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Whatcom has been a great college for my transfer degree endeavors. The faculty has been very kind and helpful and the students have been great classmates as well. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my classes and look forward to finishing this last year there.
Whatcom Community College contributes to the vitality of its communities by providing quality education in academic transfer, professional-technical and life-long learning, preparing students for active citizenship in a global society. Whatcom is a Gem that anyone should consider.
Though I am relatively new to WCC, I have to rate it as excellent because of the accessibility of educational opportunities for returning, non-traditional, and fully employed students. The course offerings and education options are available for those that can only attend at night, they have increasing offerings for distance learning, and their non-credit courses are enriching.
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My experience at Whatcom has been pretty good. The professors are really nice and you get to know them a bit more personally.
Attending Whatcom Community College was one of the best decesions I have ever made. I graduated from Whatcom this past year and I could not be happier of receiving my Associates degree from here. The school always wants the best for students and is easy to ask for help when you need it. Professors truly care about you, and what you to succeed, which is exactly what I did.
During the time I have been studying at Whatcom Community College, I really enjoy the excellent professors, advisors, and staffs who have helped me to deal with my academic lessons, student life as an international student, and my transferring plan to a four-year university. The campus and environment around campus are safe and peaceful even though the city is small and does not have a lot of fun places to go to. However, food in the cafeteria is expensive and not very tasty, which makes me never try to buy something there. Last but not least, the school does not have any dorm, so it hires local apartment for students to rent, which is more expensive than home-stays they offers for international students. That is why I am still living with a host family after two years starting to study here.
Whatcom Community College feels like a bus stop--you're really only there to get somewhere else. Because of this, most people don't really socialize or try to make new friends there, so there's no real sense of community there. Saying that, the classes there are mostly fun and the professors know what they're saying and are always easy to reach out to for help. Whatcom is a good starting place for your career and education.
I wish that Whatcom Community College had more resources for their students to get hep or advice on their courses. A few of instructors seemed like they had no time for their students as well. It takes a lot of hard work to complete a course there with a passing grade.
Whatcom Community College encourages student involvement, student leadership, student lead conferences, diversity, and self expression. They have fantastic teachers, who respond to emails efficiently and are always welcoming. The environment on campus and in classes is very safe. Teachers try to engage students rather than lecture all of the time. Teachers are always encouraging discussions. The campus has great resources for students like tutoring, bus passes, computer labs, lots of studying areas, smoking areas, counseling, and lots transfer or job fairs. They have a lot of fun events as well as informational events held on campus. It's just a fantastic school.
Whatcom Community College has treated me very well. The quality of academics has been high, and if you take the time to look for good professors, you can find some very good ones. I'm a transfer student who will be getting my AA as a direct transfer degree, which means my credits will all transfer as a package to the university in Oregon I will be attending. I'm a big fan of transferring from a community college to a university if you want to save money on a college education. Whatcom definitely delivers in that respect, with a worthwhile education at a much lower cost than two years at a university. If you live in Northwest Washington, or are interested in a quality community college that is located in the same city as a university (Western Washington University), then this could be the school for you.
I have had a good experience with classes--the teachers were great and I felt like I understood everything--however the registration office is a nightmare. They made me feel like a nuisance, and overall were very difficult and condescending to work with.
I loved Whatcom Community College, but getting involved was somewhat difficult. There didn't seem to be very many options.
I really enjoyed my year at Whatcom Community College. Their admissions process was a breeze and they seem to have an efficient system running. All of the teachers I had were great and scheduling classes was very simple. I really appreciated the templates they had available online to help students plan their degrees and it makes it so that students can easily see if they have met all of their degree requirements. Their academic advisers were also a great help to me and truly know what they are doing Overall this is a great school.
Whatcom Community College is a great place to thrive because of the caring faculty members. They truly try their best to help you if you are struggling. Whatcom also offers Math and English learning centers where you can drop in at anytime and get help from tutors on any assignment. The only thing I would like to see change is the weather! It is always so rainy in the Pacific Northwest.
The professors are there for your success. The library is the place on campus to do all your studies. In the next year or two, there will also be a new student center made specifically for students.
My experience at Whatcom Community College was really good, I graduated with an Associate degree and now I am back to get my transfer degree and I am more than happy to do so at this college, because I had all the resources and help I needed to graduate the first time and now I also have a lot of support from the counselors and instructors that work at this college. Great place to meet new people from many different cultures, and has a diversity of clubs and groups support students.
Whatcom Community College is a very good 2-year school. It offers excellent academics that transfer very well to most any 4-year institutions and the campus is attractive and well organized. The city of Bellingham is a great place to live and work and the surrounding environment provides ocean, lakes, and mountains with all the outdoor experiences a person could want.
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The teachers in my experience have all been phenomenal. They all care deeply about the success of their students. The campus is also beautiful. I would stay longer if I could.
The teachers are all very educated and knowledgeable at Whatcom. The classes are small and personal, I get to interact with other students and teachers with ease. The campus is convenient and quite comfortable.
Whatcom is exactly what you would want in a community college. Not only is it cheap it is also high quality. there are plenty of students that come down from western Washington university in order to take classes at the community college because of the attention you can get from the teacher with smaller class sizes.
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