loved. I have been able to discover who I am and what my purpose is in a way that I never thought possible till I came to Wheaton.
First of all, the school has been very patient with my transition into the American school system (I am an American citizen who grew up in another country). This includes: the academic side of getting used to English as an academic language, the business side of turning in foreign school documents, the social side by helping make sure I was not alone, since my immediate family still lives overseas. The faculty are not only excellent teachers, but they also care about the development and eventual success of their students. As a student at Wheaton, I have had opportunities I never would have had, such as day trips to places like FERMI Labs or a Men's Glee Club tour of China. The student body has created a great community in which the students support each other in many different ways, including encouraging friendly discussions and debates on important spiritual and social topics, allowing for everyone to form their own opinions.
Wheaton College is a place where I have been able to meet great friends, take incredible classes with passionate professors, and grow deeper in my faith in Christ.
After completing my first year at Wheaton College, I firmly believe that I have made the right choice. Not only does this college provide challenging academia but also incorporates faith. What sets this college apart from other colleges would be the atmosphere and the experiences given. Although the student body consists of approximately 2,400 students, each and every individual stands out with unique experiences and talents.
I enjoy all the class choices and look forward to my Economics classes as the instructors are interesting and challenging. Requirement of foreign language is a negative. Not everyone wants and has the ability for foreign language learning.
Very academically driven school. Has a bit of a perfectionist culture but other than that it is a great place to grow in your academics, work ethic, and faith.
I attended in the late 80's. No regrets! Genius profs, good fun, outstanding area and lifelong friends.
Wheaton College excellently integrates faith with education. The school is focused on liberal arts education that creates well-rounded graduates who are able to be competent in any work environment.
Overall, this school is a place with many opportunities and chances to grow. There are many places for discussion and change, showing they are open to change and make improvements as deemed necessary. There seems to be good relationship and partnership between students and staff as well which helps the campus environment.
For me, the best part of my experience at Wheaton was friendships I formed. I still keep in touch with several of my past roommates. My quality of education was also impacted by the investment my professors made in me. My professors routinely made time to meet with me outside of class time to support me.
Wheaton College incorporates a faith-based community with excellent academics. The college has thoughtful and passionate professors who truly care about each student. Additionally, all resident staff and other staff are dedicated to their professions. The classes are engaging, and the focus on liberal arts encourages students to encounter new experiences. Wheaton's academics are based on a holistic approach that develops students into thoughtful and inspired individuals.
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The rigorous academic environment, the intentional community, and the intelligent professors make college both worthwhile and enjoyable.
I love Wheaton because of the strong and family like community that there is here. It's also a unique place in that there is not really any drinking or party culture here so it allows the option for those kids that want to stay away from all that.
Despite all the recent negative views of Wheaton, from what I have seen so far, the community is a loving, Christian community that is nowhere near narrow minded. Like all communities, there are faults, and that's just part of what Wheaton is.
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