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I love the atmosphere of the campus. From the beautiful trees, historical buildings and warm friendly faculty and students, it is easy to feel right at home for anyone of any race or background. There is an opportunity for almost anything here, and if not, it is not too hard to start something!
There are many good things about Wheaton, such as the excellent Professors who are always there to help the students and the community on campus. However, there are also many things that I would like to see changed, such as the way some issues are treated on campus.
What Wheaton college lacks in diversity and party scene, it makes up for through academics and professors. The teaching staff at Wheaton is very involved in the educational process and for many it is these two distinctions which make Wheaton well worth it.
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I have greatly enjoyed my time at Wheaton so far. My classes are engaging, and my professors are passionate and personable. I have had a great experience in my dorm and have enjoyed participating in activities on campus and exploring the Chicago area this year.
Wheaton College has flaws, as any other school. But there is genuine professors, best friends to be made, and personal growth to be had.
I like how Wheaton really tries to cater to your needs and your dreams. They have a good amount of faculty that want to invest in your lifes and are interested in seeing you succeed in the future. The professors are always willing to take time out of their personal time and help you with anything you need. The campus life is enjoyable and the people are respectful of other people's culture.
Wheaton is an awesome place to learn, explore, and find opportunities. The food is better than any other college I've visited. A lot of the profs are really caring.
I like the atmosphere at Wheaton college because the staff and professors really care about the students and want to have a real relationship with them.
The people at Wheaton College have made my college experience an amazing one. The professors are wholly devoted, not only to teaching their students through challenging and pushing them, but also to developing relationships with them. My professors have been my mentors, sounding boards, advisors, and parents-away-from home. My peers are also the nicest people I have ever met. I have made better and deeper friends during the last three years here than I ever did at previous institutions. I am challenged by my friends, and through my relationship with them and as well as with my professors, I have experienced more growth than ever before. I am learning about myself and learning who I am, which is what college is all about.
I like being part of a small college where you had more time with professors. The academics are very good and the campus is beautiful. While Wheaton town is not too exciting, you are right by the train to head downtown to Chicago within 30minutes.
Great community atmosphere and people. Very accepting, even if you have different beliefs.

Swim team is amazing!
I love it here. It has an amazing community and great teaching. I have learned so much and have found it to be a great school. This place is so cool.
I am always impressed with greek life afftects the social atmosphere of campus how the students gets viewed by non greeks etcs. greek is the most ancient language in the universe and its also the most wide used language
I love my school. I have had a lot of fun during gym period and drawing classes. its been really fun . I appreciate the way my teachers teach me its really fun and I understand that way much better they teach with a lot of confidence and enthusiasm with lots of activities.
Encouraging community, integrates faith with rigorous academics.
If you get connected to the network, it can be very helpful.
I've really enjoyed my professors and peers here.
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I have felt very safe here. There are definitely cases of sexual assault but I believe it to be less frequent than at most schools.
I've enjoyed my experiences both in the dorms and in the apartments.
Not too much average student support. Mostly friends of athletes attend the games (except homecoming obviously).
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