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Wharton County Junior College Reviews

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It's a great campus with affordable classes and wonderful teachers. I think it's a good place to start your college life and understanding what you would like to do after your time here.
the courses offered at WCJC has been convenient to find and at the times that I needed to take the courses. the professors are mostly accessible with a few that do not respond timely.
its big and open, i to go to a university after college. the staff is great and the students are nice
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I like how close it is to home and how easy it is to register for classes as well as how easy it is to talk to an advisors. Professors will do whatever they can to make sure that students do good. One improvement that WCJC can work on is the student parking lot which gets worse throughout the semesters. Other than that, WCJC is a great community college to attend!
Wharton was honestly a great place to go! It was better than high school although many people said that I would hate college. The teachers I had were great and went by the syllabus.
I love the New Campus in Sugar Land,TX that's connected to U of H. I;m currently enrolled in working towards my ADN. Love the flexibility.
Amazing faculty and teachers! The computer science teachers are very well certified and really know their stuff. The place is a great place to learn and hang out between classes.
Wharton County Junior College is an amazing junior college that has helped me be successful and given a smooth transition to UH main. The cost is very affordable, and the professors are wonderful by working hard with their students to help them succeed and learn.
This school is close to home my program director has been great help. I wish I would of sat with her sooner and got more information on human service program and the steps I needed to take to get accepted. The counselors have been great help as well. I'm glad I've stuck to this school throughout my college career.
My experience at WCJC has been well with few exceptions. I enjoyed the fact htat WCJC was so close to home. The faculty knew how to teach their subjects efficiently and effectively. Learning subjects like College Algebra was actually easier to learn at WCJC than it was learning Algebra 2 in high school. The class schedules worked really well for me during most of the semesters. Due to my high grades I was accepted into WCJC's Presidential Scholar's Program which allowed me to enjoy a trip to Washington D.C., fully covered by the college. However, I would appreciate much better communication from the Presidential Scholar's staff in the future especially for future students since I was not always rightfully informed when needed on certain occasions.
The Nursing program is very well put together. I have had a great experience so far and look forward to the future in the program. I can't wait to learn more. I feel like they are preparing me to become a great nurse one day.
I enjoyed studying there with the work space and couches they've provided for students. The teacher's could have been better. Every time I've had a problem the Vice President David L. was very helpful in helping me resolve any issues with my schedule or a teacher. The atmosphere of the school is very quiet and students usually keep to themselves here, it's not a party-like campus. They can improve on adding more to the campus as of a area for students to hang out and eat to be able to take a break from studying every once in a while. It's a decent compared to most community colleges though.
Great school. Perfect class size. Amazing teachers! Definitely recommend going to Wharton. Best two years ever at their Sugar Land campus. I received my Associates of Arts in May 2018 and i don't regret going to Wharton.
This campus located at Sugar Land is at or below average compared to campuses I have visited. I thought it would be good to go to a community college, however, there were several downsides. First, the paperwork for applying for financial aid was strenuous. Also, the parking is terrible because the spaces are too close. There is little to no security; a register sits at her desk watching videos while an empty police car is stationed in the same position for a year or more. The campus is very boring, with little to no curricular activities. The campus itself is unappealing, as the walls are bare, and there is no
I am about to attend Wharton county jr college this year. My sister has been going for a year, and has described the school has a very great environment to learn. Wharton County Jr college is where I want to gain my college experience from. I hope anyone who enters can see how wonderful the school is and what you will be able to gain from the school. They offer so many great classes and courses to pick from. Also the professors are very kind and wonderful people to learn from.
Not the worst junior college, the professors love to push you to do your best and have great resources!
I took all online classes at WCJC and I did pretty well in them. The professors are very encouraging and are there to help you. I only took one class on campus and I absolutely LOVED it. My professor was very enthusiastic to be there and teach the class which made it enjoyable to go.
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My experience at Wharton County Junior College has been unforgettable. This school has taught me how to properly manage my time between school and work. Wcjc has also taught me how to properly study for a class and how to take quick notes while in class.
Wharton county junior college is a great campus to go to when you are short on money, and want a dedicated staff to teach you the best way they can. Not only that but the library available is a great area to get some research materials and find articles for a great report or essay. The campus is cozy and homely, so one will not feel alone since people will be around to keep each other company.
Wharton County Junior College is a great way to start off college. The class sizes are much smaller allowing students to interact with each other and having more one on one conversations with professors.
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