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I started running start my senior year at Whatcom Community College, it is a welcome and very friendly place to learn. I was scared my first day but soon I realized that I had nothing to worry about the classes are flexible which makes it easy to choose from.
I have been attending Whatcom Community College since 2012. I absolutely love the campus and the academics.
Whatcom Community College is a fun and engaging school to be a part of. The campus is beautiful and the professors actually care about their students. Classes do a great job in covering their material and the school does an excellent job when it comes to social and cultural equality.
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Whatcom Community College is a welcoming academic establishment where students feel they are receiving a priceless education. Class sizes remain below thirty students, allowing for students and teachers to receive one-on-one learning experiences. Teachers care for each of their students, as students make an effort to learn and engage in the content they are being taught.
I have been at WCC for three years and it has been a great experience for me. Whatcom is a great diverse place with amazing student activities. There is a huge diversity of students. We have the best cyber security program in the country and the highest percentage of international students in the country as well.
It has been a great school. Very affordable, and easy to schedule around work so that I can work and go to school at the same time.
Great college! Great diversity, fun times with convincing reasons to succeed in life. This college has been a blessing and showed me that I can achieve many things. One thing I like from this college is that you can graduate in a variety of topics and transfer out into another 4 year university.
Since Whatcom is a community college, it gives everyone a great tipping point, go out and find a job, or transfer to another school and contunue your education. Which is great for me because I plan on transfering to Western Washington University and I'll have half of my studies done already!
Whatcom community college is ok, alot of the profesors are great and willing to help. There are however a few that are rude, unwilling to help outside of class. That being said, I would probably go to the school again because the resources to help you excel are mostly marvelous.
There are times when I struggle with class registration, but only for time-based reasons for I ride the bus. I have a limited schedule when it comes to my bus schedule.
I enjoy being able to have online classes. They are convenient when you are sick and can't make it into class, you can turn in assignments online.
I am going for the Hospitality & Tourism Management certificate so that can give me prospects of transferring or going into a job in a hotel.
The instructors that I have had so far have all been really passionate about what they are teaching. Some are also working on their masters degree.
There are aspects that I can use in the way of internships, but I haven't used them yet.
It depends on the instructor on the workload, but it hasn't been fairly large.
I have been able to enjoy my class and instructors. The school is small so you can easily find classes.
Transferring credits was a hassle free experience.
Review Whatcom Community College
Due to class sizes being smaller, student to professor relationship is excellent
Job prospects are great, the career center helps a lot.
Career center has great resources to get information you need.
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