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If you come from a low income family or are a first generation college student you will be in a small minority. This may bother some but not all. I do feel very self conscious at times when students are talking about their upbringing, cars and vacations.
Wheaton College has a very good education program. If you think you want to be a teacher this is a good option academically. The only thing I would like to see improved is the career center.
Not very inclusive. Coming from a large and diverse high school Wheaton is a culture shock. Great professors though.
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Wheaton is what you make of it. You can use the resources and professors to achieve your goals. Diversity is lacking and there could be more student events to improve inclusivity.
Trying to be an Elite college since the low income students are not welcome. Professors are hit and miss esp Freshman year
Typical white conservative Christian college. Tow the line or be ostracized. They don’t consider different beliefs to be part of education which is sad.
Wheaton gives a lot of financial help which is really nice. You'll definitely want to be a person of strong faith if you come here. You will feel out of place if not. It seems there's a lot of rules for students who are no longer children.
I like that Wheaton students are very diverse geographically. Racial diversity is fairly good for a conservative campus but could be improved. A lot of the students are closed minded. Classes are great and easy to manage.
I enjoy all the class choices and look forward to my Economics classes as the instructors are interesting and challenging. Requirement of foreign language is a negative. Not everyone wants and has the ability for foreign language learning.
Shamefully low diversity. You won't stretch and learn if you are in a bubble. Seems hypocritical for a college of high faith.
Very academically driven school. Has a bit of a perfectionist culture but other than that it is a great place to grow in your academics, work ethic, and faith.
I attended in the late 80's. No regrets! Genius profs, good fun, outstanding area and lifelong friends.
This is a great college for any student who needs to keep their faith as their top priority. The elementary education program is pretty good but it's not very big so there aren't as many choices.
Wheaton College excellently integrates faith with education. The school is focused on liberal arts education that creates well-rounded graduates who are able to be competent in any work environment.
Overall, this school is a place with many opportunities and chances to grow. There are many places for discussion and change, showing they are open to change and make improvements as deemed necessary. There seems to be good relationship and partnership between students and staff as well which helps the campus environment.
This is the school for you if you only want to be around like minded people. Very conservative, wealthy white students are the majority. There is much to learn from different points of view and you will miss out on that at Wheaton.
For me, the best part of my experience at Wheaton was friendships I formed. I still keep in touch with several of my past roommates. My quality of education was also impacted by the investment my professors made in me. My professors routinely made time to meet with me outside of class time to support me.
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Wheaton College incorporates a faith-based community with excellent academics. The college has thoughtful and passionate professors who truly care about each student. Additionally, all resident staff and other staff are dedicated to their professions. The classes are engaging, and the focus on liberal arts encourages students to encounter new experiences. Wheaton's academics are based on a holistic approach that develops students into thoughtful and inspired individuals.
Wheaton has an outstanding program for education. I came for a tour and ultimately decided the campus was a bit too small for me. The students were friendly but lack diversity. This is a very conservative campus as well.
Came for the tour and just didn't click for me. I didn't see very much diversity walking around. Everyone seemed rather serious and I wasn't able to figure out what they do for fun around campus. Finally, merit scholarships are lacking.
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