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Some of the professors I had were awesome with the way they taught their class and others are not some of the professors I had were terrible and completely rude to the entire class because he did not feel like being there and it was his second job so he didn't really care about it. Professors like that are why I am upset with the school.
Westmoreland County Community College is amazing! All the facility and staff are very helpful. Whether you are in the classroom or online setting, everyone is so helpful! I take both online and in the classroom courses! The Professors are very helpful and make you feel very comfortable, no matter if it is your first year back in college after years off of school or if this is your second or third semester! If you are looking to get back into the swing of college life, I HIGHLY recommend Westmoreland County Community College !
very personalized classes that are small. Reasonable price. overall I truly enjoyed my classes at Westmoreland county community college!
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I like the smaller classes. The teachers know my name and are willing to help if I have questions or concerns.
Westmoreland County Community College is the place to start your college career in Westmoreland County due to low credit costs, convenient campus locations, and connections with local, larger universities. I am transferring 59 out of a maximum 60 credits from WCCC, and I'm very pleased.
The classes are flexible but its difficult to have credits transferred. There is good hours to take a class or you can do them online. Also, there is no classes on Fridays if you are a full time student!
Online courses help me get things done quicker and keeps me focused on my school work. It is also not a drag like a traditional classroom.
I never really had any post grad services.
The class sizes are nice and small. The professors are able to know you and they care about you. The professors are not trying to make sure you fail. They make sure you do your best to do well in class. There are many courses offered and the credits are transferable.
Every once in a while a college will come to WCCC and try to get kids who are interested to go to their university. There is no recruiters for companies at the college.
The program I'm in helps me learn what is really important and need to know in your career field. I get hands on assignments and it really helps giving you a vision of what your future may be.
The community college is great. It helps you experience and prepare before you go to a university. These professors really help me with my future.
Experience has been great so far.
My experience has been good thus far.
I am a college freshman.
I have not started class yet. The counselors have been helpful and friendly so far.
The convenience would be the price for the college tuition.
Review Westmoreland County Community College
I'm not much for the classrooms, this whole school needs a major update and better wifi. However, I will manage with what I have got for now.
I feel as though I was already asked this question; However, Everyone works efficiently in the career center, alumni network, and job prospects.
Some professors you can tell are having a ruff time but are still there to teach the students and try to have a good time. There are a variety of courses such as: media, medical, business, and horticultural classes. The class sizes are not bad, but I feel as though I am cramped sometimes. The class styles could be updated a little but still good.
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