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Westmoreland County Community College Reviews

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The professors, staff, and security are always so kind and helpful. I love the classes. They are the perfect size, the professors are knowledgeable and have experience, and they demonstrate they are qualified to be in their position.
Since the first class I attended in my junior year of high school, I was astonished at the unprofessional state of the professors. Multiple teachers took hours of class time to discuss their personal lives, and two even cried in class over their own troubles. When the professors did take the time to do their job, they expressed outrageous bias in political issues, or just plain incompetence. However, I was blessed enough throughout my three years there to be in two classes where the professors were helpful, professional, and experienced in their work. Overall, I would attend this school again solely because of the financial aspect of college. Utilizing this school for general electives would be the best course of action for any student, although they must not be afraid to stand up to the professors and demand an unbiased, professional experience.
The school itself is okay. There are security guards for safety. The school isn't located in the best area of town. The professors are okay.
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My overall experience at WCCC is a very good one. The school is helping me get back into the swing of school, as I am late to the college train. Every employee I have talked to at the school has been nothing but kind and professional.
As a visiting student taking classes here to transfer back to my home university, I really like how inexpensive credits are at WCCC. It's a great return on my investment. Also, the professors are generally kind and willing to help you succeed even if it's through an online medium.
I myself have had a decent experience with WCCC, because through hard work and ambition I have been able to succeed in all classes I have attempted thus far. The school has been challenging yet rewarding especially with my acceptance to the nursing program there. Now I'm set up to graduate with my RN SPRING 2019 thanks to WCCC.
The school isn't really geared towards high-achieving students. I wanted to learn more about a field of study outside of what was taught in class and discuss different topics and questions I had with professors, but in my experience, I found them quite unwilling to do so. Genuine enthusiasm is met with genuine disappointment. Professors also do not want to meet outside office hours, but the thing is, not every student can actually make office hours (especially high school students). There is a laundry list of problems here.
beautiful looking school very clean buildings as well as plenty of classes to choose from for many of people looking to go to school
Very good college to attend if unsure of major, want to get credits out of the way, need to save money, etc. Have very good professors as well as athletics.
It is a basic 2 year community college. The staff and professors are all very nice and really do their best teaching you the information.
My experience with Westmoreland County Community College has been great. The professors are excellent. I feel that people over look this school regardless of their great programs and excellent faculty and staff.
Some of the professors I had were awesome with the way they taught their class and others are not some of the professors I had were terrible and completely rude to the entire class because he did not feel like being there and it was his second job so he didn't really care about it. Professors like that are why I am upset with the school.
Westmoreland County Community College is amazing! All the facility and staff are very helpful. Whether you are in the classroom or online setting, everyone is so helpful! I take both online and in the classroom courses! The Professors are very helpful and make you feel very comfortable, no matter if it is your first year back in college after years off of school or if this is your second or third semester! If you are looking to get back into the swing of college life, I HIGHLY recommend Westmoreland County Community College !
very personalized classes that are small. Reasonable price. overall I truly enjoyed my classes at Westmoreland county community college!
I like the smaller classes. The teachers know my name and are willing to help if I have questions or concerns.
Westmoreland County Community College is the place to start your college career in Westmoreland County due to low credit costs, convenient campus locations, and connections with local, larger universities. I am transferring 59 out of a maximum 60 credits from WCCC, and I'm very pleased.
The classes are flexible but its difficult to have credits transferred. There is good hours to take a class or you can do them online. Also, there is no classes on Fridays if you are a full time student!
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Online courses help me get things done quicker and keeps me focused on my school work. It is also not a drag like a traditional classroom.
I never really had any post grad services.
The class sizes are nice and small. The professors are able to know you and they care about you. The professors are not trying to make sure you fail. They make sure you do your best to do well in class. There are many courses offered and the credits are transferable.
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