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Wheaton College incorporates a faith-based community with excellent academics. The college has thoughtful and passionate professors who truly care about each student. Additionally, all resident staff and other staff are dedicated to their professions. The classes are engaging, and the focus on liberal arts encourages students to encounter new experiences. Wheaton's academics are based on a holistic approach that develops students into thoughtful and inspired individuals.
Wheaton has an outstanding program for education. I came for a tour and ultimately decided the campus was a bit too small for me. The students were friendly but lack diversity. This is a very conservative campus as well.
Came for the tour and just didn't click for me. I didn't see very much diversity walking around. Everyone seemed rather serious and I wasn't able to figure out what they do for fun around campus. Finally, merit scholarships are lacking.
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Get me out of this pretentious atmosphere. Why are Wheaton students so insecure? Strong academics can be found anywhere. Make sure you surround yourself with positive, genuine peers.
The rigorous academic environment, the intentional community, and the intelligent professors make college both worthwhile and enjoyable.
I love Wheaton because of the strong and family like community that there is here. It's also a unique place in that there is not really any drinking or party culture here so it allows the option for those kids that want to stay away from all that.
Despite all the recent negative views of Wheaton, from what I have seen so far, the community is a loving, Christian community that is nowhere near narrow minded. Like all communities, there are faults, and that's just part of what Wheaton is.
I love the environment at Wheaton. The people are all so kind. I love the challenge the academics will put forth. The school is by no means easy, I think it will be a great growing experience. I would change the location to a more exciting town than Wheaton, IL; Wheaton is a lovely town there just isn't always a ton to do. Overall though I love the school.
The academic rigor and Christian atmosphere that draw most people there drew me as well. Sociology is one of the most difficult (but rewarding!) disciplines, so I was not let down in that regard, and I loved having chapel and All School and floor worship nights, etc. The Office of Multicultural Development was what kept me going, tho -- OMD and my friends in MuKappa, which is now in the office of International Student Programs (ISP). Wheaton is sometimes called Whiteon for a reason. It is super white, super white evangelical, and that's what needs to change: diversity of race, ethnicity, and opinion needs to be valued from the TOP down. There's a good group of people striving for this, for Wheaton to be a welcoming home for all students, staff, and faculty, and for non-white/Western views to be taught in academics, etc, but that's not the reality yet.
There is a great community of people who care about each other and work to build each other up. The food is above average and the athletic facilities are great.
Wheaton is a very safe college, and is great for building the Christian leader. The food is very good. It's kind of a small college, and there's not really any partying, also you have to know what you want before you decide to go there, but I find it really good.
I really wish Wheaton had a more selective admittance process. If you graduated high school you'll get in, therefore you will have some fellow students that are not as serious about academics as you. It is easy to find study groups but not everyone will have the same commitment.
Academically it's rigorous and challenging in the bus race however the weather and the ways of searching for career after are very limited.
I like Wheaton College because it is a community of committed students who seek knowledge and a holistic understanding of the world. I initially had my doubts about the college community, but there are niches for everybody, and I feel comfortable here even as a minority. The professors care about students deeply and want the best for them, which is why I plan to graduate from Wheaton
Wheaton? Sure we have our flaws. However, if you consider yourself placing Christ at the center of your life, this place is hard to beat. The professors are great. If you are sick or struggling, they will accommodate the workload for you. Also, the professors have great credentials (Notre Dame, Northwestern, Princeton, etc.). All in all, Wheaton's strongest selling point is the focus on Christ. It's hard to find a place like Wheaton. I talk to my friends from high school and youth group frequently, but they all seem to mention that their schools are lacking either the spiritual or the academically challenging aspects.
Not a good college for sciences, very small scope. I do like that it's geographically diverse and conservative.
I love the atmosphere of the campus. From the beautiful trees, historical buildings and warm friendly faculty and students, it is easy to feel right at home for anyone of any race or background. There is an opportunity for almost anything here, and if not, it is not too hard to start something!
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There are many good things about Wheaton, such as the excellent Professors who are always there to help the students and the community on campus. However, there are also many things that I would like to see changed, such as the way some issues are treated on campus.
What Wheaton college lacks in diversity and party scene, it makes up for through academics and professors. The teaching staff at Wheaton is very involved in the educational process and for many it is these two distinctions which make Wheaton well worth it.
I have greatly enjoyed my time at Wheaton so far. My classes are engaging, and my professors are passionate and personable. I have had a great experience in my dorm and have enjoyed participating in activities on campus and exploring the Chicago area this year.
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