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Whatcom Community College is a great place to thrive because of the caring faculty members. They truly try their best to help you if you are struggling. Whatcom also offers Math and English learning centers where you can drop in at anytime and get help from tutors on any assignment. The only thing I would like to see change is the weather! It is always so rainy in the Pacific Northwest.
The professors are there for your success. The library is the place on campus to do all your studies. In the next year or two, there will also be a new student center made specifically for students.
My experience at Whatcom Community College was really good, I graduated with an Associate degree and now I am back to get my transfer degree and I am more than happy to do so at this college, because I had all the resources and help I needed to graduate the first time and now I also have a lot of support from the counselors and instructors that work at this college. Great place to meet new people from many different cultures, and has a diversity of clubs and groups support students.
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Whatcom Community College is a very good 2-year school. It offers excellent academics that transfer very well to most any 4-year institutions and the campus is attractive and well organized. The city of Bellingham is a great place to live and work and the surrounding environment provides ocean, lakes, and mountains with all the outdoor experiences a person could want.
The teachers in my experience have all been phenomenal. They all care deeply about the success of their students. The campus is also beautiful. I would stay longer if I could.
The teachers are all very educated and knowledgeable at Whatcom. The classes are small and personal, I get to interact with other students and teachers with ease. The campus is convenient and quite comfortable.
Whatcom is exactly what you would want in a community college. Not only is it cheap it is also high quality. there are plenty of students that come down from western Washington university in order to take classes at the community college because of the attention you can get from the teacher with smaller class sizes.
The teachers are amazing, they really care about the students and their education. The surrounding area around the campus is very exciting and lots of cool scenery to see while you are not at school. They have very good resources if you are struggling with classes.
I feel Like I am Part of a great community. Any time I have had a personal or life issue come up I have people to turn to who really listen and care. I feel Safe on my campus. Diversity is important and this is a diverse campus.
The atmosphere and professors are great, however there is not too much extra curricular involvement and better deli selection would be great.
I've taken classes at a few different colleges, and the support from Whatcom is incredible. You are not alone trying to figure out location or your classes, you have a team online and in person randomly checking in and they respond quickly to questions and concerns.
Whatcom community college has a small but beautiful campus and is right in the heart of beautiful bellingham Washington. Whatcom offers a good variety of classes with great professors who are very available to help you. There are small class sizes and a lot of student activities. The building are all well kept and the athletic building is almost brand new. There is a variety of sports teams and clubs. Overall a very good school.
Whatcom Community College has a great faculty that enables their student body to be successful while challenging us academically. Most of the teachers go out of their way to respond to emails and make sure that your quarter is going successfully. The advisers at Whatcom Community College are always ready to help you out with any questions that you might have!
I liked their library and their nursing program. The instructors truly work with you and help you succeed. I wish the library was open until midnight.
Whatcom Community College is hands down the best 2-year school in the United States of America. The Visual Communications Program is top-notch and as good as one in a 4 year university.
I really enjoy the instructors at WCC and all the additional help that is available across campus. I felt very supported at this school.
Whatcom Community College was my first experience in a "brick and mortar" school so I don't have a lot to compare it to but Whatcom is easy to navigate and people on campus are generally pretty friendly. The professors are kind people and most want to help students succeed to the best of their ability. My biggest complaint about Whatcom is the seeming lack of diversity, though there is some, and how overpriced their food is for the quality and quantity you receive. I haven't stayed in student housing but I have friends who do and it's nice, clean and quiet. Bellingham is a wonderful college town with lots to do and see. A beautiful place for anyone who is into coffee shops, breweries, hiking and fresh food.
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I loved the comfortable atmosphere and inclusion in the school community. The quality of education is good and for the most part the professors teach you a lot about your desired subject. However, the food on campus is far too expensive and there isn't many other options nearby. I highly recommend having a car if you want to go to school here.
I started running start my senior year at Whatcom Community College, it is a welcome and very friendly place to learn. I was scared my first day but soon I realized that I had nothing to worry about the classes are flexible which makes it easy to choose from.
I have been attending Whatcom Community College since 2012. I absolutely love the campus and the academics.
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