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School is very diverse and students seem to be very studious. One problem is that the school doesn't have enough school spirit and clubs are almost non-existent.
While I was attending Wharton County Junior College I noticed how diverse this college was and how this campus can be different than all other colleges in the area. This campus, although not having any athletic teams has had one of the best curriculums all around for many of its courses.
Though a junior college, it provides immense opportunities to a great education as well as many higher level courses for STEM majors. It has options for dorming on their Wharton campus, but I attend the Sugar Land campus. My campus is great, very tight-knit and all students are very motivated and interested in their academics. Academics wise, it is great for someone looking to save some money before attending a four year university.
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Wharton County Junior College has an exceptional environment for student diversity. I intend to transfer to a four college, so I chose WCJC because of its affordability and the high standards of its staff.
I liked that it was very easy to get around campus. The people are friendly and you can leave WCJC with many new friends. I do feel that the counselors need to be more informed about transferring information for students that plan to do so, the counselors are not always quite sure what to tell us and it is sometimes a guessing game and that is a horrible feeling when leaving their office. The professors for the most part are good, some should evaluate the way that students pick up their information to help the grade average as a whole but that is okay. Overall, it is okay to go and start your education.
WCJC is a good college to do your basics at. Please don't expect a real life college experience. People go to school and then go home. There is also not much to do on campus. Student life really sucks because in between class there is nothing to do at all but use your device.
Wharton College is a pretty good school academic wise and for those that like to play sports. Some of the professors here are great and willing to work with you. Only thing that i really dislike about being here is that there is barely anything to do in this town. If you are not going to class or doing homework you have to travel to other places to have fun.
I think this is a good school to go to for any students first two years before they transfer. I have attended to two out of the four campuses and they are both filled with reasonable professors as well as staff members.
i like how everyone is so friendly from the staff at the front office to professors and the security personnel. the professors there always want you to be the best you can be. id like for more student body organizations
If you are looking for a two-year college and Wharton is in your local area, I recommend attending. Wharton has a variety of classes to take, the classroom size is average and the professors are really great. Attending one of the branched locations you don't get the full college life experience like the main campus.
(Sugar Land Campus) I've been attending for about two semesters already, and all I can say is I'm very pleased. Before coming to WCJC I had a few concerns, but all were blown out the water as soon as I got here. Good learning environment and professors that care.
While the city of Wharton itself is rather poor and unappealing, the college campus and students are actually quite nice. The online classes offered at WCJC are fairly easy if you get the right instructor, plus there are many opportunities if you have the right connections!
I have been going to Wharton county junior college since I graduated highschool in 2003 off and on. I do believe this is an awesome campus to attend. After applying for 4 years into the radiology program and finally on the 5th year I got accepted, I feel its very competitive but with hard work and determination you will succeed here. This school is overall a great place to start or finish.
80% of the professors are just there for the check, its more like job placement because there is no enthusiasm about being there. Baseball, Volleyball and Rodeo only. Very few activities to do on campus. Get in there and get out college.
My first year was amazing, not only did I had to pay around under two grand for each semester, my professors were knowledgable, interesting, and continuously motivated me towards my goals. I've gained experience and improved my mentality as a college student. The campus in Sugar Land was clean and convenient.
Small campus but worth going to. Get to have more one on one time with professors if needed. They have assistance and tutoring in everything you might need
Wharton County Junior College was a great school for Academics, but wasn't a very social school, the school was nice, but they didn't have any events where you could interact with the other students, and I would like to see that change.
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Wharton County Junior College is a great school with great professors. The professors here really want you to succeed and give plenty of opportunities to help you out.
I have really enjoyed my first year at Wcjc. Staff and professors have helped me a lot with career plans and getting through my first year of college.
Overall it's a great college to start at and transfer into a 4 yr. Most teachers that are there truly care about not only their subject but also their students. Depending on which campus your on will change your experience. I prefer the sugar land campus due to its accessibility and the area around the campus.
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